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Chapter 1

Slade said that my ancestor was named Katherine. That she was a rebel. And, that she was a half vampire. That's where Slade says I get my pale skin from, and her husband named Joshua was a werewolf. Apparently I have both the abilities, like my mother did.

Slade told me that no one could know of my ancestors. If I did they would kill me. He never said who "they" was but I had a guess. The lords and vampires who hated how things worked since King Victor made the law vampires could not just do what they want with humans. They could only feed and only with the human's consent. The death toll dropped dramatically.

Mother died when I was born, from something unknown. Doctors later saw that she had been shot, through the head, by some type of gun. My father had already died by a mysterious poison. Slade had taken me in then, and passed me off as an unnaturally pale mortal girl. He raised me and was the closest thing I had to a parent. He also taught me to change from wolf to human, and use my strength and speed in combat.

The city was peaceful for a long time, until…

"All mortals and vampires are called to the square!"

I looked at Slade and he nodded to me, he walked forward and I followed behind him. The guard carried on, telling other people and families in the farm lands.

"Stay quiet and do what I tell you." Slade breathed as we entered the square.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I'm afraid your dear king could not be here at the moment. He is too busy, in the afterlife." A man standing on top of the podium said, adding a laugh. Gasps ran through the crowd along with clapping and cheering, "I'm afraid you all are under new management. Bring forth all mortal women!"

I glanced at Slade. He was staring hard at the man and gave a slight nod to me to go. With several other women I stepped forward and onto the podium. I wore simple clothes, brown cloth leggings and a too big light brown shirt with a rope belt around my waist. Slade didn't believe in fancy clothing, for women or men.

I spotted Slade's black wavy hair in the crowd and met eyes with him. His eyes were grey-ish green. He had tanned skin from farm work and from the fact he was a werewolf but no one knew. He was tall and heavily muscled. Slade nodded slightly to me and I stiffened slightly.

The man started walking down the line of cowering, shivering women. He grabbed certain ones (old or misshapen or children) and threw them down into the crowd. Finally he had a group of teenage women that I was a part of. I was the only one not cowering, whimpering for mercy, or trying to act sexy.

The man's eyes locked on mine and he reached forward, grabbing my chin. I kept the look of disgust from my face and let him run a hand through my brown hair.

"What is your name girl?" The man said, letting go of my chin.

"Kasai Cross." I replied bluntly.

"You have nice eyes."

My eyes were silver. It was a trait inherited from my father. I had my mother's hair. He looked me in the eyes again and then smiled, revealing pointed white fangs. I knew it. He was a vampire.

"I'll keep this one."

My eyes locked on Slade and I saw his fists clench, his hair started growing slightly. I shook my head at him and he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

The man turned and looked at Slade, "is he your boyfriend?"

"More like a brother." I murmured in reply.

"Good, I won't have to kill him." He said turning back to me.

I tried to keep a smirk off my face. Like this guy could even attempt to kill Slade. He'd be dead before he moved a millimeter.

"Take her to the castle."

Guards came to either side of me. I allowed them to lead me away, fully knowing I could escape without trouble. I glanced over my shoulder at Slade who nodded slowly to me. We had planned that if either of us were ever captured we wouldn't come for each other at risk of discovery.

The guards grabbed my forearms tightly and started dragging me quickly into the palace. They covered my eyes with a blindfold and dragged me through passageways and halls. When they let go of me I heard the bang of a door closing.

I looked around the room. It was dark, barely any color but black and crimson. I looked around until the door behind me opened and several vampiric women came in carrying a dress. I stared at the dress like it was made of thorns as the women walked over to me and offered it.

"Um, no."

"No choice miss." One maid said and walked over to me.

"No dresses." I said taking several steps back.

The maids sighed dramatically and left, locking the door again.

You certainly are stubborn Kasai. Slade's voice entered my head. Seeing as both of us were werewolves (or for me partial werewolf) we could communicate through thoughts.

Quiet you! I'm trying to focus! I snapped back, outwardly glaring at his sarcastically mocking tone.

Why of course my lady.

I walked over to the window and touched a hand to the glass. I could break out easily as a werewolf but then hunters would go out and kill thousands of werewolves hiding throughout the city.

My hand trailed down the glass and I looked down to the ground. It was around a several story drop. I've had worse and I grinned.

Slowly I pushed on the glass on every spot until it was weak and ready to easily break, I took several steps back and took a running leap straight into and out of the window. There was a jolt and I fell, landing in a crouch. There was a yell from inside the castle and I grinned to myself.

You are suicidal you know that right Kasai?

Like you wouldn't do the same thing.

I didn't pay attention to his answer; I just bolted from the castle, leaping the wall the was Slade had taught me to, and ran straight for the underground tunnel back to his farm.

Slade sat waiting for Kasai to arrive. He hated waiting. He always felt like something would go wrong. Because, something always did. Someone always found out about her mixed species, and they disappeared and were found dead and ripped apart by a wolf. Slade had looked after her and treated her like a sister, he was not going to stand by as the government forced her to die.

The only reason Slade had originally taken in the girl was because he was interested in the idea of a mixed species mortal with the strength and speed of a vampire, the magic of a werewolf and the mind of a mortal. Also, he and Vic were friends (which was surprising seeing as Vic HATED werewolves).

Slade entered her mind again to see where she was. Around that time she was starting to enter the trap door but she turned and slammed it closed as a group of guards ran forward. None of them saw the trap door.

He could see her backing up through her own eyes. The guards stalked forward slowly and Mase stepped into the semi circle. Mase was a vampire assassin that craved power. Slade knew him, and hated him. He was ruthless and was known for killing his own mother and his three wives because each threatened to expose his secret identity.

"So you aren't mortal after all." Mase said stalking forward.

Slade closed his eyes and entered her mind, don't answer Kasai, get to the trap door I can handle the guards.

I won't put you in danger! I owe you that much!

Damn it girl don't be the hero!

She didn't reply. Slade had already known she would not put others in danger like that. She was too kind. Too compassionate. It was her best feature, and her strongest virtue. Slade cursed himself. He had taught her to regard other's saftey more than her own, and now she would pay for it.

I turned to the wall behind me grabbed a hold of a loose brick and flung myself up onto the roof, landing in a crouch and running across the rooftop. A second later a large mass fell on top of me and I turned to see the man who was on the podium pinning me.

"You didn't think," he purred in my ear, "I'd let a precious doe like yourself get away that easily. And now, I have a mutt as well. Perfect."

I let my lip pull up into a snarl at his words and he laughed. A second later there was a sharp pain in the back of my neck and I felt consciousness slip away.

So close. I had been so close to safety. But I would not do that at Slade's expense. I owed him too much.