They stood there, facing each other – he a barely a whisper of the wind, an old spirit from days long gone, and she one of the few who could see his kind.

And as stood there, drinking in the beauty of the other, having only met a moment before in the fog that enveloped the countryside, he touched her face. A rush of sensation enveloped him – one that he hadn't felt in a very long time.

"You're so… warm."


Very short, I know. It's just an idea that came to me out of nowhere and leads nowhere. It makes sense to me because Robin's days in crime-fighting have kind of made him cold. Sometimes his personality comes to the surface, but mostly he lets his heroism control his life. Starfire is always trying to bring the real Robin out from his shell. This is a kind of allegory to that, I guess.

Aaaand the author's note is longer than the story. Good job, Juli.