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Raw was abuzz after Bray Wyatt's ominous message to John Cena once more as the mind games continue but now Stephanie McMahon is in the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan!" she introduced.

Ride of the valkyries hit as the leader of The Yes Movement made his way down with that chants of Yes each time he entered the ring and had a mic.

"Daniel I asked you here tonight to publically surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship." Stephanie demanded.

"NO! NO! NO!" the crowd chanted.

"You know Stephanie, ever since SummerSlam you and your husband have done everything in your power to make sure I never won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And why? Because I'm not like your husband? A jacked up jackass who has worked his entire career making sure guys like me stay down? Because I didn't take any shortcuts like he did? And because I don't screw other guys out of their jobs so they wouldn't get any bigger than me?" Bryan said as he wasn't finished yet.

"Month after month after month you two have put me through hell and yet despite what you did to me, I still kept coming back. So your husband tried to take me out at WrestleMania, but even the so-called Cerebral Assassin couldn't put me down. So after I beat him in the middle of the ring he attacked me from behind and tried to take me out knowing he couldn't get the job done. He tried it again later in the night, but I took him out again and I defeated two of his buddies to walk out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!"

"So you decided to try bringing back the old Kane who despite everything he put me through, and your attempts to get me to surrender these titles I walked into Extreme Rules and I beat him! And now because I'm injured you decided to try stripping me of the championship then hand it to Kane or Triple H knowing full well they couldn't beat me for the title. But you know that don't you?"

"You know your husband failed you at WrestleMania 30, your monster failed to take me out at Extreme Rules, and you think just because I'm just I'm hurt I'm going to give you my titles? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

Stephanie looking a bit annoyed then looked to him. "Daniel I understand you don't want to but you are injured and for the sake of not only your career but your wife as well I am advising you to please surrender the title and I promise you when you come back you can try to become the A plus player again." she demanded once more.

"Like your husband? Oh yeah he considers himself an A plus player right? And yet this so called B plus player not only defeated him at WrestleMania, but he defeated the former face of the WWE and the Animal."

"An A Plus player? No, your husband is more of a F minus player. A failure for failing to beat me in front of his wife, his kids, and the entire locker room. And in a way that makes me the real A plus player that knocked off the King of Kings."

"Now, as far as my wife. She supports my decision and knows I am not giving this title up without a fight. So Stephanie, I dare you, your monster, or your husband to try taking this title from me. Just know if you do, I will take everyone down with me!"

The pyro ignited and Man on fire hit and the theme music of The Big Red Machine played as Bryan looked around for Kane but there was no sign of him until the lights came on and now choking Bryan was Kane himself.

"Kane! No! Let him go right now!" Stephanie tried to stop the assault but to no avail.

Kane just threw him into the turnbuckle back first as it caught his neck sending him to the ground in pain as Kane had him by his head and was going for a Tombstone piledriver.

"Kane stop it now! Put him down now!" Stephanie tried once more to stop the assault.

Kane showed no sign of stopping as he was ready to deliver the killing blow...


Looking at this guy he dropped Bryan and went for him...HE NAILED A HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE OF THE MONSTER!

This mystery man had just floored the Big Red Machine but then took him onto his shoulders in a torture rack position... HE SLAMS HIM WITH THE REVERSE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

Not letting the monster get a chance to recover he ran at Kane and clotheslined him over the top rope and out to the ring.

Kane realising what just happened he went get back in but Stephanie stopped him in his tracks as the hooded man revealed his identity.

"That's David Redd...he's from NXT!" Cole said not believing it.

"What's he doing here?!" King questioned the appearance of Redd.

"He just crossed the boss...this is not going to end well for him." JBL said.

He had his red face painted eyes on the monster at dared him to get back into the ring with him but Stephanie made him leave as one of the principal owners of WWE shouted to David.

"YOU MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE ROOKIE!" she shouted at him.

Kane went for his pyro and it went off but it left the rookie unfazed as he kept his eyes locked on him until he followed Stephanie out of there as Bryan got to his feet with help from the corner ropes as he was approached by the man who saved him and he had in his hands his title belts and just gave them back to him and just left the ring and through the crowd leaving people with questions.

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