Chapter 5

"You're about as heavy as a feather." Mase stated matter-of-factly after several hours of his walking in silence.

"Remind to start bulking up, just for you." I replied haughtily, "Or maybe you'd rather drag me along blindfolded as a wolf?"

"Or maybe you would rather me drop you in an ice cold glacial river?"

"That actually sounds quite pleasant." I replies, sarcasm practically dripping off my words.

With that, there was a rushing sensation and a splash and cold rippled up my arms and legs and I jerk up, ripping the blindfold off and glances around the river that felt like I was in an icecube.

"Ever heard of sarcasm, you big, fat, annoying, egotistical-" I went off in a tirade of swear words and insults as the cold turned my blood to ice. I reconned that since I was one third vampire, the river wasn't nearly as cold as it would have been for a human.

"Now, now we mustn't have those types of words coming out of a lady." Mase replied, bending over and tut-tutting. I jumped, caught his hand and pulled him in with me. He let out a yelp as he splashed head first into the freezing water. He jerked up and glared at me. I smirked and quickly shambled out of the water and began running along the banks. There was the sound of a rush and a thump and a weight shover me to the ground.

"Now, now Kasai." Mase said in the same, tut-tut voice, "haven't we learned our lesson that it's very hard to run away from me?"

I sighed, "Where as I am light as a feather you're about as light as a mountain." I groaned, instead of struggling, I just attempted a strike at his pride.

"Aww, shucks. I remember to bulk up just for you."

I let out a quick laugh before I realized it had slipped out.

Damnit Kasai, don't do this. I growled in my mind. He is the enemy, he's killed your family, threatened Slade and threatened and all but kidnapped you. Twice!

The weight shifted off of me and before I could react a new blindfold slid into place, "We must be going. we're close."

An hour of being held in his arms and an hour of wondering how vampires are so graceful later, we arrived at where ever "there" was. He walks a few steps and I heard a door open and close then my feet were gently lowered to the ground and the blindfold slid off. I stood looking at a relatively small room (still bigger than mine at Slade's house) with a nice bed draped with beautiful blue silken bed sheets and covers and a woven blanket. Furniture littered the room, each looking unique yet each looking perfectly fit with the pretty room. It wasn't extravagant, it was simple and pretty and overall… I loved it. And I hated myself for loving it.

"Pretty, isn't it." Mase whispered in my ear and I couldn't help but silently nod. I could hear the smile in his voice, "I suppose I'm not as much as a monster as you originally thought, hm?"

I couldn't reply to that. At Least, not verbally.

He laughed quietly into my ear, obviously understanding my thoughts, "Now change out of those clothes. You smell like farm."

"Flattered. I replied and hear the door shut. I quietly explored the room, in the privacy openning my mind up to Slade.

I'll kill that selfish egotistical son of a b-

Now Slade, there's children in the room. If you're going to curse please do it quietly. I interrupted him in seemingly the middle of a tirade about Mase.

Are you where he said he would take you?


So you can leave?

I won't know until I get a chance to.

He moaned angrily in my head, Do you atleast know where you are?

No idea.

Fine. Keep me posted. He said, and then withdrew from my mind.

I looked in a closet and found an array of different styles of clothing, robed dresses. All fit for females and all just too extravagant. I settled on a blue silk with golden flowers and gold trim kimono that hugged my frame up to the neck and had two slits running up each leg. I found a brush and wrestled with my hair until it looked decent and then walked out, exploring the halls of the house or whatever I was in.

"That looks good on you. You actually look like you have curves." I heard a smug voice say behind me and I whipped in a circle. Mase stood there, smug as ever and let his eyes roam over my body. I uncomfortably shifted, and wrapped my arms around my abdomen. "What, no smart remark?" He asked.

"I'm tired." I replied, "smart remarks take time to develop when I'm tired."

"Obviously." He replied and grabbed my arm, marching us down the hall and down another and saying as he went, "the maid already made dinner."

"The… the what?"

"Maid." He replied

"Ohkay." I replied and followed the scent of food more than him. I was seated at a small, cozy looking table with food laid out on it. I felt my mouth begin to water.

"Dig in." He said and began filling his plate to the brim with meats while I, personally never have even heard of these food before in my life, tried everything. It was delicious, and I felt like I hadn't eaten in decades.

I ended up leaning back and giving a contented sigh, having eaten everything on my plate and refilled it twice.

"You certainly can pack in food." Mase said.

"What can I say? I'm starving" I replied.

He laughed. I like his laugh. I thought. and then mentally slapped myself. No, no no! He's a manipulator. He'll try and get you to lower your barriers and take you. Don't trust him.

With that thought I became more stoic and said simply, "I'm gonna go to sleep." I stood and walked out, glances back and seeing for the first time, a confused expression on his beautiful face. God how I wanted to turn back around and tell him it wasn't him but that would be a lie. I strengthened my resolve and quickly fled back to the room I had come from. I practically threw myself onto the bed and hugged the soft silken pillow to me.

Am I weak? Or… is he employing some mind magic? Yes. It's that. He's trying to ensnare my mind.

After those comforting, and somewhat scary, thoughts, I drifted into a restless, terror filled sleep.

Slade gently touched at her mind and felt immediate distress, it took him a moment to decipher that she was asleep. Slade tried waking her but she knew it would really only work if he shook her, which he couldn't do for obvious reasons.

Slade growled to himself, he had thought the nightmares had stopped.

Kasai's nightmares normally consisted of images of her father's death and then imagining herself trapped in a box and drowning, or burning, or getting stabbed by a million knives. They were always VERY vivid.

Slade slammed his hand into the wall nearest and it came back covered in dust. He walked over to the bbe and sat down leaning his head back, trying his best to calm down and think.

Pain rippled through my skin, fitting into my veins and traveling through my body. Each second brought a new sensation of burning, screaming. I heard screaming, who was screaming? Before I could follow that thought pure pain rippled into my body again, sending a sensation of flesh being ripped from flesh in my arms and legs. My lungs were dry and scorched. My eyes opened but all I saw was red.

Mase ran into her room. The girl was convulsing on the bed small whimpers coming out of her throat. Mase ran over to her and shook her awake and she woke up, eyes wide and fearful. She flung her arms around him, hugging tightly and sobbing into his chest, apparently unaware of who it was she was crying infront of. Mase knelt and gently stroked her hair down, staying still and letting her cry until she had gone back to sleep. Carefully, mase began untangling himself from her limbs. Her eyes shot open and she whispered, "Please stay.. Don't… don't leave."

Mase was taken aback by those words, but something in him made him stay. He knelt down and let the girl fall asleep in his arms. eventually, her breathing told him she was asleep.

"She certainly was quite a catch. I applaud that Mase." A voice sneered in his head.

"Shut up." Mase thought.

"I never will. Now, shall we discuss your motives on taking her, or the contents of her dream?"

Mase didn't reply.

"Perhaps she is one of the children you orphaned."

"I never killed…"

"I have, and I'm simply you but stronger." A man formed in the corner of the room, wearing a sneer his entire looks that of Mase, how ever more wild and uncontrollable. His fangs poked out from his sneer and his hair dripped with fresh blood.

A little fact that no one knew about vampires, their demonic selves can take on personalities in certain circumstances. Mase often partnered with his demonic self, and generally they worked together well. But the one time he had denied it, it had become annoying

"Come on Mase, admit it. You took her so you could feed off of her. Just let it out. Let her die in your arms, you know you want to."

Mase sighed and ignored the voice. Like always. After a while he drifted off, mind fogging over. The closest vampires could get to sleep.