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In the hallways E outside of Art II Class

Rachel dressed in dark purple shirt with a raven bird in the middle, light wash jeans torn on the knees, and wearing blue converse. She has white headphones in her ears and nodded her head as she draws the hallway from where she was sitting at. She nodded her head to 'Sorrow' by Flyleaf and using a caracole detailing every brick wall.

A teenage blonde with green streaks up both sides of his head. Garfield bobbing his head with a smiling as he waved at his new associates whistling the 'Teen Titans' theme song to himself. As his green eyes scan coming towards hallway E towards the art classes and smiled as he stopped at his tracks. He grew a bigger smile seeing his girlfriend seating on the floor and drawing on her sketchbook walking forward to Rachel and taking a seat to her on the floor.

"Hey Beast boy." Rachel replied with a smile as she finishes up detailing of the hallway.

Garfield gently took a headphone from her ear and kissed her on the cheek.

The artist blushed in red and looking up to facing her boyfriend.

"How's my Raven doing?" He asked wanting to know.

"I'm doing pretty good, just drawing this hallway for a project. My art teacher is a slacker but hey, he's passing us." Rachel replied shrugged her shoulders and leaned her head on his shoulder. "How have you been?"

"Doing good just trying to keep up with homework, anime club, comic club, and comedy club." Garfield telling the truth and sighted. "Did you hear about Kori?" He asked.

Rachel pulls her head up from his shoulders and looked at him serious.

"What about Kori, what happened? Is she okay? Hurt?" She asked being concern for her best friend.

His green eyes faces her then spoke.

"Xavier Redd's going back to court claiming to be a free man and hired Slade Wilson to be his layer. Dick told Star the news and she broke down, now he offered to pay for the best attorney from Gotham City to be Kori's attorney." Garfield told Rachel the truth.

Raven sunk her head into the brick wall with her jaw dropped and taking out the other headphone then shakes her head.

"Poor Star and she was perfectly normal. That son of a bitch is back to bring the hell back into her life." She sighted and placed both hands in her hair messing it up

In Journalism

"Okay class, there's a lot of news being report in our community and now here's a project for you to do. I want you to find a story that has captured everybody's attention and write an article about the topic. It could be anything, it could be an investigation about mysterious murder, whatever happened to?, or just anything that's realistic instead of hearing gossip from friends about friends stabbing each other in the back. Is that clear? Alright. Get started." Coach Lexi finished her discussion as she goes back to her seat.

Raven haired beauty Zatanna Zatara is on the computer researching and lightly tapped her hands on the keyboard.

'Hum… what can I write about it?' The former magician asked myself in my mind as she bit the bottom of lip and moving her mouse going to type in a website name.

Her phone vibrates in her pocket. Zatanna took her phone out of jean pocket and unlocking it getting a notification. She clicks on to the notification and seeing a forward text messages from her adoptive little brother, Tim. Her blue eyes widen as she read the message and her eyes traveled reading the article sentence by sentence. Her jaw dropped now finding out that Xavier Redd's is going to court to appeal is case in the murder of Kori's family.

"Oh shit." She said underneath her breath and shook her head couldn't believe the news.

'Kori. I'll talk to her tonight when we instruct for Zumba later this evening. I'll ask her permission if I can be there in court and telling her I need to do this project." Zatanna made a mental note in her mind.

Five hours later…

School is let out with everyone heading home either by riding the bus, riding in their cars, bikes, walking, motorcycles and moped. The gang met up with each other minus Wally and Cassie as they stood in the parking lot.

"Has anyone heard from Kori, since the news broke out?" Zatanna asked being concern.

Everyone shook their head sighting.

"I showed her the news and she had a meltdown. I know she went home because given the situation." Richard replied as he folded arms in front of him.

"I just hope she doesn't go back being the old Kori." Raven replied telling the truth.

Victor cracked his knuckles together.

"I knew I didn't like the son of a bitch, I should have punched Xavier when I had the chance. Asshole." He replied angrily telling the truth.

"We all should have but… we didn't know back then, all we can do is be there for Kori and hope she doesn't slip through the cracks." Garfield replied as he placed an arm around his girlfriend.

"I heard about him back in Gotham. He's a sick bastard for what he did committing a murder. What in the hell does he get the idea of thinking 'oh I didn't mean too, I loved my ex-girlfriend who I happened to rape her, killer her family, and threaten to tell if she said a word to the cops.' I think he's full of shit and there's no way he would ever see the light of day again." The blonde archer replied being bluntly shaking her head.

"He's only doing this for money. If any jury think he's not guilty then they're really screwed up in the head." Connor replied being serious.

"You got a point there my friend." Kaldur replied as he nodded his head.

"Zee and I will make sure that Star will be okay. Like you mentioned before Nightwing, Kori's hobby turn activity was Zumba which helped her take her mind off of things including keeping her sane." M'gann answered being helpful.

Kori's home

The redheaded beauty sat on her bed as she lighted up her fourth cigarette with tears in her emerald eyes and coughed. Her iPhone 6s ring showing it's her boyfriend and pressing the ignore button.

"Thank you to Xavier, I might be falling back to my old habits." Kori replied talking to herself as she breathes out the tobacco.

She grabbed a knife next to her and without looking aims the weapon on picture on the wall. The knife stabbed through the picture of Xavier Redd.

"I may have stopped drinking but picked up smoking while being in rehab. Sure Zumba has saved me and love it with all my heart but I need to smoke in order to somewhat relax." Starfire said telling the truth as she confessed to herself. "My parents would be horrified to seeing me like this right now, smoking, if they found out that I drinking; they probably would have disowned me. Koma, she acted just like me all sweet and nice with family and friends but behind closed doors at home, smoking in her private bathroom and drinking until she was in the last step of being completely sober. Ryan, he looked up to me like if I was a god, I would be a disgrace to me right now." The redhead said as she inhaled another cigarette.

Y.M.C.A., Dance Aerobics studio C

The members entered room talking to their friends, sibling, or relatives as they put belongs into the wooden copyholds. Zee had 'Zumba' by Don Omar on a low volume as she remember the steps.

"Single, single, double, double. Single, single, double, double." She said underneath her breath stepping left, to the right then moving her feet quickly. The raven haired former magician moved one foot to the right then left quickly while rolling her hands closed in front of her.

"Zatanna!" Miss Martian replied running towards to her friend as the former magician lost her focus. "I'm sorry to interrupt, have you seen or talked to Kori? She's late to class and she instructs." She pointed out.

"No I haven't. I tried calling, texting, and going over to her place. She's not picking up. Which means we will take over for her." Zatanna replied as she placed a headless microphone putting the small microphone by her lips. "I'm sure she'll pick up soon MM." She assured her free as she runs over closing the door to the studio then running towards back to the stage again.

M'gann turned off the lights of the studio and turning on the stage lights including a light that hit the disco ball reflecting on floor.

"Thank you everyone for coming. If this is your first time here, don't worry our main goal is to have fun and just keep on dancing." The cheer captain replied with a smile.

"Even if you have two left feet." Zatanna said with a small laugh bring some humor to everyone then clapped her hands together. "Kori's not feeling well and she'll be taking a leave of absence until she feels better. Any who, ready to get things started? Let's go." The raven haired young woman cheered turning on the studio and got a song started.

Jump City Jail

Kori Anders walked towards the table where visitors sat with a glass protecting them from the inmates with only telephones for communicating. She threw her purse on the table and dreading herself on being here. The redhead sat down as she folded her arms in front of her chest and crossed her legs.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." She said being in disgusted.

Her ears perked up hearing a door being open and closing. She forced her foot to bounce up and down being in fear once again. Knowing that her ex-boyfriend is taking a seat facing her and grabbing the phone.

"You look beautiful Kori as always." A nineteen year old Xavier Redd replied. The raven haired young man had his hair growing out but groomed. He had five o'clock shadow facial hair with a cut almost near his blue eyes and having a muscular build sporting in a jump suit.

The red headed former cheer captain picked up the phone having no expression on her face.

"You have a big set of balls if you think you'll be getting out of jail on what you did." She spoke with venom in her tone. "You're FUCKING kidding me? You killed, no you murdered my family out of passion and then going out to say 'you still love me?' Get the hell out of here. Dick's hired the best lawyer in Gotham City to make sure and my own preferences that YOU will NEVER see the light of day again. Kori replied with anger rose from her soul.

Jason laughed into the phone then spoke.

"You're cute when you try to be angry baby, turned on actually. You think Grayson really loves you or are you just his one of his many sloppy servings? Heard you got him whipped." He replied with a smirk.

"He's not WHIPPED, unlike you he treats me a lot BETTER then you have. Dick actually cares about me and I damn well know that he won't do a whole three sixty on me like you did." Kori said telling the truth as she looked into his soulless ocean eyes. The red head lean back into her seat with the phone in her hand. "Where in the hell did you find Slade Wilson? Did you get raped here and had to beg for a Lawyer that would take your sorry ass." She laughed for her amusement then smiled.

"For the record baby doll, I haven't been raped and if I do then I'll take them down. Second, he actually came to me when I went to appeal my case to the judge. Whatever Lawyer you and Grayson are plaining to get; you better start shaking because once the jury here my side of the story and my reasons on doing a crime out of 'passion.' I'll be a free man and start a new life out of California or not." Xavier answered as he leaned forward looking at his former girlfriend. "Word got around that you were pregnant with MY child, care to explain why you murder my child?" The raven haired man wanted to know.

Kori laughed not believing anything he was saying and shook her head then answering.

"If you ever to follow me, you'll be sorry make no mistake. Don't worry, we hired the best and Wilson will be nobody once this is all over. She answered sitting up again in her seat. "Yes you bastard, I was pregnant with the devil spawn. You really must be an idiot. Why would want a child to look at who reminds me of you and the hell you caused me two years ago and made my life a living hell? Oh yeah I would tell the kid 'Hey kiddo, the reason why I can't stand you is because your father's a f-king bastard and you have a screwed up mother who drinks and completely f-ked up.' I'm sure our child would have 'loved' to hear about that." Kori answered being blunt and sarcastic.

"Wow. You'll be a 'great' mother someday." Xavier said sarcastically.

"And the same goes to you too." Kori commented back. "When you go on that stand, I'll sing like a canary and tell everything about you to the judge and the courtroom."

"Well, make the best man or woman win." He replied winking at her.

"For the record, Red X. I will be telling the jury that I started to drink because of you, I partied more, started smoking and back to it, and to top it off I had alcohol poisoning which almost cost me my life. Care to explain that to the judge? No didn't think so." The redheaded young woman replied being blunt as she got up. "I'll see you in court you bastard and go jerk off." Kori hands up the phone grabbing her purse and making her exit from the building.

Starfire makes her way to her car unlocking the door opening it and entering her car closing the door then locking it. She broke down in tears with her head seat and breathed out. She went through her purse grabbing her phone and dialing a number. "Hey, are you home right now? I really need to talk to you right now and I'm afraid that I'm going to have a slip. Can I come over, please? Thank you, I'll be there in five minutes.

Wayne Manor

Richard paced through the living room sighting as he placed his hands in his raven locks.

"I was afraid of this happening again, Xavier you really crossed the line this time. If anything happens to Kori; I'll be coming after your ass." He thought in his mind mentally threating his former best friend.

Alfred Pennyworth is walking around with his hands behind his back and making his way towards Nightwing.

"Is everything alright Master Richard?" He asked.

Dick's blue eyes look up seeing his grandfather.

"Kori called me, she's coming over, and she's afraid she might have a slip." Richard answered being concern for his girlfriend.

"I do hope things will be better for Miss Kori. I know she's been through a horrible ordeal and Master Bruce have contacted his attorney, Jennifer Swan. I do know that Miss Kori will win through this trail." Alfred said assuring the raven haired blue eyed young man.

Nightwing smiled then lightly nodded his head.

"Thank you Alfred, that means a lot." He replied.

The doorbell rings.

"That must be her and I'll get the door." Richard said as he runs towards the front door unlocking it then opening the door seeing Kori with tears in her eyes.

"Robin." The redheaded teenager said as she wraps her arms around him and started to cry. "I was so close going to the bottle again and went to see that bastard in jail. Talked to him and told him he will never win this battle." She replied as she looked into his eyes.

Richard picks her up as he closes the door behind him with his foot and carries her to the living room. He places her on the couch and setting beside her.

"Why did you go to see him? You know you DON'T have to Star." The boy wonder said being serious lifting her head up with his hand.

"I had to see him because I had express how I felt, the anger I held in for two years, and to tell him he won't get away with this. I got back into smoking again, I tried so hard not wanting to go back to it but I slip. At least I didn't drink, as much as I want vodka more of tequila but I stopped myself. I want Xavier to be like Charles Manson, rotting in jail for a crime he committed. Let's take the son of bitch down with a strong fight." The former cheer captain said being serious as she looked at her boyfriend.

Dick nodded his head with a smile rose to his face.

"Now that's the Starfire I know and let's take him out." He said agreeing with her.

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