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It was several days after the fight a Kid's house, and Maka was sitting outside of the school, one of her old books in her lap. She hadn't spent a lot of time with Kid after the fact, but she could tell he still loved her. Kid blamed himself for the fight, since he knew that Maka and his sisters were not on great terms, yet he invited her over. He had told her that he should've just visited her place, instead of putting her at risk. Besides all of that, he was surprised at how much she had changed. He liked it, but he had to admit it was hard to get used to.

As she was lost in her book, she felt a hand tap her knee. The touch was foreign, and made her look up quickly. She was met with deep blue eyes, short blonde hair and a tall figure. Maka took note of the earbuds in his ears and the faint sound of hard rock music. As she took him in, he removed his earbuds; now she could really hear the music. "Excuse me, may you be able to direct me to Lord Death's office? I'm quite lost…" the man spoke, his voice almost melodic. "Oh, pardon." He bowed deep, throwing Maka off guard. "I'm Justin Law. It's a pleasure…"

"…Maka." She finished, unsure of how to react. "Um, stand up, please. People are staring." As she urged the man to get up, she was trying to assess him at the same time. He looked to be about 20 or 21, a couple of years older than her. Maka stood, hoping if she was standing he would too.

Justin straightened himself, a small smile on his face. Maka noticed how pretty his eyes were, but pushed the thought aside. "Y-You needed to find Lord Death?"

The man nodded and eagerly followed Maka as she walked to Lord Death's office, ignoring the students' stares as they passed.

"Thank you very much." Justin smiled, and kissed Maka's hand in thanks before s

he disappeared.

"What…the hell…just happened? A stranger…kissed my hand. And I…liked it?" she thought, staring at the door in front of her. Her breath was short and her hands were shaking. Internally, she was freaking out over an absolute stranger - a man, no less - treating her with such familiarity…he was the opposite of how Kid treated her. While Kid was sweet, calm, and a gentleman, Justin was too familiar, a bit overwhelming (in a different way than BlackStar), and pushy.

The vibrating of her phone tore her from her thoughts. Looking at the screen, she saw it was a text from Kilik: 'Sorry I'm late, my AP Gov teach held me after class. Meet me at the car in ten minutes.' With a sigh and an amused smile, she responded to Kilik then made her way to the parking lot.

When she arrived, she saw Kilik and Hiro, backs against the car, with quite a few people around them. Ox ford was flirting with Kim, who was blatantly ignoring him. Soul and BlackStar were arguing about Lord-Death-only-knows-what, Tsubaki was standing politely to the side, her face a mask of concern. Finally, she spotted Kid with Kilik, discussing something that looked important.

"What is going on here?" Maka raised her voice to be heard over the chaos, everyone stopping in their tracks.

"We were waiting on you, Maka." Kilik said, hands in his pockets. "We're all going to talk at Kid's house. You coming?" he asked. And even though Maka knew it wasn't actually a question, she chose to treat it as such.

"Well, I actually have a test to study for. I'd rather do that, honestly." She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, a book clutched to her chest.

Kilik smirked, and Maka got a bad feeling from the look in his eyes. "You leave us no choice then."

"I hate all of you." Maka said from her spot in the corner. She had rope around her, arms tied behind her back. Kid sat beside her, looking similar to an upset puppy.

"I'm sorry, Maka, this is important though." His hand brushed through her hair, which helped to calm her down some. The feeling of his long fingers against her scalp made her sigh, her eyes closing. She truly had missed that feeling.

"So, what's this about?" She asked, resting against Kid's shoulder.

"It's about someone new in the area." Soul led the discussion, reminding Maka of their old fighting days in the Spartoi group. She still had the uniform in her closet, but kept it hidden away. The sight of it didn't bring about enjoyable memories, especially since Kid was not apart of that team. "We don't have much information on him. He's known as the Executioner, but is in actuality a hitman. From what Stein told me, he uses pleasantries to hide his true intentions. Usually, he doesn't listen to people, keeping a pair of earbuds in with music on full volume." Soul said, arms resting on his knees as he spoke.

"Lord Death contacted me before we left." Tsubaki said, sitting properly on the couch. "He has a name for him."

"What is it?" BlackStar asked, his hands twitching with the thought of taking someone down again.

"Justin Law. Blonde, tall, blue eyes. He was seen on campus today." Tsubaki recalled, looking around as she spoke.

"I know who that is." Maka said, her voice quiet. "I met him today."

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