A stunning light, shining almost directly on his eyelids that seemed to chase the darkness away. But oh, how he loved the darkness when he had the time to enjoy its lovely company. He could hide in it, manipulate it, use it to his own advantage...Why couldn't this thing–or person–leave him alone?


A sharp sting across his cheek–and pale gray eyes, the color of storm clouds and ocean waves cracked open the tiniest sliver.

"Did you just slap me Shion?"

A short pause.

"Well...Maybe–But thats not the point! Inukashi said he had something to show use–so you have to get up!"

Nezumi groggily groped at the bright light he couldn't see, not wanting to submit to the fierce glare that threatened to blind him, the stupid thing.

"Is it your humanity, Shion? Let me sleep..."

"Well yea–No its not my humanity, Nezumi! Now stop acting like a child and get up already! Inukashi's waiting for us."

"I refuse. Damn Inukashi for making me wake up so earlier in the morning," the dark-haired man mumbled as he cuddled the pillow he had been resting his head on while holding it securely against his chest.

"Its only a little past noon..."

There was another short pause when the Shakespeare-acting male didn't reply.

"If you don't get up, I'll...I'll do something to you. Something you won't like,"

Nezumi didn't even wince, unfazed by the white-haired boys weak threat as he released the pillow he was snuggling to prop himself up onto one elbow. "And what is your master plan, your Highness–if you dare tell me; so I can kick Inukashi's scrawny little ass into next week."

No response. Is it too much to ask whatever living deity had taken pity on him and struck Shion down so he could sleep? he thought sleepily, still declining the idea to open his eyes.

"You have to open your eyes first."

Apparently it was.

"Nope. Whats your evil plan?"

"Open your eyes," Shion repeated.

This time, the reason merely because he wanted to tell Shion to shut the hell up and let him sleep, Nezumi did, and received such an amount of shock–and Nezumi was not easily surprised–he choked out a gasp that got swallowed by the bolt from the blue of the white-haired boys mouth against his.

The kiss was quick and sweet and sudden, and instantly made the drowsiness of sleep vanish like switching off a light, or morning due in sunlight. Some evil plan...

A moment later Shion pulled away, leaving a blushing gray-eyed man who had a familiar rosy stain painted across his cheeks–and when the tattooed boy smiled it was laced with an adorable mischief only Shion seemed to able to pull off.

"Ready to go to Inukashi's now?"

"Yep." Nezumi's reply was cool and calculated despite the mark of embarrassment that was already leaving his previously red face.

"...Do you have anything else to say? Arn't people suppose to talk after things like that happens?"

"Your pithy slaps are like a summers breeze, Your Highness,"