Chapter One The Beginning Timeline of the Al Bhed People of the World Spira

A/N: I will be using the Star Wars telling of time and the Al Bhed language. We are starting at 52000BBY that way it gives me some time to build up, I don't remember how to spell the word it starts with dev, and before you say anything I don't know what year it will stop. By the way to you, the readers, this is my first time posting a story on here. Its my first time, so please be easy... *perverted giggle*
On a more serious note, I will most likely say/type questions for you that aren't related to this story, but could relate to another story that i'm planing to do. This will be a Bleedover, meaning That ideas from many different universes will be in here.

The Al Bhed race comes from the Final Fantasy series.

52000BBY: The race that will be known as Al Bhed has started agriculture, in the region that will be know as the Myhtuvnejanc. When they discovered that they need a way to keep track of the amount of grain they harvested and stored they made a number system that will be know as tali marks. This is also the time we start to see a basic form of a writing system come into play.

51987BBY: A group of farming villages, in the Myhtuvnejanc region, band to gather to help eachother in food and security, no leader is present.

51986BBY: A group of nomads came by and join up with the farming villages, they also brought forth husbandry.

51984BBY: A woman by the name of Neggi Rekrfeht (27) convinces the Lreavdyehc of the other villages and her own that they needed a Rekr Lreav, a chief to rule over all of them. in the sixth month of that year the first Rekr Lreavdyeh is Neggi Rekrfcht.

51983BBY: Rekr Lreavdyeh Neggi Rekrfcht (28) creates a more advance writing system, this writing system will be using letters instead of symbols to make words, at the same time her husband, Cet Rekrfeht (31) who before he married Neggi Rekrfcht was know as Cet Myhtfymgan, created a more advance form of numbers and invented basic mathematics, which is addition and subtraction, called Cessydra after his late daughter, whos name was Cessydra Fcht'Fymgan which she took to respect her past and her new mother, she died in the year 51985BBY at the age of 12, she was also the daughter of Oihymycly Myhtfymgan, who died during child birth, after that Cet stayed single for one year, after that time period Cet meet Neggi and started to date and married on the thrid birthday of Cessydra. Cet and Neggi married nine years before she convinced the Chieftains that they needed a High Chief.

51980BBY: The first child, a daughter, was born on the first month on the 23rd day, she was named Vmocgo Rekrfcht, in ten months she'll have a brother, whos name is Drun Rekrfcht. Cet(34) Neggi(31) Vmocgo(0/10) Drun(0)

51976BBY: Another group of Lreavdyeh attack Neggi led Lreavdyeh, they invaded with 30 warriors, she and her husband lead the warriors, who numbered 38 not adding them both, the battle lasted for 1 hour and 7 minutes, all of the invadeding warriors wear killed, the warriors of Neggi lost 12 and her husband died during the fighting, he died at the age of 38.
Neggi(35) Vmocgo(4/10) Drun(4)

51972BBY: Rekr Lreavdyeh Neggi Rekrfcht starts designing a city that will be the capital of her people, she sends some warriors to look for a suitable land for it. The requirements for the city is as followed, it must be close to futile land, a river or rivers, and it has to be close or on rocky ground that helps to defend it from attacks and that stone is near by to help in the building process. Neggi(39) Vmocgo(8/10) Drun(8).

51971BBY: The requirements are filled and because of this the RL Neggi is sending workers, farmers and warriors to the subregion that will be known as the Yggyteyh Jymmao, to quarry the stone, to farm the land and to protect this new found land. Neggi( 40)Vmocgo (9/10) Drun(9)

51966BBY:The metreals are gathed and the city is being built. The first things to be built is roads, the walls & towers, and towering living areas. Neggi(45) Vmocgo(14/10) Drun(14)

51962BBY: Rekr Lreav Neggi Rekrfcht dies on the second month, at the age of 49, Her eldest child Vmocgo becomes the next leader of the Yggyteyh a month later, at the young age of 18/10. RL Vmocgo chooses her brother to led the warriors in the first month of her crowning, at the age of last stone of the capital city placed on the sixth month and the first city, in the Myhtuvnehanc region, is called Ledouvdufanc and it is the capital of the Yggyt, with the capital finnished HC Vmocgo Rekrfcht decided to call herself the first Asbnacc of the Yggyteyh people and starts the Asbena uv Cumbena, and thus starts the imperial rule.

A/N: 18/10 means 18 years and 10 months old so hopefully that helps you to understand that. Okay since this is my first time uploading a story please be gentle *perverted giggle*, anywho if I misspelled, misplace a puction, or you know which words would make better sense in certain place's please message me.

Translation of Words: Myhtuvnejanc=Land of rivers, Neggi Rekrfcht=Rikku Highwind, Cet Myhtfymgan=Cid Highwind, Cessydra Fcht'Fymgan=Simmathe Wsnd'Walker, Cessydra is shorten version of Simple Mathematics, Oihymycly Myhtfymgan=Yunalasca Landwalker, Vmocgo Rekrfcht=Flysky Highwsnd, Drun Rekrfcht=Thor Highwsnd, Yggyteyh Jymmao= Akkadian Valley, Yggyteyh=Akkadian, Ledouvdufanc= City of Towers, Yggyt=Akkad, Asbnacc=Empress, Asbena uv Cumbena=Empire of Solpire.

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