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Humphrey's POV

It was cold in the den this winter evening. It is even colder since Kate, who is out with her friends, isn't lying next to me. It has been the third night in a row I've slept in my cave by myself and we have only been married for about seven days! I slowly got up off the cold rock ground and stretch my muscles.

"I'm going to have a talk with her", I said as I stormed out of the den furiously. On the way to Kate's friends house I saw Salty walking back to his den.

"Hey Salty" I greeted Salty half-heartedly. Salty studied me for a second then said, "Hey buddy, what's wrong?". I would never usually tell anybody my feelings, but since Salty is one of my closest buds, I said, "Well Kate and I have been married for what? A week now! And she hasn't even slept with me for three straight days! I'm just going to her friend's party to see what's up" I said now staring at the fully lit moon. I remember when Kate and I rode that train home and howled together at the moonlight. Our voices just fit perfectly together. I thought she was my soul-mate back then, but now I may be second guessing myself. I then looked back at Salty, noticing his shocked expression.

"Uh Humphrey, I wouldn't go to that party if I was you", he said his paw now tapping nervously on the grass.

"Why" I asked stupidly. He's never going to give me a truthful answer.

"Uh, Well, It's pack curfew right now!" Salty spit out.

"Psh, who actually listens to that", I scoffed.

"Look Salty, I'm going there and that's final", I sighed brushing past him and towards the party. I heard some sound come out of Salty's mouth as I brushed past him, but I was to worked up to care. I just want to sleep with my wife, is that so much to ask for?

As I walked up to the den where the part was I snuck quietly behind a rock looking for Kate. As I darted my eyes around I finally found her. The sight I saw was the most heartwrenching thing I could've seen that night. Kate, my wife, was locking lips with...with...BARF! As they pulled thier muzzles apart I heard them talk.

"But...Kate.." I heard Garth pant.

"What...about...you...and...Humphrey" Garth seemed almost out of breath.

"Oh that Omega?" Kate scoffed.

"I only used him to get off of Alpha work more. Since I married an Omega that means I can leave early to take care of him", Kate said slyly. I don't need to be taken care of! I should remind her of who saved her in that caribou stampede. I couldn't take aby more of this. I lept out from behind the rock and growled viciously at them. At first Kate seemed frightened and then really guilty. Garth just sat thier, dumbfounded.

"Humphrey? Uh, how much did you hear?" Kate giggled nervously.

"I've heard and SEEN everything" I said, starting to hear my voice breaking. I can't cry here! I don't want her to see me upset!

"I-I l-loved you" I said tears startign to stream down my face.

"Humphrey, I-" She didn't even finish her sentence as I broke off running.

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