"Rat. Grab my hand." I demanded Rat, who was sitting on the ground. We had to hurry before the correctional facility would explode, with us in it.

Rat reached for my hand. There was a gunshot.

I was hit.

I saw Rat's eyes widen as I was falling back, with darkness falling around me.

"Rat!" I shouted my eyes flashing open. I was in a hospital room' even though I didn't know how I got there and it didn't really matter at the moment. I had to find Rat! I quickly did a mental checklist of everything I knew. I was Shion. Shion lived with Rat. We were I the correctional facility when…Rat! He was hurt! He needed my help! And then me getting shot right in front of him! My heart ached. What was I going to do? He must think I was dying right now. He must have been the one to get me here. Or he got Dog Keeper and Rikiga to bring me here. I had to find him to let him know I was ok!

I jumped out of the bed I was laying on and ran to the door to find him. I froze when I saw my reflection in the mirror I passed.

My hair was long and brown. My eyes were brown too. My scar was gone. My skin wasn't as pale. It was as if nothing had happened with the parasitic bee. But that wasn't what had gotten my attention. I was a girl. A teenage girl. That didn't make since. Shion was a Boy.

"What!" I stammered. I ran my fingers through my hair. I pulled but it didn't come off. I rubbed my face where the scar was but no makeup came off. I gulped and brushed my hands gently over my chest and hips. It was real. It was all real. I really was a girl!

I saw a nurse walked by my open hospital door and glanced at me from the corner of my eyes. "Miss?" I glanced up at her to see her fully. "You're awake! But how?" I stared at my reflection again, deciding to ignore the nurse, frozen in shock and fear.

"Miss? Are you alright?" the nurse walked up to me and carefully put a hand on my shoulder, a bit of fear in her voice.

"How long have I been here?" It was the only thing I was able to say. She didn't answer. I looked at her straight in the face. "How long?" I said with anger and authority in my voice.

She looked down at the ground. "Sixteen years. You were in a coma for 16 years."

I stumbled a bit, bumping into the bed, and sat down on it. I didn't know what to say. I didn't even know what to think!

"You came in here 16 years ago with a bullet wound. You were shot near heart, but you somehow survived. Everyone thought it was a miracle, but we didn't think you would wake up." The nurse continued. I looked at the ground too shocked to process anything.

"How old was I?" It was the first question I could think of. I looked sixteen, maybe seventeen or eighteen but that was really pushing my age. But either way I still would have been either a baby or a toddler when I first got here.

"The age you look today I believe. I didn't work here yet but I heard all the stories. And everyone said that you haven't aged." I look up at her with even more shock.

"But that's… It's just…" I couldn't form a proper sentence. I practically choked on my words.

"Impossible? Yes, but you're proof it's not." A new voice Finished my sentence and I saw an older man standing there gesturing to me as if that was enough proof.

"Well since you're up can I ask you some questions" The doctor didn't seem freaked out like the nurse, and now the other people that had gathered to gawk at me.

I nodded. I didn't have anything better to do at the moment. There was no way I could go find Rat like this. That is if Rat is even real. For all I know it was all a dream. I mean Shion was sixteen years old and I had been in coma for sixteen years. I sighed and buried my face in my hands.

"What is your name?" I thought really hard. It took me a little to remember since I had to sift through all Shion's memories and decide what was his and what was mine. But at least I had some.

"Shina. My name is Shina." I peeked through my fingers at him and saw him writing on a clipboard.

"When were you born?" I thought really hard about it, trying desperately to remember. I couldn't though.

"I don't remember." I shook my head in frustration. "I can't remember much at all about my life. Just bits and pieces." I ran my fingers through my hair.

"How old are you?" I looked up at him.

"How old do I look?" He raised an eyebrow at this. The onlookers all looked surprised and shocked at this.

"Ok then. Sixteen." I was asked more questions. I answered them all the best I could but most of them I couldn't.

I then started to ask my own Questions. Like what was the date? Funny thing though. It was the day Shion was born. After a while everyone left to let me rest. Like I could do that at a time like this.

Later the nurse that found me awake came in and gave me my id bracelet. I asked what all was on it. She told me the only things on it was my first name and now my medical records of what they had done to me and my answers to the questions that I had been asked. She said the only on there when I first got here was my name.

She left, leaving me alone to my thought. I didn't know what that was though. I guess I was debating if Shion's life was a dream or not. As far as I knew everything was the same as it was in Shion's memory. I wasn't for sure though and decided to turn on the television on that was in my room. There was nothing on TV. It was all Snow and fuzz.

I scowled. It was the Holy day. I thought something good would be on TV. I turned it off. I lied back down. I refused to believe that it was a dream. I just needed some sort of proof it was real. A sign or something, so I would know that somewhere out there was Rat and that he needed me. If I got it I would find some way to put aside all the confusion and go find him.

I obviously couldn't tell him I was Shion. He would think I was crazy and try to kill me. But I could still be there for him when he needed me, not that it would be often with him being tough like he is.

I smiled quietly at the thought.


I bolted out up to a sitting position. Through the window in my door, which had been closed when the nurse left, I saw people running around in a panic.

I quickly and quietly jumped out of the bed and ran to the window. There was the wall of NO.6. Or at least that's where it used to be. It seemed to have had fallen. My eyes widened as I realized this.

Suddenly I felt so happy! That was my sign! Shion had wanted to get rid of the wall and now it was gone! I didn't think about what I was doing and ran out of the hospital.

I heard nurses and doctors yell at me to stay inside, that is was dangerous out there right now but I ignored them and kept going.

Many other people were heading to the wall, but I was the only one running. They didn't know anything about it so they were being careful. I was so happy I could-

WHAM! I ran into something and fell down.

"Oh sorry." said someone from above me. I looked up into the face of a lady. She looked like me, but older and shorter hair, she looked familiar but I couldn't stop thinking about Rat. I doubted I would be able to recognize anyone right now.

She helped me up and continued to the wall. I brushed myself off, noticed that I was still in a hospital dress; thank goodness I changed into one that covered everything after the questions, and ran to the wall.

Once I got then I couldn't help but smile. Tears of happiness streamed down my face.

I collapsed to the ground and laid there smiling, also laughing, the tears still streaming down my face.

"Miss, Miss are you alright?" I heard a nurse that had followed me shout as her some other nurses and doctors neared me.

"I'm fine, just happy." I said looking up at the sky, grinning from ear to ear. She sighed, most likely assuming I was crazy from the sixteen year coma, and had some of the others carry me back to the hospital.

That night I fell asleep and didn't dream of what I had expected to dream about, not how Shion died. I dreamed something different.