Plot: Two stepsisters were home alone together, until one sister reads a spell that sends them to the Kingdom of Disneyland, separating one another into different locations. Eva must find her stepsister, with help of some familiar Disney friends; Will Eva and Eve find their way home or get in trouble with the villains they meet along the way?

Summary: While Eve stays trapped in Wonderland with Alice, now dressed up and trying to find her stepsister, Eva leaves Disney Castle to ask Yen Sid for help.

Chapter 4: Yen Sid's Tower

Eva was standing inside the tower as she saw it had the same staircase in Kingdom Hearts II. Eva walked on it as she said, "If I remember how I played it with Eve, I was meant to cross this staircase and find the doors." With her memory of Kingdom Hearts II, she found herself in front of the door of Yen Sid's study as she knocked on the door as she asked, "Master Yen Sid? Are you there?" The door opened by itself as she slowly walked in with a bit of fear. She looked around when she stopped dead in her tracks, there sitting on his desk, looking at her was Master Yen Sid.

Just like in Fantasia, Epic Mickey, and the Kingdom Heart series, Master Yen Sid was wearing the same blue robe and his blue wizard's hat. Eva walked to his desk as she bowed and said, "Master." Yen Sid said, "So you are Eva Sinclair. Mickey Mouse told me that you were coming to see me. I see that Daisy Duck has given you proper attire." Eva said, "Yes, sir. Master, I came because I need-" Yen Sid said, "Yes, Eva. You came to me asking if I can assist you on finding your stepsister." Eva said, "Yes, Master." Yen Sid waved his hand to reveal a portal as they saw Eve with Alice in Wonderland. Eva was amazed, "That's Alice and my stepsister. I recognize that place, it's Wonderland! Eve is in Wonderland with Alice!" Yen Sid said, "So, your stepsister has made it to the World of Disney too. Then it's true." Eva asked, "What do you mean, 'It's true', sir?"

Yen Sid explained, "Long ago, children have always dreamed of entering our world and go on adventures, but they grow up too fast and decide to leave childhood behind. But, children or adults give light to stories in forms of a crystal. These rare crystals have power that can absorb light and power in each world. But one day, an evil force appeared from the darkness of villains and tried to steal the crystals from each story, but we have succeeded into hiding them, but the crystals have lost power and now the darkness have a better chance at finding them; we need someone to locate and rescue them. For your see, without these gems, the stories would turn dark and darkness will rule. Many tried to stop them and to find the gems, but they failed." Eva asked, "So our friends in Disney are in terrible danger?" Yen Sid nodded as he said, "Yes. But all is not lost, for a prophecy was told: At the time of Darkness, a daughter of pure light will be born. A maiden with love and light will be born with the mark of the Princess, who will lead us to battle against dark. Eva asked, "Are you telling me that Eve or I could be the heroine the prophecy is telling us about?"

Yen Sid nodded as he said, "Not only that, the Princess, herself wrote this prophecy, before she vanished. The Princess kept her secrets up close to me and Mickey, but she is gone." Eva asked, "Mickey told me that my heart shaped birthmark is connected to the story. But why?" Yen Sid said, "When the Princess disappeared, so did her birthmark; it will claim only a soul as pure of love and light as the new dreamer." Eva was confused as Yen Sid said, "But let not that worry you now, we must focus on finding your sister. But know this, her mystery will end soon, I am sure." Eva said, "Now that the Princess is off our minds, what about this prophecy?"

Yen Sid, "Yes. Our Disney friends have waited for you and your sister to come and save us. But the dark forces ruled by Maleficent knew that you and your stepsister were the ones the Princess selected, that's why back in your world, the lights of your home vanished and how your sister ended up here. Maleficent tried to kidnap your sister from your world from the Television set." Eve growled, "I knew it! It's always Maleficent! So, then she wrote the note and opened the door to Disney?" Yen Sid shook his head as he said, "No, Maleficent didn't know the portal would be opened, so someone else must have written the note and sent it to you and your stepsister; Maleficent's original plan was to kidnap your sister to surrender, but she didn't expect that someone would open the portal the exact moment she walked into your home." Eva asked, "So whoever sent me the note wanted Maleficent's plan to fail? So that must mean that Eve is still safe?" Yen Sid nodded as he said, "For now." Then he waved his hand again, out popped out holograms of twenty gems as he said, "Now, these are the Disney Gems. Each major Disney homeworld has one crystal that protects our heroes from enemies and darkness, alongside some minor worlds contain special clues on the princess. But now the darkness is trying to find them, causing their stories to lose light. Eva, if you are to find your sister and return back to your world, you must also find these gems."

Eva thought, How can I save my Disney friends and find my sister? I'm going to have to give it a try; it may be the only way to return home with Eve and solving this mystery of the Princess. Eva said, "If it means getting my sister back, I'll try and find these crystals while searching for the Princess." Yen Sid gave a nod as he said, pulling out a wooden box with gold and silver linings, "Take this case and place in the crystals, when you or Eve earned them." Eva asked, "Sir, about this item in my neck, what does this item do?" Yen Sid said, "The Talisman of Dreams, I see Mickey has given this to you. This item belonged to the Princess as her crown jewel. It is said that this item can grant wishes for people who need those most, if you think of others and what they need, they will help you, but beware most stories have someone who will grant wishes already. Try not to mess up the plot." Eva nodded as she asked, "Master, one question, about the crystals; how do I find the crystals if they are hidden very well, I mean how can I tell if the crystal will appear?" Yen Sid said, "True, the crystals are hidden from the naked eye, but you can make them appear. Remember this rhyme, If your help a deed for good or for someone so dear, a crystal, hidden from plain sight will appear."

Eva said, "All right, if I do well and help out in a world, they will appear. Sounds like something Jake and his Neverland friends would do back in Pirate Island or like Sofia with her amulet whenever she does good deeds or not." Yen Sid said, "With your vast knowledge of Disney and all of the characters, you will have no trouble on finding your sister." Eva smiled as she said, "Thank you, Master. I must go and reunite with Eve." Eva turned to go, but Yen Sid stopped her, "Oh, one more thing." Eva turned as Yen Sid said, "There is one last thing I must warn you about, there will be many who will stop at nothing to put you and Eve harm from finding the crystals and searching from the Princess. Beware of the villains and be careful." Eva nodded as she said, "I feel like Sora in Kingdom Hearts II when he, along with Donald and Goofy arrived here." Yen Sid said, "Yes, indeed." Eva asked, "Wonder if I will get a chance to see him." Yen Sid said, "If he and his companions were to come and join you, the worlds and friends they have encountered has lost their memories of them. To them, it would be the first time they have seen each other." Eva said, "If I see them, I will let them know."

Yen Sid gave a nod as Eva left the study; once outside, she said, "I hope Eve is ok. I mean, what could possibly happen in Wonderland." Eve then stopped, "But where do I go from here? Who can help me find the crystals and Eve? I wish I could find someone who can help me." At her words, the Talisman shined as she was glowing as she yelled as she was sucked into a violet-blue vortex as she flying and she yelled out, "What the heck? What is this; where am I going?" At her words the vortex disappeared as she landed on a sandy beach as she spat out some sand off her mouth as she said, "Yuck, eww! This is gross!" Then she looks up sees a pair of black shoes as a boy's voice said, "Hey, who are you?" Eva looks up to see a shadow of boy looking down at her as she gasped, "No way..." The boy continued to stare at her as he said, "Hello, earth to strange girl. Hello, are you home?" Eva giggled as she passed out as the voice cried, "Hey... Are you ok?!... Wake up!"

Eva thought, That can't be him... Wait, this can't be… but that's impossible...

Sorry to leave this as a cliffhanger, it brings the suspense! Who is the boy Eva meets, and what's happening with Eve and Alice?

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