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Summary: The Team have a plan to put into action but first they have to discover who the snitch is.

A Blast from the Past - Installment Nine by: LAGC


Part Twenty-five- To Identify a Snitch.

"Okay men, we have three suspects for the role of Snitch - Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, or Katrina," stated Hannibal.

"Can we have a fourth option, Colonel? I don't like this multiple choice quiz," pouted Murdock.

"It's so hard to picture any of them in that role," commiserated Faceman.

"We'll know soon enough. I bugged Kat's cell phone and the phones in the store and in the Jones' apartment." B.A. reported.

Hannibal nodded approvingly. Murdock and Face were a bit astonished and looked at the Big Guy quizzically. "When did ya do that, B.A.?" asked the Captain.

"Last night when Hannibal and I were collecting dinner I took care of the apartment and store. I got Kat's phone when she came with the supplies."

The team checked the monitoring devices. Since it was so early all their bugs were silent. Their targets were probably still sleeping. Murdock passed out muffins and bananas while Hannibal took on coffee and milk duty. Just as they finished eating, the bug in Keith's office crackled to life. The thug was talking to someone who was responding only with "ums and eh's"

They heard Keith ask what the Team's next move was going to be.

The responding voice, so easily recognized, made them all sick to their stomachs.

"I don't know their plans! They were all tight lipped about it last night when I popped in with medical supplies for the injured one," the voice barked back.

The voice belonged to Katrina.


Part Twenty-six: To Neutralize a Snitch

Murdock gasped. B.A. growled. Hannibal glared. And Faceman groused, "Well there's another woman I shouldn't have trusted."

"Colonel? What? There has to be an explanation!" stuttered Murdock. Betrayal by a friend was just too hard for the pilot to process.

Hannibal placed a calming arm around his shoulders, "It's been over fifteen years, Captain. A lot can happen in fifteen years. People change." Murdock simply shrugged in a dejected way.

"I say we confront Katrina and get the answers we need." stated B.A. The Team nodded their agreement.

"I guess it's a good thing I'm actually feeling better, because it looks like I'm losing my nurse," Face observed wistfully.

Once he said that, it was decided that they'd question Katrina when she came to examine Face's leg. While they waited, the guys gathered up their supplies and readied their weapons. Their current plan was to storm Keith's office and put an end to his little game. Since Face wasn't up to marathon speed he was going to be the wheel man. A plan that satisfied neither B.A. nor the con-man.

Katrina showed up right at nine, just like they had arranged last night. They went through the pretense of the examination. She declared the Lieutenant over the infection and healing normally.

Hannibal then looked at her with his cold steel stare and in his military command voice asked, "So Nurse Jones care to explain your relationship with Harvey Keith? Specifically your role as the live bait in this little fishing trip of his!"

Katrina turned to Hannibal with a look of confusion, then comprehension, then horror. She also turned quite pale. Her reaction clearly confirmed their conclusion. She opened her mouth as if to respond but snapped it shut. She began to tremble and her lip quivered.

"We're waiting Nurse! And don't you dare start with the distraught damsel routine. I do not have the patience for it!" demanded the irate Colonel. "I hate being lied to and I especially detest it when those lies lead to one of my men getting injured!"

Katrina knew her only recourse was the full story.

"Fine! I'll tell you everything"


Part Twenty-seven: Everything Out in the Open.

Hannibal indicated that she should sit down at the table. Everyone sat down except the Colonel. He maintained his "I'm in command here" posture as he stood over her. He did not want her to relax since that might cloud a clear confession.

"We aren't going to wait much longer, Nurse Jones!" Hannibal nearly growled.

A quick look around the table told Kat that no one was going to accept anything but the whole truth. Murdock looked betrayed. Face looked unsurprised and resigned. B.A. looked genuinely angry.

"Fine. Here's the story. Keith has been shaking down this town for a few years now. As long as the shop keepers paid their insurance fees things were okay. Lately my parents were beginning to have trouble meeting the payments." She paused here and glance around the room. None of the men displayed any signs of softening so she continued her tale. "I had to figure out a way to get them out from under Keith's boot. Then I discovered Murdock in the VA and I had my plan. I had a way to help out my parents and get a little payback too." A sinister look flashed across her face.

Murdock looked as if he was about to speak, but a glare from Hannibal froze him.

"Continue," ordered the Colonel.

"When you took down Tillis you also took down Carl Denham. Carl was my boyfriend and was paying for my nursing training. I was living with him. When he went to prison I lost my home and my career went on hold. My parents had to send me money. I was angry. I couldn't believe that the team I had nursed in Nam had screwed up my life like that."

Hannibal interrupted, "So you went to see Keith and offered us up."

Kat sneered,"You bet I did. I told him I'd deliver the A-team to his doorstep if he'd forget any past or future payments from my parents. It's about time they rebuilt their retirement fund. The one they spent down to help me become a psych trained RN."

Face spoke up this time. "Let me tell it now. You told Keith you had a bead on us. Together you concocted the story about Keith coming down on your parents. Your parents are in fact innocent to this scheme which means they truly have been terrified this whole time. You let Wilson beat you up because you knew it would drag us in instantly. You've let your parents be terrorized just to fulfill your need for revenge? That's a horrible way to treat a mom and dad who love you, Sunshine".

"Yeah, that ain't no way to treat your Momma, girl" agreed B.A.

Murdock was too miserable to speak.

"So what is Keith's next move, Lady?!" hissed Hannibal.

"The goon has a flare for the dramatic so he and his crew are going to storm the shop and apartment at high noon. Plus that gave me time to get my parents out of danger."

Hannibal glance at his watch. It was eleven o'clock. He chomped on his cigar and grinned, "That gives us an hour, men".