Chapter 53

Percy POV

I was exhausted by what I had done. Controlling all that water for so long had taken so much out me but at the same time I felt undeniably alive, honestly I didn't even know how to describe it. It was like I'd been asleep my whole life and then in this very moment I had awoken. Never before had I felt this alert and the stillness of the battle field only made the feeling that much more surreal.

Most of the monsters were staring at Thomas and I in fear which made sense to an extent. Kampe was probably considered to be a god level being and she just got wasted by two are probably what they have nightmares about, demigods that can kill anything they come across.

"I suggest you all leave!" I shouted, getting everyone's attention. "Your best chance of overcoming our forces is gone" I said, leveling a glare at the nearest monster "and your army is currently in a waterlogged labyrinth. Face it you simply don't have the strength to win here. I'll give you one chance to leave with your lives or we will put you down."

It wasn't a bluff, we could easily beat them in their current state. No monsters were even exiting the labyrinth at the moment. If we could just get them to retreat then we can rebuild our defenses or, as much as I hate to say it, move the camp. Where I don't know, all I can do at this moment is prevent any more demigods from dying today.

The monsters exchanged glances before one sneered "Our forces will regroup and when they do we'll have ourselves a feast, isn't that right bo-" A silver arrow sprouted from the creature's temple and he crumbled to dust.

"He gave you a pretty sweet offer so I'd really recommend you think it over." Thalia shouted, emerging from the forest with the rest of the hunters. Upon seeing them remaining monsters elected to dive into the maze.

"Looks like we showed up at just the right time." Thalia laughed, slapping me on the shoulder. I wanted to say something back but I just didn't have the energy for one of our 'fights'. Annabeth said we were best friends who were also frenemies. I don't really get it but whatever. "You okay seaweed brain?" Thalia asked, poking my shoulder.

"I'm tired." I said lamely

"I believe that is to be expected after the stunt you just pulled dude." Malcolm said punching my arm.

"What stunt?" Thalia asked

"Did you not see the freaking tsunami?!" He shouted in disbelief.

"Nope." Thalia said, shaking her head.

" what forget it. What should we do now?" Malcolm asked, directing the question to me.

I thought about it for a moment and sighed honestly there was only one option. "We need to abandon Camp Half Blood."

"What?" both of them exclaimed.

"The monsters have found a way in and they still have Ariadne's string. It's not a question of if they come back but when and there is no way to defend a position like this effectively. We have the Fleece and the chains of Prometheus so it shouldn't be too difficult to set up a new barrier once we find a new more defensible location. And with Daedalus on our side we should be able to ensure that if there is a labyrinth opening in the area that it is something we can defend." I explained. Neither of them seemed to like it but they at least understood the reasoning.

That would indeed be a wise course of action." Daedalus said as Annabeth, Nico, and himself joined us "But I believe there is another solution. You see the labyrinth is connected to my own life force. If I were to die, the labyrinth itself would be destroyed."

I went to voice my objections but the ancient demigod held up his hand. "I believe I've run from my past long enough. People have suffered because I lost myself to my pride. It is time for that to end." Taking a step back from us Daedalus looked up to the sky and shouted "Hades!"

A beat passed and shadows slowly rose from the ground before coalescing into the Underworld god. "Daedalus." He said cooly.

"Hades." The inventor replied bowing slightly "I'm surprised to see you came yourself instead of sending Thanatos."

"Normally I wouldn't have come especially after being called in such a disrespectful way. But when I saw it was you, well I guess you could you could say my curiosity was peaked. Why would you call me after avoiding me for so long?"

"Fair enough," Daedalus said with a shrug "I want to make a deal, my soul for one that resides in the underworld."

Hades gave a tired sigh. "I can't give you Perdix back. Ancient law forbids one from using the exchange to correct their own crimes. It's your fault he died and that cannot be changed."

"I'm aware, believe me, the soul I want is that of Bianca Di Angelo."

Nico's head snapped to Daedalus and I saw surprise flash across Hades' face for the briefest of moments. "Doing that won't change your fate or lessen any punishments for what you've done in life."

"I know." Daedalus said turning to Nico "But this boy reminds me of how I used to be after I lost my son. I don't want his grief to lead him down the same path it did me."

Hades gave a slight nod "Very well I accept your offer." Instantly both of them vanished in a flash of light.

Before our eyes could even adjust an earthquake shook the camp so violently we were through to the ground. "What was that?" Thalia asked once the tremors stopped.

"I think the Maze just collapsed." Nico replied

"Nico?" A familiar voice asked. Forcing myself into an upright position I saw Bianca standing in front of her brother still in her huntress uniform.

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