Servants scurried out of the way as they watched the king of Camelot strut down the castle corridors with a spring in his step that was not common for the king and made him seem almost human. Of course, no one dared say anything for fear of losing their heads.

King Uther was indeed very happy. There had been a double execution that morning for a sorcerer who had been caught trying to heal his very sick and very pregnant wife and an old hag who had tried to make herself young and beautiful, he had gone hunting with Arthur, and Morgana had behaved just like an orphan girl depending on the king should.

Uther was so happy, in fact, that when he got to his chambers to retire for the night, he allowed his servant to prepare him for bed without accusing him of sorcery once.

He hopped into bed and blew out the candle before drifting off into the world of dreams.

He was in the woods, hunting a silver stag with his red cloak billowing behind him.

The stag suddenly ran through a cluster of bushes and trees and Uther had to get off his horse to follow after it.

He clumsily climbed through the foliage and found himself in a grove. He looked around but could not see the stag. Instead there was a very old man in a strange robe and pointy hat, with a very long beard.

"Oh hello, I wasn't expecting anyone in my little grove. It's very nice to meet you."

Uther decided he did not like this old man one bit. "I can not say that I feel the same. This is my dream and you are intruding. "

The old man just chuckled. "Or maybe this is my dream and you are the one intruding. It's very hard to tell. For all we know, I could be you dreaming about me and you could be me dreaming about you. Maybe we are both you and this is our self conscious trying to point out something important to us."

By now Uther was very confused. "What? You must be a sorcerer, they are always trying to confuse people to get them to bend to their will. Off with your head!"

At this point the silver stag made itself known and began running around Uthet and began to talk. "Dear Uther, you are going to drive yourself mad always thinking that everything is magic. And you Professor need a break from all this Voldemort business. You both need a vacation!"

Before Uther was able to voice any of his growing confusion, the world started to spin and he felt himself start to wake up.

But he did not wake up in his soft feathery bed like he expected. Instead he woke up on a throne and for a moment he thought he had fallen asleep during a council meeting. But then he noticed the tables of children below the throne and the adults seated around him. And then his eyes drifted upwards and he caught sight of the floating candles and see-through figures that appeared to be dead and Uther felt his worst nightmare come true.

He immediately jumped up from his seat and began to yell.

"Sorcery! Who ever is responsible for this will be executed immediately!"

So this is something new im trying. what do you guys think, should I continue it? I promise that the rest should be longer, this is just a prolouge of sorts.

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