"Sweet! Another victory for the Titans. Guess we're just… undefeatable! Isn't that right, Warp?"

Robin shook his head, smiling, at Beast Boy, who was flexing his muscles over a nearly unconscious Warp, who groaned from his place on the floor. The truth was, they weren't undefeatable. They would've been destroyed if not for the help from Nightwing, who had traveled back in time to help them.

Robin turned his head to his older self. It was weird looking at him. He couldn't quite wrap his head around the fact that he was looking at himself, a couple decades in the future.

Nightwing caught Robin looking at him. "I should get back to my own time. Now that Warp's defeated, our family will have a much brighter future."

The other Titans weren't paying attention, but Robin watched as Nightwing opened a portal to the future. Which was pretty cool, Robin thought. But when he saw what was on the other side of the portal, he wasn't sure he could think at all.

Nightwing stepped onto Titan Island, and the door opened for him. A little girl, maybe four years old with black hair and all green eyes stood on the other side of the doorframe.

"Daddy you're home!" she cried, flying up into his arms. Nightwing smiled.

"Hi, Mar'i."

Robin took a double take. He….. had a daughter? And why did she look so much like –

"I trust your mission was a success?"

A beautiful, mature Starfire approached Nightwing and… what was her name? Mar'i.

Nightwing smiled at Starfire, then at Robin. The three of the future Titans waved at him, and Mar'i called out, "Bye Christmas Man!" before the portal closed.

Robin stood there in shock. He waved weakly at where the portal had been. What had just happened? He had a kid….who looked like…no. No, it couldn't be. That would mean that he and Star had….had…..no. That just wasn't possible. Was it?

"Robin? You are alright?" In his confusion, he had missed Star floating over to his side.

"Uh…." Robin swallowed, collecting himself, "Of course I'm alright, Star! Why would you ask that?"

Starfire knit her eyebrows, obviously not convinced. "Then why is your face such an unnatural shade of red?"

"Uh….!" Robin gagged. He looked around for a distraction. There wasn't one. "I just….. I, uh….. I'll be right back."

And he dashed out of the room.


Heh. Robin's awkwardness amuses me. ^_^

I'll be writing more in the future, but I have finals next week so for now short things like this are all I can manage. It was fun writing this, though! Can't wait to do more.