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Blood & Vengeance - Chapter 11

The full moon shone brightly in the night sky, illuminating King's Landing with a coat of soft white, almost calming the ongoing festivities. Nearly every street in the city was bustling with crowds, all thoroughly drinking and devouring the best they could afford. The sounds of celebration reached from the tourney grounds to the city gates, and had not died down for hours.

Away from all frivolities, Naruto wandered through one of many unfinished orphanages under construction, his mind reeling with a thousand questions to which he had no answers. With each step, the sounds of celebration grew louder, and the noise did little to sooth the confusion that was eating away at his rationality. Gritting his teeth is frustration, he slammed a fist against the stone wall, cracking a brick as his hand bled, and tried to drown out the chanting of his name.

As the dull confusion in his mind spread to numb his body, he felt no pain, but that was when Margaery found him.

"What in the Seven Hells are you doing?"

Even in the dim light, her honey brown eyes shone, and he could clearly see her worry and shock. Immediately, she sped over to her knight and held his bleeding hand in her own, gently caressing it. The blood had seeped through the silk bandages Margaery had so kindly done for him, and he watched as she hastily fixed the stained cloth, dirtying her own hands red.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked, his voice raspy after hours of silence.

Margaery gave him a glance as she continued to bandage his wound, "Obviously looking for you." She shook her head, "Lord Arryn and the King were both looking for you. After such a day, you can't just avoid the feast and not interact with the Lords and Ladies that came to see you."

He gave a slow nod, "You're right."

The young lady finished and looked up at her knight, her eyes gentle and warm. "Did something happen?"

"I'm tired, my lady." With a sigh, he stepped back and sat down on one of the many bunks of the unfinished home, running his good hand through his hair. "Everything in this city is complicated. Almost everyone is paid by someone else to spy on someone else; facts are twisted everyday to the point that I don't know what or who to believe anymore." Margaery sat down beside him, placing a gentle hand on his wounded one. "Yesterday I knew who I was, but today I'm not so sure."

"If this is about the possible repercussions of what you did in the melee, you don't have to worry. No matter what Lord Arryn may say, you have the King on your side, not to mention Lord Stannis and Lord Renly. They were all among the first in the crowd to cheer and stand for you." Margaery shuffled closer to her knight, wrapping her arms around his, "As powerful and influential as Tywin Lannister is, he wouldn't directly oppose the Crown over a single knight and some lowly Lannister soldiers."

"Tywin Lannister will always be a problem for me now." Naruto closed his eyes and rested his back against the wall, "There is nothing I can do about it." He sighed, "I was always confident in my own abilities. Ever since I was a child, no one could push me around. I was always the strongest. But in this city, my strength doesn't mean much."

Margaery nodded, "Perhaps, but you've done very well for yourself with your strength. You've won yourself a fair amount of gold and some very powerful allies in the Crown." She playfully bumped his shoulder with hers, "And it's not only the Crown. I'm on your side as well, so you can count House Tyrell as your ally."

Finally, Naruto gave a smile, "Thank you, my lady."

With her wonderful smirk, she said, "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Margaery?"

"Margaery," he whispered, watching her smirk fade as he leaned in closer to her, her honey brown eyes staring directly into his azure blue. "Thank you for worrying about me." Gently, he placed his good hand on her cheek, caressing her soft skin as she leaned into his touch. "I'm so fortunate to have you with me."

"That's because you're my knight," she whispered back, staring intently at his parted lips.

Once again, Naruto pressed his lips against Margaery's, but this time it was confident and firm. Without breaking their seamless kiss, Naruto lifted his lady and placed her on his lap, welcoming her arms around his neck. His arms snaked around her waist and held her close, meshing their bodies together. Slowly, he allowed himself to be pushed onto his back, his lips firmly attached to hers as her silky brown hair fell around them like a honey-scented curtain.

He nibbled on her lips until they parted and his tongue snaked its way into her sweet mouth, coiling itself with her equally enthusiastic tongue. Each moan that escaped Margaery's lips fueled his excitement, and his hands started to wander around her wonderful body. As his hands caressed her shapely hips down to her supple thighs, her dainty fingers made their way into his hair, combing through his golden tresses as their hearts grew increasingly heated.

Almost regrettably, Margaery broke away from the kiss to breathe, her chest heaving up and down with her rapid pants. Hungrily, Naruto flipped their positions and pinned her against the wooden bunk, staring into her widened eyes as he ripped his leather armor from his body, carelessly tossing it away. Her wanting hands immediately came to run across his chiseled chest, then up to his arms and neck before she pulled him down for a searing kiss.

Trapping the lady between his legs, Naruto's arms worked fast to undo the many strings on Margaery's gown, but the lady grew impatient and tore off her clothes herself. Even in the dim moonlight, Margaery's beauty and perfection was a feast to Naruto's eyes. With a beating heart and heavy breath, he kissed and licked his way from her lips to her jawline, revelling each moan he managed to illicit from her trembling lips.

"N-Naruto~" she moaned as his wandering and hungry lips made their way to her neck.

Taking in her delectable scent, Naruto groaned as he wrapped his lips around her wonderful breast, wrapping his arms tight around her as she arched her back in pleasure. Her breath tickled his ear as her moans grew louder; Naruto could feel her burning loins rubbing against him.

"I need you, Margaery." He whispered into her ear as his lips nibbled on her earlobe, his bursting manhood pressed hard against her trembling hips.

"I'm all yours, my knight."

Under the pale moon, the lion pounced on the rose, an almighty beast against a beautiful flower. They danced for the night, and moaned until the moon sank into the horizon.

It was under the soft glow of dawn that Naruto awoke to the chirping of birds. The sky was a gently blue as the lingering night chill seeped into the room, making him wrap his arms tighter around Margaery and smiled when she snuggled closer to his warmth. Gently, he combed his fingers through her silky hair, taking in her wonderful scent as she rubbed her cheek against his chest, and kissed her tenderly on the head.

Feeling her stir, he whispered into her ear, "It is almost time to wake up, my Lady."

She gave a whiney moan that made him chuckle, and slowly her eyes opened. He watched with great amusement as his lover caught up with reality, her eyes clouded with confusion until they made contact with his own.

Gently holding her chin, Naruto leaned down for a kiss. "Good morning, Margaery," he whispered against her lips, smiling into the kiss as she giggled.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and nestled against the crook of his neck. "Good morning, Naruto."

"How did you sleep?" he asked with a chuckle, "I reckon this is the first time you've slept on such a hard bed."

With a beautiful smile, she replied, "Yes, but it was one of the best nights of sleep in my life."

Naruto shifted his weight to his side as he scooped an arm under Margaery's leg, lifting her onto his lap as he sat up on the wooden bunk. He quickly wrapped his arms around his lady, keeping her warm from the chilly morning, and rested his cheek on her soft hair. Her whole body was soft and warm; merely holding her in his arms was a pleasure to behold.

Slowly, his hand wandered from her arms to her waist, gleefully caressing her soft skin as she whispered a soft moan into his ear. Feeling her wondrous breasts press against his chest, his hands reached to cup her supple bottom, massaging her plentiful flesh as he strained against her womanhood.

"You're insatiable, Ser," she moaned out with trembling lips.

He lifted her higher and kissed her tender ear, all the while whispering, "Do you not want to?"

Margaery bit her lower lip, her eyes fill with renewed fervor, "I do, but not now." She comforted Naruto's disappointment with a deep kiss and loving smile. "I am still hurting from last night – an unfortunate curse of being a maiden. Also, it is nearly time for the joust, so you need to get ready. All your armor and horses need to be prepared."

Feeling a distinct sense of déjà vu, Naruto chuckled. "I suppose that'd be wise."

"And I need to greet my Father for the morning." She gestured to her gown with a grimace as she stood from Naruto's lap, "My clothes aren't in the best condition, so I need to sneak into my room to change before anyone finds out."

Naruto's eyes lingered on Margaery as she dressed herself in her slightly torn gown, "You're not making this easy, my Lady."

She gave a wonderful smirk and leaned down to give him a firm kiss on the lips, "We will have a lot of time after the tourney, my knight." Nibbling on his lower lip as she pulled away, she smiled at his clouded eyes, proud of her effect on him. "Focus on winning the joust for now." Now fully dressed, she sat back down on her lover's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, "And if you win, you better not crown some Dornish girl as your Queen of Love and Beauty."

Naruto pecked her on the lips, silently thanking the Gods above that Arianne wouldn't be at the tourney and he would have to choose between his lovers. "It is as you said, my Lady, I am your knight. I'll win for you."

With a satisfied nod, Margaery fixed her dress and reached for the door, but not before looking back to give Naruto a beautiful and loving smile. "I'll see you at the tourney grounds, Naruto."

"I'll miss you until then, Margaery."

The sun was already above the Tower of the Hand when Naruto arrived, clad in his shining silver armor and atop a black stallion. As per his instruction, his helm and visor completely hid his face and hair from view, successfully blending the People's Champion seamlessly into a city full of plated riders, all ready for the joust. Passing off his horse to one of many attendants at the tower, Naruto headed up the flights of stairs, the previous night already seeming long ago.

Taking off his helm as soon as he was in the stairs, he was recognized, "Ser Naruto!"

Turning back, Naruto saw a frantic boy running toward him. "Yes?"

Up close, Naruto recognized the boy as Lancel Lannister, the King's young squire and cousin to the Queen herself – which, in turn, made the boy his own cousin as well. There was an uncanny resemblance between the boy and the few Naruto had slaughtered the day before, but the boy showed no care in approaching him.

"Ser, the King has requested your presence at the Red Keep. He demands that you see him as soon as possible."

Naruto merely nodded. "Alright, I will report to the King straight away. Please tell Lord Arryn that the King has requested my presence and I will meet with him later during the joust."

The boy looked horrified at the many flights of stairs, but nodded frantically. "Yes, Ser. Right away, Ser."

With an amused chuckled, Naruto rode his way to the Red Keep, where hundreds of servants and workers were already hard at work. Thousands of people had already gathered by the tourney grounds and had filled the large square. Hidden by his helm, he was able to bypass the smallfolk and other knights, and quickly entered the Red Keep.

As he approached the Royal Quarters, Naruto saw Ser Meryn Trant standing by the King's chambers. Without a word, the Kingsguard announced his arrival to the King and quickly opened the doors.

"Naruto, come in, my boy."

The young knight stepped into the room and was surprised to see the King clad in his infamous Baratheon Armor and was wearing his Stag Helm. As the door closed behind him, Naruto approached the King with a smiled on his face.

"What is this, Your Grace?"

The King looked quite squeezed into his armor and his face was red, "I've decided to give you some decent competition today." He laughed merrily, "I still know how to point a lance!"

Baffled, Naruto asked, "Are you sure about this, Your Grace?"

"Of course, I am sure! I haven't participated in a joust in years and I want to have some fun!" Robert laughed and downed a full glass of wine. "Don't you count me old yet, boy."

"Certainly not, Your Grace, but who in their right minds would dare hurt you?" Naruto returned a laugh, rather incredulously, "No man would ever risk hurting you in front of the realm."

The king's excitement died down, "Are you telling me you'd let me win?"

"Not if you command it, but I'm certain everyone else will forfeit against you." Naruto refilled the King's glass of wine, which Robert immediately downed. "Most Knights today haven't even spoken to you before, Your Grace. They would sooner fall off their horses than land a hit on you."

With a sigh, Robert poured himself another glass of wine. "Damned cowards."

"It's only natural, Your Grace. You are the King."

Robert threw his empty flagon on wine at the door, "Trant, run and grab me some more wine!" The Kingsguard could be heard leaving his post, with the King shaking his head at his empty glass. "These are the days, I tell you. Too fat for my armor and too fancy for jousting. What I wouldn't give to just be young again. Cherish your youth, Naruto. Take every chance you have to be young." The King sat down with a sigh, "It'll be gone before you know it."

A sad frown looked unnatural on the cheerful King, and Naruto offered his suggestion. "Your Grace, if you really do want to enter the joust, there is another way?"

"How so?"

With a smirk, "Do you have another set of armor?"

Jon Arryn took his usual place next to the seat of the King, which remained empty, even after the Queen, Princes and Princess took to their seats. The elderly man looked around and found that most Lords had already arrived. Lord Stannis took to his seat below his niece and nephews, with Ser Davos Seaworth by his side. Lord Tyrell, along with his young son were already sat to the lower edge of the pavilion, no doubt excited for the joust. Through the corner of his eyes, Jon saw his young Lady in Waiting join her lord father and brother, dressed in an intricate summer dress, clearly made in the Reach.

The only missing people he found were the King and Lord Tywin. But the latter soon made his appearance.

"Good morning, Lord Arryn."

A tall shadow towered over the Hand of the King, and he looked up to see a pair of clear green eyes looking down upon him. "Ah, good morning, Lord Lannister." Jon stood, but he barely reached the height of Tywin's shoulders. "How was your night in the capital?"


The Hand nodded, "That is good to hear."

"I must congratulate you on your young protégé, Lord Hand. Ser Naruto's victory in the Melee was quite spectacular." Jon offered a smile, to which Tywin replied with a stern smirk. "I'm sure he will continue to impress us today."

"You flatter the boy, My Lord.

"I do not flatter." Tywin took a brief pause before he continued, "I am, however, quite interested in the boy. It seems that he shares your sentiment in aiding the smallfolk here in King's Landing."

Jon nodded with a smile, "Indeed he is. The boy has a good heart."

"It is indeed a much-needed improvement here in the capital, and I believe I am obligated to aid in your ambition." Never had Jon expect such words from Tywin, but he merely nodded with a smile. "It has come to by attention that some of my lesser men disrupted an orphanage of yours, and several unfortunate events occurred because of them."

"It was as you said, My Lord, just an unfortunate event." Jon stood tall and stared back into the lion's eyes, "Though I am glad it has been resolved."

"Indeed." Tywin replied with the slightest hint of a smile, "Apparently my men were dimwitted enough to enter the Melee Competition against Ser Naruto. It appears that he had taken care of the problem in my stead. I suppose I do owe him my thanks for punishing my men accordingly."

"Please, My Lord, it is the boy who owes you an apology." Jon kindly nodded along, "He does not mean to overdo such things, but the melee is in truth a violent event. Swords and spears have no aim of their own, I'm afraid."

"Think no more of it, Lord Arryn." Tywin looked around, "If I may, might I speak with Ser Naruto in person?"

"Of course, Lord Lannister, but I'm afraid he is down there," Jon said, pointing down to the champion's tent, "Preparing for the joust. But as soon as the tourney is over, I will have him report to you at once."

Tywin nodded, "Certainly. I will expect his arrival."

With that, Tywin Lannister rejoined his family, and left Jon Arryn utterly confused at his intentions.

"Pardon me, Lord Arryn." Jon was broken from his thoughts by Lancel Lannister, who looked out of breath and exhausted. "The King has commanded me to report that he is feeling ill, and have decided to not join in on the festivities today. He repeatedly said that he doesn't need the Grand Maester, and wishes to be left alone to rest in his chambers."

Jon rubbed his temples and nodded, "Very well."

As the young Lannister left, the Hand sighed, 'I am getting too old for this.'

With a deep breath, Naruto rode out from his tent, and the moment the sun shone on his golden hair, he was welcomed by the thousands that came to see him. Immediately, it was pandemonium. The foundation of the city shook under the heavy stomps of the people; the horses reeled from the thunderous roars of cheering and applause of every man, woman and child in the square. Naruto simply raised his arm and saluted the crowd, and it grew even louder. The Gold Cloaks had to force people back to keep them from breaking through the barricaded grounds; it was not until Naruto lowered his arm that the crowd calmed.

"I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with that," muttered Naruto under his breath.

The rider next to the People's Champion chuckled, his full helm hiding away his smile. Clad in a dull grey suit of armor and holding a simple wooden shield, he looked every inch like every other hedge knight in the tourney. And it was the first time in nearly two decades that Robert Baratheon felt true freedom, the freedom only a commoner could feel.

"Give it time, my boy. If the Gods are good, I'll see to it that you remain the People's Hero." The King was as giddy as a young boy as he rode next to his favorite knight, "We've needed someone like you in court for many years now."

"You're too kind, Your Grace."

"But that enough of that for now." Robert's blood pumped harder than it had ever had since the Greyjoy Rebellion and he was nearly trembling with excitement. "I want to hit somebody!"

As the two riders approached the joust arena, two knights were already on either side of the tilt, a wooden fence that stretch the whole of the arena. From where they were, they only recognized the Crowned Stag Banner. Robert scoffed at the sight of his younger brother Renly; a young, flamboyant deer at best, clad in a suit of golden armor with a green silk cape.

"Gods above, he may look like me, but he's more of a prancing girl than anything else."

Naruto remained silent with a small smile on his face as Master of Law sped down the tilt, his lance locked securely in his arret. Renly had decent form, and in his own Stag Helm, he looked every bit as threatening as his older brothers. Steadily, he broke his lance hard against the chest of his opponent, knocking him off his horse and crashing into the ground.

Naruto clapped along with the crowd – Lord Renly was quite popular with the smallfolk.

"Well struck."

Robert scoffed, "Let me show you how it's really done."

Over a hundred knights had entered into the competition, and soon it was Eric Sky's turn. With a sensible chuckle, Naruto watched as the King excitedly ride up to the tilt, proud in his simple armor and without any banners. Even in his age and form, the King looked squared and imposing on his stallion, and clearly towered over Ser Wendel Crakehall.

Once again, the crowds roared as the riders marched down upon each other, lances at the ready. Without any hesitation, the King smashed his lance into the Crakehall's breastplate, destroying his lance and sending the man to the ground a groaning heap. The crowd roared louder at the swift victory, and the King enjoyed a sense of revere he didn't feel as King.

Soon after, it was Naruto's turn, and the crowd roared louder than thunder the moment he entered the arena. He waved to the crowd and bowed to the pavilion, his eyes lingering on Mrycella, who was covering her ears from the loud cheers, a stern looking Jon Arryn, who gave the young knight a firm nod of confidence, and of course, Margaery, who smiled beautifully as he rode pass her.

Hesitantly, Naruto glanced at his father. 'Are you watching, father?'

Opposite Naruto stood Balon Swann, a gallant young knight whose name was becoming known throughout the court, but before the tremendous popularity of Naruto, he was becoming small in everyone's eyes. With the sound of the horn, Naruto's stallion raced down the tilt, Naruto appearing weightless on the mighty steed. He twisted his lance about, not feeling the need to lock it into his arret, and stared down at the approaching rider.

Without breaking eye contact, Naruto lunged his arm forward, breaking his lance against his opponent's chest, shattering the wood as splinters rain down onto the fallen knight.

Once again, the crowds cheered for their hero.

"You look happy, dear sister."

Margaery was surprised at her brother's words, and was interrupted by her father's boisterous laughter before she could respond. In their year apart, her father hadn't changed much, and was still as much of a lover of life and all the luxuries it offers. Her brother, on the other hand, and grown considerably. He had cut his hair short and strapped a new sword to his hip, looking less so like her and more so like the heir to Highgarden.

"I trust the past year here in King's Landing had treated you well." Loras pulled his eyes away from the joust and smiled at his sister.

Mace Tyrell patted his daughter's head, "You've certainly grown, that I can tell."

The young lady nodded with a smile, one much more relaxed and natural than her usual. "Yes, it has been quite the experience. Lord Arryn is very kind to me and I've learnt a lot from him."

"Is it safe to assume that you've grown quite close to Ser Naruto as well?" asked Loras rather slyly, "I noticed that you could hardly contain your courtly smile when he unhorsed Ser Balon. Grandmother would have berated you for that."

She merely smiled, "It's hard not to cheer for the People's Champion."

The young man nodded in agreement, "That is true. I too hope for Ser Naruto's victory." Margaery nodded back in return, "I so do look forward to him crowning his Queen of Love and Beauty." For once, Loras managed to catch his sister off guard, "Without Lady Arianne present, I wonder who will win that honor."

Margaery sternly stared at her brother, whose lips slowly started to form into a grin. "I don't appreciate being teased, brother."

Oblivious to his children's conversation, Mace Tyrell clapped as another knight was unhorsed from his saddle. "Most of the famous knights are doing as well as expected, but that one hedge knight seems to be doing quite well. I don't think I've ever heard the name Eric Sky before."

There was a special satisfaction for Robert when he literally knocked Renly from his high horse, chuckling when the younger Baratheon's antler broke from his helm. It had been years since Robert had laughed so hard, but the sight of his brother prancing around with one antler was too much to bear.

"I haven't felt this alive since the last war." King Robert laughed as he rejoined his favourite knight behind the joust arena, seamlessly joining the horde of knights around them. In his cheap suit of armor, no one paid much attention, and he was enjoying anonymity far more than he had expected. "I might have to do this more often."

"The Lord Hand will be very angry with me for giving you this idea, Your Grace." Naruto muttered under his breath, making sure the closest knights to them could hear their words. "I'd limit yourself to only do this during tourneys."

"Sure, but don't take my word for it," the King replied with a laugh.

The joust was well into the fifth round with only eight men remaining. With the victories of Naruto and Robert, another four men must decide the two other contestants of the sixth round. Watching from the sidelines, the King and the Knight felt none of the pressure of the other participants. It was perhaps the best times they had experienced for a long while.

"You know, Your Grace, I didn't really want to participate in this yesterday, but this has turned out to be one of the best days I've had in many months." The King remained silent as his knight looked over at him, "This city is strange, but at the very least, fighting and stabbing others will lances are the same everywhere."

Robert nodded before he tossed Naruto his flagon of wine, "Yes, this is what people like us are meant for."

Naruto downed the wine and tossed the flagon back, "As much as hate to admit it, I'm not intelligent enough to keep up with everything in King's Landing. But I'm very grateful to have met some very good friends here, ones that I can trust and value. At the very least, my time here would have been for something." He sighed as the King listened on, "I've never had a father in my life, but knowing you and Lord Arryn, I guess I now know what it feels like to have someone to look up to."

Through the corner of his eyes, Naruto glanced over at his father, who was silently watching the joust with mild interest.

"Naruto," muttered the King in a stern tone, "If I were your father, I would be very proud to have a son like you."

Naruto was surprisingly touched by Robert's words, "Thank you, Your Grace."

"I know better than most that this city is a vile and rotten place. Every single person here is owned by another, and we are being watched every moment of the day. But this is the world we happen to live in. When I was younger, a forged a new world and my own dynasty, and it is not perfect. All we can do is trust in the people we have loyal to us." Robert grasped onto Naruto's arm, "This is why I need you, my boy. I trust you. You are one of very few people that I can rely on in this shit-pile of a capital. Stay and learn from everyone here; learn to play this game well, and one day, I will see to it that you become one of the most powerful Lords in Westeros."

"I will, Your Grace. You have my word."

"I know, my boy."

Deep in their conversation, the King and Knight nearly missed the results of the sixth round. The Hound and the Kingslayer had unhorsed their respective opponents, leaving them as the final four knights in the joust. Even as Jamie Lannister sent the Hound crashing to the ground in the seventh round, they were oblivious. It wasn't until the announcer called for Eric Sky and Ser Naruto of King's Landing to enter the field that Robert turned to smile at Naruto.

"Don't you even think letting me win."

Naruto laughed, "I would never."

Thunderous applause welcomed Naruto into the Arena, with Eric Sky getting a few cheers himself. Atop their stallions, both riders stared down at each other from opposite ends. With both sides waving no banners, it was a battle of man against man. As the cheers died down to mere whispers, the horn blared, and sent both riders down the tilt.

Immediately, King Robert lowered his lance and aimed for Naruto's chest, preparing for a decisive strike as soon as he could. Naruto mirrored his king's actions, but his was without any fatigue or exhaustion. As if light as a feather, the knight's horse accelerated down the tilt, growing faster by the second. Before long, Naruto was crouched low and was beneath the King's tall stature.

One swift motion, nearly too fast for eyes to see, Naruto's lance shattered against the King's breastplate. Robert was heavy and strong, but with such a strike, he fell from his horse and to the ground, silent throughout.

There was brief moment of silence, but thunder once again struck. The crowds erupted into cheers and applause, all either chanting their hero's name or calling for the final round to be conducted. Tossing away the handle of his shattered lance, Naruto turned to look at the King. Robert had already stood to his feet and was clapping along with the crowd. Even from the distance, Naruto knew the King had a proud smile on his face.

But as he was bathed in glory, Naruto turned to the pavilion to see the proud smile on Tywin Lannister. It was the first time he had ever seen his father smile.

'Does this make you proud, father?'

No matter how loud the crowd chanted his name, Naruto heard nothing as he prepared a new lance and settled on his side of the tilt. Opposite of him was the Kingslayer, clad in golden armor with the helm of a lion's mane. Jaime Lannister, one of the greatest knights in Westeros and perhaps the most infamous Kingsguard living. And his own brother.

'Is this what you wanted to happen? A battle between me and my brother?'

Through the corner of his eyes, Naruto stared at his father, who was looking at him and not Jaime.

The horn sounded and Jaime Lannister sped down the tilt toward him, intent on smashing him to the ground, intent on defeating him. In that moment, Naruto saw a lion charging toward him, teeth barred and claws raised. And in that moment, Naruto roared.

Silently, Naruto raced down the tilt, lance in hand, the handle nearly bending to his strength. In sheer defiance, Naruto barred his own teeth and raised his own claws, charging at his brother.

The Kingslayer locked his lance, but Naruto proved to be the greater beast. Before the older lion could clench its jaws, Naruto smashed it. With a loud crack, he broke his lance on Jaime's armor, denting the golden breastplate as the Lannister fell to the ground.

'This is not for you, father.'

Without looking back, Naruto rode on to welcome the thunderous, manic, deafening applause. He raised his arm to salute the crowd and bowed when the chanted his name.

'This is for me.'

One of the judges approached him with wreath of white roses, and Naruto immediately jumped off his horse and approached the pavilion. Without sparing his father a glance, he found the love he desired. Her honey brown eyes glittery with tears of joy and excitement. He shared her laugh as he stood before her, and loving placed the wreath on her head.

"This is for you, my Lady."

"Thank you for this honor, Ser Naruto."

As Margaery thanked him, as he smiled back, as Mace and Loras Tyrell gave him their most courteous of smiles, he did not once glance at his father.

'I don't need you to aspire for greatness. I will achieve all I want by myself. I don't need you, father!'

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