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Blood & Vengeance - Chapter 9

"H-Help me, please." Her voice was weak and raspy, the large bruise on her neck stinging her every breath, "Please, milord."

Upon the makeshift bed, the young woman shivered and trembled in pain. Her left eye was swollen and could no longer see, much to her constant cries of horror. The new clothes given to her a few days ago by the orphanage was in tatters, blood-soaked and ragged. Numerous gashes scarred her thin body, most of them still bleeding heavily. Her wounds trailed down to her womanhood, which was bleeding, deeply wounded, so much so that her legs couldn't stop trembling.

"Don't speak, dear girl." Jon Arryn's voice was soft and gentle, but it did little to ease the woman in anguish.

Maester Coleman wiped his brow as he finished mending the last of the opened wounds. "She may live."

Naruto stood alongside Margaery and Jon Arryn, looking down at the young woman who had once been beautiful. Maester Coleman had rushed to the scene under Lord Arryn's command, and quickly tried to close the wounds in the women, but there were so many. Splinters of wood were sticking out of their backs as the soldiers forced them against the pillars, and blood ran free along their bruised legs. Two other women, one a teacher and mother of two, the other a young girl with of fifteen, were pronounced dead by Coleman soon after. Only Myra Art, a common girl born in King's Landing, kept fighting for her life.

Margaery turned away when the Silent Sisters attended to the dead, cleaning their bodies, just a little distance away. "If only the City Watch had been a moment's faster."

"Who were these soldiers?" asked Naruto, his eyes closed.

Jon pursed his lips and gave a sigh. "There were five of them. Their names have yet to be known, but I've ordered Janos Slynt to report to me as soon as they are done interrogating them." The Hand wrapped his royal blue cloak tighter around his shoulders, "But according to witnesses, they were all wearing red armor and golden helms."

The young Lady Tyrell looked alarmed, "Lannisters?"

The Hand reluctantly nodded. "Yes, so far all evidence seem to suggest that." He turned back and started his way to the hall, leaving the Maester to work. Naruto and Margaery followed behind as he continued, "No doubt the Queen has already been notified of this, as well as Jaime Lannister. I bet the Gold Cloaks nearly killed their horses rushing to the Red Keep."

"So the Queen will concern herself with this?" asked Margaery. "Surely she will leave such matters to the City Watch, or perhaps the Master of Law."

"Normally, yes. But these are Lannisters."

"You're not saying that they'd get away with this, are you, my Lord?" Naruto stepped closer to the man, "They raped three women and killed two of them, inside of an orphanage! The Gold Cloaks should have kill them on the spot!"

"Naruto, the Lannisters are the wealthiest family in Westeros, and nearly half of the Gold Cloaks are owned by them. Tywin Lannister is the King's father by law. The Queen is a Lannister; the Kingslayer is a Lannister. Not to mention that the Kingdom is nearly six million in debt to Casterly Rock." Jon sighed and leaned back against the stone wall. "The Gold Cloaks will sooner ignore the damned thing before killing them."


"Lord Arryn is right, Ser Naruto." Margaery placed a comforting hand on the knight's shoulder, "There is nothing the City Watch can do now. We should wait for them to respond. There are witnesses of the event – several vendors saw the men barge into the orphanage, and some of the children saw them before being pulled away by others."

Naruto grunted and turned away, making Jon call out to him. "Where are you going?"

"The King commanded me to report to him after I reported to you, my Lord."

Jon sighed as his young knight left his sight. "This is going to be a long night."

Margaery merely nodded, her eyes still locked onto where Naruto walked away.

When Naruto asked for the King, he was told to head into the Small Council Chambers. It had been the first time Naruto had been into the room, but he had no time to appreciate the architecture when he saw the full audience of the room. Sitting at the center of the familiar face of the King, but he wasn't alone. Lord Varys was next to the King, with Lord Renly on his other side. Petyr Baelish sat at the very end, looking through his large book of funds and loans, with Grand Maester Pycelle nodded away next to him. But on the other side of the King was a man Naruto had never met before, and he seemed to be in a silent rage.

Janos Slynt was also there, giving his own report.

"Ser Naruto, thank you for joining us." Lord Varys have the young man a gracious smile. "Commander Slynt had just come to give his report." Naruto wondered if he should ask the Commander of the City Watch why he didn't report back to the Hand of the King, as he was instructed, but decided against it. "Please commander, continue."

"As I was saying, Your Grace, these men were propositioned by these women." Naruto felt his blood burn hot when he heard those words. "They were drunk, yes. That is why they were prone to such unsightly behavior. These are fine young men who were offered by these women. According to them, Your Grace, they were enjoying themselves and planned to pay these women a fair amount. But these women are not well, their minds are wrong. They started to attack these men and nearly gouged out one of their eyes."

The man with the unfamiliar face to Naruto spoke up, "So you're saying that these women lured these soldiers into an orphanage for a quick rump?"

"Aye, Lord Stannis." Naruto was surprised that the man was actually the King's younger brother, Stannis Baratheon, Lord of Dragonstone and Master of Ships. "One of them worked at the orphanage, you see." From his eyes, Naruto saw Littlefinger rolled his eyes, as if this was wasting his time, as if such a thing had no place during a small council meeting.

"Ser Naruto," suddenly the King interrupted, "How are these women?"

"Two are dead, Your Grace." Naruto saw no change in the King's stone face, but could hear his breathing quicken. "Melinda Waters used to be a governess for House Darke, and is a mother of two. Lily Moss was just a young girl of fifteen, a resident of that orphanage." The knight gave Janos Slynt a side glance, "I personally know these two women, and they are not whores. Melinda teaches the children to read and write, and teaches her own children integrity and decency. Lily was just a girl. She was cheerful and happy at her home. I will, not for a moment, believe that they offered themselves to these men."

"Do you question my words, Ser?!" demanded Janos.

Naruto ignored the man, "The third woman is still alive. The Lord Hand has commanded his personal Maester to treat her wounds and see to her recovery. She is asleep after a few drops of Essence of Nightshade, but she can survive. If we can't wait for her testimony, then we have several witnesses. Street vendors saw these soldiers barge into Lord Arryn's orphanage! It is brutally clear what has happened."

"These are fine young men who have more than once offered their lives for the good of the realm!" Janos Slynt turned to the Lords and King, "I will never put any merit in the words of several low lives in Flea Bottom over these men – these fine soldiers."

Naruto scoffed, "Do you take everyone for fools, Commander?"

"Be quiet, boy!"

"The youngest of the five, Jasper Lannister squired for Ser Jaime Lannister. The other four fought bravely during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Their character and honor is strong and known. This was an unfortunate event, but it was the women who attacked first."

"Didn't Lord Arryn task the City Watch to pay close attention to the new orphanages, Slynt?" asked Renly.

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then where were the Gold Cloaks?" Lord Renly sighed, "If you can't handle the City Watch, then maybe we should give someone else the job?"

Janos had his head down and couldn't speak as Stannis spoke. "Five grown men in full armor decides to defend themselves from three women. How pathetic have the Lannister Soldiers become?"

"Silence!" roared the King. "Janos, sends those men back to Casterly Rock! I do not want to ever see them in this city again!" Naruto bowed his head in anger as the King continued. "I command you to place five of your men at each orphanage at every hour of every day. If I hear anything like this happen again, I will have your head on a spike!"

"Y-Yes, Your Grace."

"Now get out!"

There was few moments of silence as the King finished his wine, and Littlefinger broke it. "Good, now back to official business. The Tourney is in a few days, and the courtyards have been changed for tourney grounds, like that time."

"Shut it," muttered the King, ignoring Littlefinger's smirk. "Naruto, see to it that these women's families are well taken care of." The King's tone was calm and kind to his favorite knight. "Report back to Jon, and if the City Watch ever slacks like this again, bring me Janos' head."

Naruto nodded, "Yes, Your Grace."

It took everything Naruto had to not smash through the doors on his way out.

"How are they?"

Margaery's gentle and soft voice did ease Naruto's mind, however little. "Devastated. Her oldest boy is only six, and her daughter just started to walk." Melinda Waters married a smith and had a small house on the Street of Steel. They were having a nice life and looked forward to their future. "Her husband is doing the best he can to help his children, but they just lost their mother."

"Are you alright?" The girl placed a hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes.

Naruto gave a smile, one that didn't fool Margaery, "I'm fine."

"It's alright to be angry."

"I understand this, this situation." The knight sighed and poured himself another cup of wine. "The crown can't afford to anger the Lannisters, and everyone is turning away from this because it is for the greater good. But this will not be the last time something like this happens." Naruto swallowed his drink entirely and groaned. "The Lannisters will know that they can get away with it, and they will try it again. There is nothing stopping them, certainly not that oaf, Janos Slynt." Naruto shook his head before asking, "Not to mention how utterly apathetic most people seem to be to this. It's as if the Lannisters slaughtered pigs, not people."

"As much as I want to deny this fact, I can't. The rich and powerful have always been like this, and most have grown used to accepting such things." Margaery bit her lower lip, "But word has gone out, and most commoners are outraged, and the rest are afraid. Such animosity and fear will only fan the flame…we should just hope that the children aren't too effected by this and won't get involved in this."

"How are the children?" asked Naruto, worried about the orphans.

"Most didn't see anything, but they all heard the screams."

With her words, the night felt particularly cold. A chilling wind blew through the city like a mournful whisper of the dead. The news had spread quickly and vast. Everyone in King's Landing had learned of the new injustice played by the nobility. It was not uncommon for the smallfolk to be hurt or killed, but not inside an orphanage, not one operated and protected by Jon Arryn. The Hand of the King had given the people security and safety, especially the children. For such a thing to happen so blatantly and without punishment was unthinkable.

Sitting in the courtyard of the fifth orphanage, Naruto and Margaery couldn't help but notice that many of the rooms were still alit with candles. Many of the children were frightened, which they could understand. Melinda was well liked. The children smiled and looked up to her, and she loved them. For them to see their beloved teacher harmed in such gruesome ways…it must be traumatic.

"I've sent word to the princess." Margaery sipped on own glass of summer wine, "I've told her that we will not be able to join her for dinner."

"Thank you." Naruto gave his friend a smile, "I'm sorry. I've been to myself this whole time. How are you?"

The young lady sipped more of her wine, "A little shocked. I never thought anyone would be stupid enough to storm into Lord Arryn's jurisdiction. I told the children just a few days ago that they will be safe with us. I told them that no one will harm them under our protection." Margaery cleared her throat and wiped her eyes, "I've never seen them so scared. Even when they were on the streets, they didn't seem so timid."

"What about you?" The knight sat closer to the lady, "Are you scared?"

Margaery remained silent as those horrible images came back to her, making her flinch. "A little." She rubbed her arms and lowered her head, "I wasn't there at the time, but if I were, would they have hurt me as well? They were drunk, so even if they recognized who I am, they might have…attacked me as well."

"My Lady, I swear on my life that I will never let any harm come to you." Naruto gently placed a hand on Margaery's shoulder, "If this ever happens again, I will be ready for it. I will kill them all before I let them harm you or anyone else."

"Thank you, Ser." Margaery had a small blush as she gaze up at the knight.

"But something must be done about this." Naruto stood from his seat and paced around the courtyard, "If these people get to leave the city with impunity, then the law is no longer something to be feared, much less abided. I cannot let these men leave the city like this. They killed Melinda and Lily and they deserve to die."

"The King has declared them free." Margaery stood and stepped closer to Naruto, "Don't do anything rash. However dark and unjust this may be, it has garnered the attention of many people in the city. People will be watching the every move of everyone involved." The young lady looked up at Naruto before continuing, "We represent Lord Arryn, the victims and basically everyone in Flea Bottom. If we act in any way that goes against the law, the repercussions will involve us and all that we represent."

Naruto leaned against a tall tree as rubbed his temples. "Everything in King's Landing is so much more complicated."

"Yes, it is." Margaery smiled and rested against the same tree. "The life of the rich and noble is never without strings."

The knight closed his eyes and sighed, "Life was so much simpler before King's Landing."

"However infuriating this is, we may have to accept the fact that we have to let this pass." Margaery gently held Naruto's arm to comfort him, "Two lives were lost, but if we were to go head on with the Lannisters over this, much more will be in danger. By royal standards, this is still a minute incident. We must not let it escalate into a bigger problem. We can't let the Lannisters have an excuse to target any of whom we represent."

Naruto nodded. "I understand, but it's hard."

"It is, and if the Gods are good, they will have their comeuppance."

Naruto conceded to his wine and let the cold wind brush his mind. 'Yes, but sometimes the will of the Gods must be carried out by men.'

It was the night before Prince Joffrey's Nameday, and rivers of gold and silver flowed through the city gates. Aisles of golden and bejeweled carriages led in my horses ridden by armored knights, sitting upon ivory saddles. The sun was set hours ago, but the city was alive and festive. Hundreds of merchants and peddlers scattered throughout the streets, and smiths of all lands were extolling their expertise. From the gates to the tourney grounds, street performers were at every turn. Fire and lightning were flung from one hand to the other, startling and fascinating every person who passed by.

Seemingly, the horror of the killings a few days ago was forgotten.

"I've spoken to the King." Jon Arryn stared down at the city the Tower of the Hand, seeing stars and rainbows on the streets. "He'd asked Grand Maester Pycelle to send a raven to Casterly Rock, to report to Lord Tywin about the incident. It was for naught. Lord Tywin is riding for King's Landing as we speak and should arrive before morning."

Naruto stood next to his Lord, "So what will happen now."

"Nothing." The Hand stood tall, but his eyes looked tired. "The Lannisters will handle these matters on their own."

"So after the tourney, they'll just leave?" Jon nodded. "What kind of punishment will they get?"

"Lord Tywin is a stern man, but he will not trouble himself over the deaths of three common women by five lowly distant relatives. He'd likely hand this matter off to someone of lower status." The Hand sighed, "As angry as I am about this, I won't lie to you. It's likely the person handling this will just set these men free at the Rock. All they need is for them to vow to not enter King's Landing ever again."

"Such impunity will only make the Lannisters or even other highborns to act lawlessly." Naruto turned to look up at the Hand, "Is there any way we can give them some sort of punitive judgement? Letting them go is not resolving the situation; it is fanning the flame if anything. And if such things keep happening, our rebuilding of Flea Bottom will not succeed."

"Do not let your personal feelings cloud rational thought, my boy." Jon's voice was soft, but stern. "In time, your anger will fade."

"Lily is dead! Melinda is dead and her children are motherless!" Naruto couldn't help but glare at Jon, "The Maester told me that not only did Myra lose sight in one of her eyes, she will never be able to have children because of the wounds inflicted upon her." The Hand closed his eyes as his knight continued. "This is not about my personal feeling, My Lord. This is about the lives these men ruined because they were in lust. They are five grown men in full-plated armor; they rape three women and kill two; they claim to do it out of self defense. I am angry at such injustice, and I am not the only one. Half the smallfolk in King's Landing is infuriated and the other half is afraid. It will take a very long time before their anger and fear fades!"

"I'm aware of that, Naruto."

"The people don't trust the Gold Cloaks, nor do they believe in the monarchy. If we ignore this and let these people run free, they will lose their faith in us as well."

Jon Arryn finally sighed after a few moments of silence, "Then what do you suggest we do?"

"Give me five good men."

"You can't just walk into the dungeons and kill them."

"I know. That's not what I'm going to do." Naruto stood tall, making Jon notice for the first time that the boy had grown since they'd first met. "I won't let the Lannisters have an excuse to target any of us. If they can argue some ridiculous loophole, then so can I." He tightened his grasp on his sword, "Just five good men, My Lord."

"Very well." Jon cleared his throat and turned to face Naruto, "I'll give you five men, but they are certainly not the best. I have a few sellswords in my employ that are unknown to most. They aren't great warriors, but they will not be traced back to us if captured."

"Thank you, My Lord. That is all I will need."

"This is going to be great!" Mace Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the South, bellowed a laugh as he sat beside his children. "Look at this crowd!"

Margaery smiled at her father, glad to see him again after so long. "Yes, it looks to be even more crowded than the last tourney."

"Everyone is here to see Ser Naruto." Loras Tyrell was still quite young and didn't sign into the joust, but he couldn't wait to see how things would play out. "People are hoping he'd win all three events again."

Margaery gave a smile, but was a little troubled. She hadn't seen her gallant knight ever since they last spoke at the orphanage two nights ago. Naruto hadn't been there when they discussed new routes for the Gold Cloaks, and Lord Arryn had only said that he was getting ready for the tourney. The young lady Tyrell knew Naruto better than most, and knew that he wasn't they kind of person to practice so close to the day. She knew he was still angry and planning. She just hoped that he wouldn't do something rash and get himself killed.

But her weary thoughts aside, Margaery had to admit that this was the largest crowd she had ever seen at the tourney. The pavilion erected was even larger than the King's previous tourney, and it was filled to the brim with nobility and royalty. The King sat paramount and center stage, with the Queen next to him. The princess and two princes sat one level lower than their parents, all surrounded by the Kingsguard. The Wardens sat next to the Royalty, with the Tyrells on their left, the Lannisters on their right, and Jon Arryn being directly behind the King.

Margaery saw Lord Arryn peering across the tourney grounds, no doubt searching for Naruto. She saw some worry in his eyes, which was understandable, but she was more nervous about the other warden attending. Lord Tywin just sat a little distance away from them, and her Lord Father had conversed with him no too long ago. The man was as imposing as the songs about him. Much older than her own father, but he looked far more fierce and calculative. He sat next to his own daughter, the Queen, with Ser Jaime Lannister guarding behind them. Tyrion Lannister, the Imp, sat on a level below them all, talking to Petyr Baelish about some bets, no doubt.

Then there were the smallfolk.

"Dear gods, this crowd is amazing."

Margaery was inclined to agree with her father. The common area was filled to the brim with people, all packed and close together. Children were hoisted upon their fathers' shoulders and men were climbing onto the fencing, all trying to get a better view. The buildings surrounding the grounds were jam packed with people trying to get access to their roofs or balconies, anywhere with height. Then the crowd itself stretched from the grounds to the city gates. Stream of people were rushing into the city, most hoping to see if the stunning results of the last tourney could be repeated.

From the tallest level of the pavilion, the King laughed. "This is what a tourney should be like!"

Ser Barristan Selmy chuckled in agreement. "Yes, and I don't think the joust is the most popular event anymore." The first day of the tourney was dedicated to only the archery competition and the melee, and there was already so many people. "Most smallfolk today came for the melee, I think."

"It is because of Ser Naruto." Surprisingly, it was Princess Myrcella who added in. "He's going to win!"

The King smiled at his daughter, "Yes, sweetling. I agree."

Suddenly, a huge roar of applause shook the city as thousands of people cried out in valor and glory. Some of the Lords could feel the pavilion shake from the clapping and stomping, and all felt overwhelmed by such magnitude.

Margaery smiled. "There he is."

The large common area for participants of the melee was the same as the last time. It was a large tent that towered over the surrounding buildings, and it covered the entire waiting area. Under the tent was nearly three hundred people, all searching for glory and fame, but mostly gold. The champion's purse for the melee was another twenty thousand gold dragons, a sum enough to buy a large house and a few dozen whores in Lys and a comfortable life until the end.

The last time Naruto had competed, he was also looking for the glory and gold, and he got it. Last time, people sneered and laughed at him blatantly; this time, they were avoiding him and wouldn't even dare look him in the eye. Last time, Naruto wanted to beat every single person in the melee and win the champion's purse; this time…it was a little different.

One familiar face soon came up to him. "Hello again."

Bronn, the sellsword Naruto had met in the previous tourney, also a man in Jon Arryn's employ. "How did it go?"

"Went well." The man scratched his beard and leaned against a large plank, "They had some company in the dungeons; I almost felt bad for interrupting."

"So they're taken care of?"


Naruto crossed his arms and nodded, "Where are the other four?"

"They left as soon as it was done." Bronn smirked, "No one wants to be the Lannisters' opposition."

"So why are you still here?"

"Because the gold is here."

Naruto returned his smile, "Smart man."

"What about you?" asked the sellsword, "You have a lot of money now, so why are you still wearing such thin armor?"

Naruto was simply wearing a suit of thin leather armor under simple blue silk. The leather barely protected his chest and torso, and left his arms bare. His legs were covered by simple cotton britches that hung closely to his skin, and secured by a tall leather boot that ran up his shins. His longsword hung by his waist, accompanied by a dagger by his hip.

"Metal plate slows me down."

Bronn chuckled, "If you say so."

The gates into the arena was starting to open, and everyone gathered behind them. All three hundred man marched three hundred different paces, all rushing hastily to the doors. Naruto saw Bronn scatter away, not wanting to start near him. But there were those who were brave and stupid who chose to start near Naruto, holding their large battle axes and war hammers. They towered over the young man of fifteen, but he paid them no mind. All his focus was on the opposite end of the arena.

"What is going on?!" cried a loud voice.

We should not be here!" cried another.

On the opposite end were five men, all of which just had blindfolds removed from their heads. They had thought the guards were going to lead them out of the city. They had changed from their Lannister uniforms to that of a common sellsword's – so they won't be recognized, according to the guards. But it was obvious. Their golden hair and green eyes stood out in the crowd, and their loud voices didn't help. Soon they were smart enough to notice that they were nowhere near the city gates, but were instead at the tourney grounds.

The call of the horn sounded throughout King's Landing, signaling that the melee had begun.

"I-It can't be," muttered Margaery as she turned to look at Jon Arryn, who was also shocked.

Loras looked over at his sister, "What is it?"

Margaery shook her head and remained silent, 'Naruto, what have you done?!'

It didn't take long for the King to figure out what had happened, so his Lords already figured it out. Renly and Stannis, both stood from their seats in surprise when they saw those five Lannister men in the crowd. Everyone who knew what was happening in the pavilion – the King, Queen, Stannis, Renly, Littlefinger, Varys, Grand Maester Pycelle, Barristan Selmy, Jaime Lannister, Jon Arryn, Margaery Tyrell – all couldn't help but turn to look at Tywin Lannister.

A large man behind Naruto roared as he reeled back his war hammer, but before he could swing it down, a dagger tore through his stomach and ripped open his torso. Feeling the air escape his lungs, he dropped the hammer, only for it to be caught by Naruto.

"To all of you: don't attack me if you don't want to die." Naruto gripped the hammer and flung it hard behind him, slamming a charging man into the arena's wooden wall.

People behind him quickly ran forward and surrounding Naruto, all had their weapons armed and ready. Shields were held high and spears pulled back, ready to thrust. But with one swift sweep to the ground, dust blasted into the air, and Naruto burst forth.

"I am giving all of you a choice."

Holding nothing back, Naruto's longsword cut through wooden shields with one swing. Disemboweling one man, Naruto quickly moved to the next, Dagger in one hand and sword in the other, he sliced tall and stabbed low. Amidst the chaos and dust and cries of pain, no one knew where Naruto was, and everyone was looking for him. Still shorter than most, Naruto ran low and hacked away at the men's legs, cutting open their tendons and veins. One by one, they fell, but some were lasting longer. With tall war hammers and heavy axes, they were too slow to hit Naruto, but they hadn't been hit either.

Having a running start, Naruto dodged an axe swing and jumped into the air, ramming his knee into a man's nose, knocking him unconscious instantly. As they fell, Naruto grabbed hold of the battle axe and used it to block an incoming slam of a war hammer. Using the momentum of the attack, Naruto flipped back to create some distance between them, before spinning and throwing the battle axe into the man's shoulder, slicing his arm off.

Another swordsman came from behind with a duel handed strike from above, but Naruto quickly side stepped to the side, letting the sword pass harmlessly in front of him. As the man's hands came down, Naruto's blade came up, slicing them clean off. With one more stab with his dagger, Naruto ended the man with a puncture to the heart.

Now people were starting to step away from him, deciding the leave him for later.

Naruto didn't care. He only had eyes for the five men a small distance away from him. All five of the Lannisters were huddled together with swords in hand, in a circle formation, fending off one after the other. They were doing better than Naruto had expected of them, but it didn't matter.

Picking up a spear from the ground, Naruto threw it hard, straining his arm as he did. With a silent hiss, it soared through the air until it went through Jasper Lannister's shoulder. As the man cried out in horror and pain, the spear did not stop. It ran deeper and through the man until it embedded itself into the wooden wall of the arena. The man's bloodcurdling screams sent shivers down the spines of everyone around.

Naruto burst forth into a run, lowering his body into a quick dash. Within seconds he was in the air with his leg pulled back, and he only saw red when he slammed his leg into the spear, hammering it deeper into the wall, grinding the Lannister's flesh into wooden splinters.

"I think her screams might have been worse when you raped her," whispered Naruto to the man's ear, "But let's see if I can do better."

"Jasper!" The other four Lannisters turned their blades upon Naruto, but were forced back when Naruto slashed their blades away.

"I'll start with you."

Dashing close to the closest golden head of hair he saw, Cecil Lannister, Naruto thrusted his dagger into the man's eye. "Is this what you did to Myra?" His voice was soft and calm, and his movements were swift. Pulling his dagger out along with the man's eye ball, he flipped him over and slammed him into the ground. As the man bled into the ground, Naruto stomped onto his back, breaking his spine with a crushing heel. Blood spilled from the man's mouth as a silent scream came out; tears from one eye and blood from the other.

"What about you?" His longsword's shine was the only thing the Daniel Lannister saw when the blade sliced his arm clean off. "Were you the one who nearly crushed her throat?" Naruto used his dagger to stab into the man's open wound, forcing the steel into his stump of a shoulder, making him let out an inhuman scream. "Were you the one who forcefully took her maidenhead?" Naruto used his knee to slam into the man's manhood, crushing them under the pressure. Twisting the dagger inside the man's wounds, Naruto lifted the man up by the dagger, before slicing open his throat with his sword.

On the way to the next, Naruto stepped onto Cecil Lannister's throat, ending his screams and his life.

Henry Lannister and Harrison Lannisters were shaking and one had wetted his britches, but before they could fall to their knees and surrender, Naruto rushed forward and with one quick swing, cut off both their heads. He waited for the headless bodies to fall to the ground before turning back to Jasper Lannister, who was still held against the wall by the spear.

The man was opening crying and was standing in a puddle of his own making. "Please, my Lord."

"Did the girls say that to you when you decided to rape them?"

With that, Naruto reeled his bare fist back before slamming it into the man's face as hard as he possibly can. He felt the wooden wall crack and break under the man's head as the man's skull broke under his knuckles. A loud crack, coming simultaneously from Jasper Lannister's skull and the wall made everyone flinch.

Finally, Naruto breathed a sigh a relief.

They were all dead.

All was silent. The crowd was stunned, as were the nobility and royalty upon the pavilion. Most women and all girls were hiding their eyes behind their hands, and most men were too shocked to move or speak. Even the other competitors in the melee had stopped fighting, all silent and motionless as they stared at the scene before them.

"I.I…surrender" A man behind Naruto with his sword drawn was the first to break the silence as he dropped his weapon to the ground.

Naruto turned around, his eyes no longer containing bloodlust, but surprise. One by one, everyone in the arena dropped their weapons to the ground. For a few minutes, all that was heard was the sound of metal meeting the ground and men scampering out of the arena. Naruto watched as these men ran away from him, even Bronn had since dropped his sword and climbed out of the arena. All there was left was Naruto standing, surrounding by five mutilated corpses.

All was silent again.

Until Lord Stannis Baratheon stood from his seat and started clapping. Naruto looked over at the man and saw the approval in his eyes. Stannis gave Naruto a nod and continued to clap. Soon he was joined by his brother, Renly. The younger Baratheon was on his feet, clapping as he nodded, proud of the justice served. The finally, it was the King who stood. Robert Baratheon for once was proud of his brothers and clapped along with them.

Then everything came loose.

Applause as sudden and loud as thunder erupted from all around Naruto. The smallfolk watching her jumping on their feel, roaring their approval and chanting his name. If anything, it was louder than when Naruto won the joust in the last tourney. It was so loud and so chaotic, the city watch had to stop the people from climbing into the arena to celebrate their hero.

From the corner of his eyes, Naruto saw Margaery on her feet as well, clapping with her wonderful smirk on her face. Though he wasn't as enthusiastic or as happy, Jon Arryn clapped along.

The entire farce was a bit obvious, he knew, but it wasn't murder or vengeance. It was the melee competition, and Naruto had everyone in King's Landing as witnesses. Seeing how the King, the Master of Ship, the Master of Law, the Hand of the King were all celebrating his victory, Naruto knew that he'd won this battle.

But seeing the dull stare Naruto received from Tywin Lannister, he knew the war had begun.

"Ser Naruto of King's Landing is the winner of the Melee Competition!"

The End!

That was a hard, but fun chapter to write. As you saw, this will be quite the turning point and start of the conflict between Naruto and Tywin Lannister. From now on, things will really start to heat up! XD