Hey Readers, thank you so much for making The Teen Titans Club a hit and gave a lot of thought of writing a sequel to it. I have never written a sequel in any of my fanfiction stories so why not let this be the first. BEFORE reading this story PLEASE read The Teen Titans Club first that way you can understand of the past storyline.

Senior Year

Summary: The sequel to The Teen Titans Club. Senior year will follow everyone in the gang including bring back someone from Kori's past that will damage her once again.

Can you take a guess on who that person is?

Introducing new characters and yes there're from the Young Justice TV series.

New characters:

Tim Drake- Dick Grayson's adoptive brother from Bruce Wayne. Boyfriend of Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmarks.

Kaldur Ahm- Aka Aqualad, Jump City High's swim captain, best friends with Dick Grayson, Wally West, and the gang.

Wallace "Wally" West- Captain of the Track & Cross country of the boy's team. Best friends with Kaldur Ahm, Dick Grayson, and Victor stone. Boyfriend of Artemis Crock.

Artemis Crock- Younger sister to Jade Nguyen, captain of the girl's archery team, and girlfriend of Wallace West.

Zatanna Zatara- Second best friends with Dick Grayson sister like relationship with him and Tim Drake. Kori's third best friend also a Zumba instructor.

Conner Kent- Linebacker of football team, best friends with the gang, and a relationship with M'gann M'orzz.

M'gann M'orzz- Co-captain of the cheerleader, Best friends with the gang and mainly best friends with Kori, Zee, Rachel, and Artemis. A Zumba instructor with Zatanna and Kori.

Cassie Sandsmarks- Captain of the Track & Cross country of the girl's team. Best friends with the gang and girlfriend of Tim Drake.

Stay tuned.