The next day went the same as yesterday. I helped Dog keeper with the Shion (the baby) and other chores around the hotel. Rat stayed though and I could feel that he was watching me.

That night after putting Shion to bed I overheard Rikiga, Dog keeper, and Rat talking in another room. "I want her out" I heard Rat say; I bit my lip in worry and confusion. "Rat so what if she looks like him to you we can't kick her out. She's hurt" Rikiga said, but Rat wouldn't hear it. "I don't care" He said getting angry.

"Well I'm not firing her, she has been a big help with the kid he left me with and I don't want to hear you wanting her out of here again" Dog keeper said. There was silence; I started to tiptoe back to my room, but I tripped. "Shina" Rikiga said behind me, I was caught. Rat must have known I was listening at the door, he glared and me then disappeared down the stairs.

Looked down at the ground feeling bad, Rat would never glare at Shion like that. Well I'm not really Shion though. "Shina don't worry" Rikiga said comfortingly "We won't let Eve make you leave. I'm sure after he gets to know you he will want you to stay" I gave him the look saying "I seriously doubt it".

The next day Rat continued to glare at me and give me dirty looks. I remember what he told Shion. "No.6 or me; if you choose No.6 you will be my enemy" but I wasn't Rat's enemy was I? I tried to shake the thought away but it didn't work.

"Dog keeper do you think Rat will ever like me" I asked one night after putting Shion to bed. He looked at me "Why should you worry about what he thinks about you" he said crossly. I kind of had to agree, Shion didn't care what he thought of him.

That night I had a dream. I dreamed of what happened at the correctional facility and the words Rat said when he said if Shion choose No.6 he would be his enemy. The words kept going through my mind as I slept. SLAM! My eyes flashed open and I sat up quickly. The room was empty, but the door looked like someone tried to close it quickly.

Quietly I got out of bed and went down the hall, but I stopped when I heard voices. "So you were spying on her were you Rat" I heard Dog Keeper say. "She talks in her sleep" Rat said his voice was rough. I froze to the spot. Since when did I talk in my sleep. "You watch when she is asleep! HA!" Dog keeper shouted while laughing. Then he stopped. "Still why are you watching her. Yeah she might remind you of Shion, but I don't get why you are treating her this way" Dog keeper said sounding serious. "If Shina reminds you of Shion then why are you treating her like she isn't him" He said loudly in a why not even Shion has heard him speak.

"Because she isn't and it is stupid to become attached to someone. I shouldn't of gotten attached to him. That idiot." Rat went downstairs and there was silence. After a while I went to go back to my room but Dog Keeper stopped me. "I know you are there Shina" Dog Keeper said when I didn't even make a noise. I came out of my hiding place and went to Dog keeper. "So you heard everything" He asked; I shook my head. "I don't think so, but I came in on the part we you said he was spying on me." I said looking at the ground.

"Hm well you should get back to bed you have a lot to do tomorrow" Dog keeper said back to his old self.

I wonder what they were talking about before I over heard them I thought to myself. I went to bed wondering that as well. What had I missed? The next day seemed to be a bit strange as well. Rat seemed to watch my every move.

"Come back here!" I called to a dog who I was trying to clean. WOOF! It looked like he wanted to play. I had to chase him around the courtyard then dragged him to the fountain to finish washing him. "Wah!" I cried when the dog jump onto me pushing me into the fountain.

"Shina stopping goofing around! We have dogs to wash." Dogkeeper said when he saw what was happening. I got out of the fountain, I was soaking wet.

My leg felt much better though. After I finished washing the dogs I heard a squeak on my shoulder. " Hamlet" I said without thinking. Rat and Dogkeeper stared at me in shock. "How did you know his name was Hamlet." Rat said moving toward me. "I don't know it came into my head." I said backing away. "Shina go change and Rat stay away from her." Dogkeeper said getting between us.

Quickly I went upstairs and change. I'm so stupid. They probably didn't believe me. How am I supposed to tell them how I really know Hamlet's name? I sighed and headed for the door to see what else Dogkeeper would want me to do. When I opened the door though Rat stood in the entrance. He stared at me really hard.

For some reason I thought of when Shion finally noticed Rat was taller than him because I can really notice it right now. "Do you need something Rat?" I asked looking up at him. He didn't answer he just walked into the room and closed the door.

"How did you know that rat's name?" He said glaring at me. "I'm sorry I have work to do." I said trying to leave, but Rat stopped me and pushed me away from the door. "Your not leaving til I have an true answer."

"I told you the tru…." I started to say, but his hands grabbed my throat pinning me against the wall.

"I want the truth Shina. Tell me how you knew the name! Dogkeeper only told you he worked here and gave him the baby! So how do you know!" Rat shouted tightening his grip on my throat. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath. I tried to get him to let go, but it only made him tighten his grip even more.

I couldn't move, everything was going black. The last thing I knew was that the door burst open and I was released. I fell to the floor and listened to shouted above me then it all went black. So I am Rat's enemy?!