Chapter 6

My eyes opened sleepily, a cold feeling surrounding me but it wasn't uncomfortable. I blinked tiredly then jerked in surprise, my eyes going wide. The pale figure in front of me jerked, red eyes flying open.

I began struggling to get myself out of his grip, attempting, in vain, to escape. I was pretty sure I was crimson with embarrassment.

Mase jerked back to reality and quickly extricated himself from the me and my flailing limbs. I launched up and darted across the room with blurring speed, breathing hard and curled up around myself, my eyes wide and my face crimson red.

Babbling for an excuse to leave, I finally said, "I need to bathe!"

Mase, looking stunned, pointed out the door and said "Third door on the right."

Without question I ran out, blurring from the speed at which my legs moved. I shoved open the door and threw myself into the small bathroom.

Once again I was shocked by how rich Mase had to be. The bath was a white smooth substance surrounded by tile. The edge was rimmed with gold and there was a gold faucet over one end. I was only guessing it was a faucet, I'd never seen one. I felt myself shudder and, leaning against the door, began to contemplate what had happened.

I knew that I wasn't my normal self after a nightmare, having been told that by Slade more than enough times to know it was true. I knew that after a nightmare I tended to cling to whoever was nearby. Yes, that was it, Mase happened to be nearby and I happened to cling to him. Nothing more.

A nagging feeling at the corner of my mind told me that it was more than I'd like to pretend to myself.

You OK kid?

Slade's voice startled me so much I jumped.

Fine if you don't give me a bloody heart attack! I replied sounding pissy and annoyed even to my own mental ears.

Just wondering, I know you had a nightmare last night. What happened?

I hesitated, determining what would be good to tell Slade and what wouldn't.

Mase woke me up. I don't remember anything other than that. I partially lied, determining Slade wouldn't take it well if I told him I spent half the night in the same bed as a vampiric assassin. The implications alone would probably make Slade kill the next poor sap who decided to talk to him.

Mase stood and stretched, flexing his taut lean muscles and headed back for his room. The girl's reaction had surprised him yes, but in retrospect it was inevitable. Mase could tell the girl wasn't in her right mind after that nightmare, whatever it was.

He walked steadily down the hall, glancing at the door to the bathroom the girl had all but killed herself getting into, and sighed softly.

He kept walking, heading for his own bed room.

Mase's room was lavish, clean and well organized. He preferred simple things over terrible intricate trinkets but his room didn't seem to display that.

Golden vases and jugs lined the walls, jewels and various other objects like such pinned up. These were his prizes, what he had won through his work.

"So what's the new job?" Mase's mental doppelganger leaned over the bed examining a small envelope. Mase walked over and looked at the envelope, curiously picking it up.

After reading it twice Mase had to sigh, his employer was beginning to think Mase was immortal-er than any other vampire, honestly who did his employer think Mase was? A one man army?

Mase folded the envelope. He'd have to talk to his employer about this one.

Shadow Mase grinned at him showing bloodied fangs, "Come on Mase. We can do this. If we, ya'know, feed."

Mase shuddered at the thought, unbidden images coursing through his veins. Blood dripping down his hands and down the pale throat of his victim. Blood giving him the power his inner self wanted, the power it needed, to complete his task.

Mase's eyes turned even more red than normal, his features becoming more wild and insane. He shook it down forcing himself to deny that. He didn't know what he planned to do with the girl here, but he wasn't going to kill her.


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