The sun showered down on Jenny and I, making me roll over in discomfort. From the side of me, I felt Jenny groan and start to stand on her paws.

""Humphrey", she whispered, "Time to wake up. We've got to make it to my pack fast before sundown."

"Ugh, why's that?", I groaned out, starting to stretch my legs out.

"Do you really want to travel in the dark?", she responded sarcastically, giggling while walking out of the comfy den. I groaned again and began to stand up. As soon as I got up, memories of last night plagued my mind. I still can't believe I said those things to her. It took some balls to say that to your once love, even if she said those horrible things about me. It then hit me hard, as hard as a shot to the chest. I still love her.

"Humphrey! Are you going to stand there all day! Let's get moving!", Jenny yelped from outside the den, dragging me out of the recesses of my guilt mind. Oh man! That's right! I agreed to be Jenny's mate last night!


"Jenny about last night..."

"Humphrey, thank you",

"Excuse me?", Thank you! What does she mean by that?!

"Thank you for finding me", Jenny replied, padding over to me and rubbing her muzzle on the side of my neck.

"Uh, Actually, I think you found me, if I remember correctly.", I responded, trying to shed some humor in the emotional atmosphere.

"No", she giggled, "You found me and shared your kill with me. Usually when I stumble upon some lone wolf and ask for food, they take a defensive stance and growl at me to go away, but not you. No, you were different. And for that, I thank you."

"Hey, anytime! And thank you for offering me a place to stay when I was denless."

"Oh Humphrey!", she replied, a blush adorning her pretty face. What followed this conversation was silence, but not awkward silence, no, it was a more comfortable kind of silence. I could sit and stare into Jenny's hazel orbs all day.

"Ahem, anyway, let's be on our way, huh?",

"Yes, let's" Jenny said, smiling broadly.


We finally set out towards Jenny's pack only stopping to hunt. Finally Jenny told me that we were at her packs border.

"Humphrey, after going onto our territory, there's no turning back" Jenny said to me, seriousness flooding into her features.

"Don't worry. You think I'll turn back now after padding all the way here.", I chuckled, while putting my tail around her shoulders.

"Don't worry so much, we are in this together", I added, licking her muzzle. Her only response was a 1000 watt smile.

And there we go! Back on course m8s! Next chapter coming out soon!