Chapter One: The Beginning and Childhood

Our story begins on a cool October night, the wind howling at the full moon, the pine trees swaying, and the water in the river rippling forward at a more chaotic speed. In the distance, there was a pair of impressive wrought iron gates, that opened to reveal a smooth pathway, surrounded by bright green grounds, filled with neatly trimmed bushes, exotic plants, and exotic wildlife, including several peacocks that were tethered to a certain area of the grounds.

Further up the pathway, a giant, castle-like manor was revealed, standing proudly in all of its expensive beauty. The cloaked figure continued on his march, waving his arm for the front doors to be opened.

Soon after, a regal, aristocratic-looking man came forward, bowing low to the ground.

"M'lord, how may I be of service to you?"

"Rise, Lucius," came the voice of the cloaked and hooded man, looking at the blonde with piercing red eyes. "There is a matter that I must discuss with you and Narcissa... I felt that I could trust you." Lucius' grey eyes widened ever so slightly, as to be openly trusted by the Dark Lord was a great honor.

"Of course, M'lord." He led Voldemort to the parlor, where Narcissa was rocking baby Draco. Narcissa let out a soft gasp when she observed the Dark Lord, bowing deeply with her month old child still grasped firmly in her arms.


"Rise, Narcissa," said Voldemort cooly. "Now, let us get down to business." The three sat down at the large table, and Voldemort began to speak.

"The three candidates for the prophecy have been born," he began. "Neville Longbottom and the Potter twins, James the Second and Harald. Dumbledore, the manipulative senile old coot, believes it to be James... he is wrong."

The others looked at him quizzically.

"I managed to infiltrate the Potter home, with the help of Wormtail, of course, while the elder Potters were sleeping... and I cross-examined the children. Jamie's power if only slightly above that of a squib, while young Harald practically reeks of power... I have taken a page out of Dumbledore's manipulative book, and have hatched a plan to ensure my rise to power..."

"I will sneak in when the Potters are absent, and stage a defeat of myself by the hands of the younger Potter twin, Jamie. I will then take Harald, and bring him here, to you, where I trust you will perform a blood adoption ritual... he and Draco will be Irish twins. I expect you to love and raise him as your own, a second heir to the Malfoy fortune. In return for your services, I will bestow gifts on the children, in addition to Harald's already developed metamorphmagus powers. The terms are acceptable?"

Narcissa and Lucius turned to one another and nodded.

"Yes, M'lord."

"Good," said Voldemort, smiling cruelly. "Expect a package to be dropped off soon... I will lay low for a while, ensure my horcruxes are in safe locations, and delve deeper into the studies of the Dark Arts... I will see the three of you soon."

And with that, Voldemort apparated away.

True to his word, Voldemort returned a mere three weeks later, an eerily calm child in his arms.

"I have already altered his memories," Voldemort informed the two Malfoys. "Now, the ritual." Lucius gathered up the runic stone basin, and cut the palms of himself, his wife, and baby Harald, and then began to chant in latin.

After a few short moments, Harald began to glow, and his features became that of a Malfoy, with a bit of the Black side of the family mixed in. He had soft platinum blonde hair, and bright silvery grey eyes, but his facial features were that of Narcissa's, until he scrunched up his nose and his hair turned bright green.

He cooed up at Narcissa and giggled, thrusting his hands up at her in the worldwide signal that meant he wished to be picked up, and Narcissa loved him instinctively, her maternal instincts already accepting him as her own.

He was placed in the large, extravagant cot with Draco, and Voldemort began the process of gifting the two children. After an hour of anxious waiting, he exited the room to observe Narcissa and Lucius peering at him questioningly.

"I have gifted young Draco with beast-speak, which is, of course, very rare. Harald will only be a parselmouth, which I believe evens out the talents of the two... Draco will be able to communicate with all, while Harry will only be able to speak with snakes. I have also created a blood bond between the two, allowing them to communicate telepathically if they do so choose, it is a more powerful version of the twin bond." Lucius and Narcissa bowed deeply once more and uttered their thanks.

"Now, I must be going... make sure to raise the children right. It would not do to have muggle scum corrupting them."

"Yes, M'lord."

And Voldemort once again apparated away.

Time went by quickly for the Malfoy family, being congratulated by many on the arrival of their second son, Harrison - they'd changed his name in order to not bring forth suspicion from the Potters, who had just lost their son, Harald - as it was fortunate for a family to have two heirs to continue on the family line, and the Malfoys had plenty of money for their children to inherit, so the number of heirs didn't really matter, anyways.

When the boys were five years old, Lucius gifted them each with their own personal house elf - Jinky for Draco and Dobby for Harry - and began teaching the boys in the pureblood way.


In the West Wing of Malfoy manor, on the third floor in the Solar, two young boys sat, playing a game of wizard's chess, which was highly unusual, seeing as the boys were only five years old.

"Check," said the elder of the two - really, it was hard to tell the difference, as the two looked shockingly like twins, even though they were a month apart - smiling smugly. The other boy, whose eyes were a slight paler shade of silver than the other's, scrunched up his face in concentration, and smiled as he moved his rook.

"Checkmate." The elder scowled, sticking his tongue out at the younger.


"Draco, you know I don't cheat. It would be unbecoming of a Malfoy." Here, the young boy, Harrison, mimicked the voice of his father, elongating his hair and causing his facial features to sharpen, and Draco had to stifle a giggle.

"How long have we been playing chess?"

"Since we were old enough to understand what Father was telling us… as he says, it is unbecoming for a Malfoy to indulge in childish games, and we would benefit to further our strategizing skills, and other noteworthy attributes of a pureblood, as we are superior." Here, he quoted his father directly, as he and Draco both sucked up the knowledge that their father provided them like sponges, eager to learn more.

Some would say that they were being denied a proper childhood, but the two of them didn't seem to care. They had each other, and that was enough, as they were closer than most brothers, and hardly ever quarreled, and when they did, it was resolved quickly.

"What are we doing today?" asked Draco, as Harry was the one who kept up to date with the schedule, as Draco was to be the next Lord Malfoy, but Harry would be his most trusted advisor and confident.

"We have etiquette lessons with the other children at the Parkinson ancestral home at noon," here, Harry scrunched up his nose. "The majority of the others our age are the most uncomposed people I have ever met, and the Parkinson heiress is a nightmare… almost as bad as the goons Crabbe and Goyle. The only decent company there is Nott, Zabini, and Greengrass."

"What else?" asked Draco in a rather bored tone.

"Father says he has news for us later on in the evening… I wonder what that could be, but he mentioned that it would be satisfactory, and I do believe he's going to prep you with more of the Malfoy family history, as we are one of the twenty-eight Ancient and Most Noble Houses."

At this, Draco nodded more enthusiastically. Though he was only five years old, he was already quite the history buff, especially when it came to pureblood lineage and history, and already had a vendetta against mudbloods and blood-traitors, as was drilled into his and Harry's heads since birth.

"That sounds lovely," he said, smiling. "I can't wait for tonight, then."


The two boys stood still, respectfully silent as they waited for their father to address them from his regal looking seat in his study. He cracked a smile and motioned for them to sit in the two comfortable chairs he'd conjured for them.

"I have the most excellent news," he said gleefully. "Your mother's grandfather, Arcturus Black, has disowned the blood-traitor, Sirius, from the Black family, and, as Regulus is dead, that passes on the title to you, Harrison." Harrison perked up, and he and Draco exchanged gleeful glances, knowing what this meant.

"Which means," Lucius continued. "That Harrison, you have now been named the sole heir to the position of Lord Black of the most Ancient and Noble House of Black, which means our family now holds the family magic of two of the sacred twenty-eight." He paused.

"I will continue tutoring you on the noble history of the Malfoys, while your mother will focus on the Black family history, as I believe it will be beneficial for both of you to learn the history of both houses." He smiled and conjured up parchment, quills, and ink, and two desks, so the boys could take notes.

"Now, continuing on with the Malfoy family history. In the year 1836, when there was a strange uprising of the muggles-" and the note-taking began, both Draco and Harry writing quickly in an elegant script, noting about the atrocities of the muggle filth and how they were to be euthanized like rabid dogs.

Later on, they joined Narcissa in the Bower, as she informed them of the Black family history, making sure to note the downfall of blood-traitors, and Harry and Draco added their notes to the pristine logbook they'd begun, documenting the family history in their own handwritten notes.

(time passing)

Two blonde haired, grey eyed boys were standing elegantly off to the side of a party, less alcoholic mead wines in champagne flutes grasped in their hands, both wearing elegant green and black acromantula silk robes, Draco wearing the Malfoy heir ring, and Harry the Black heir ring.

They were ten years old, soon to be eleven, and soon to be Hogwarts students, and were enjoying their last couple of months of freedom. Their lessons had progressed greatly over the years, and the two had already acquired illegal custom made wands from Knockturn Alley to practice the beginnings of Dark Magic.

"Look, Harrison," said Draco snidely, pointing at the entrance to the Ministry Ball. "The filth has arrived."

The Potter family had entered - along with Sirius no-name, who had been accepted as a ward of the Potter home - and were looking around for people to socialize with. James Senior and Junior were wearing classic robes, which clashed greatly with their rat's nests for hair, and Lily and Rose Potter were wearing elegant dresses.

"Draco," chided Harry softly. "You forget your manners. They may be filth, but we may only refer to them as such when they are not in our immediate vicinity." Draco sniffed.

"The stench of mudblood is contaminating my air," he said haughtily, and Harry suppressed a chuckle.

"Look, they're approaching Minister Fudge, I believe we should greet him," said Harry, and Draco soon caught on, smiling slyly at Harry.

"Very Slytherin of you, brother."

"But of course!" You should expect nothing less, Harry projected into Draco's mind.

I would never expect anything less of you, brother.

The two of them gracefully made their way over to the Minister, depositing their champagne flutes on the tray of a house elf that had gone walking past. The Minister noticed them while in conversation with the Potters.

"Ah! Draco, Harrison! Come, come! I'm sure you know of the Potters." He welcomed the two as if he would welcome nephews, and Jamie Potter noticed this with distinct jealously.

"Of course," replied Harry smoothly, smiling charmingly up at the Minister. "The Potters are well known among the purebloods, though I have never had the pleasure of meeting their acquaintance yet." He turned to them, smiling.

"Days tidings to you, Lord Potter, Lady Potter, Heir Potter, Heiress Potter," he said, swallowing his pride and offering a small bow of his head in order to appease the Minister. "I am Harrison Malfoy, Heir to the House of Black, and this is my brother, Draco, the Heir to the House of Malfoy." Sirius and James stiffened at Harry's title, and he offered a coy, smirking smile.

"Why you little Death Eater!-" began Jamie, and Lily fixed him with a hard look.

"Not now, son," she said through gritted teeth, and the Minister frowned disapprovingly at the supposed savior of the wizarding world.

At least the mudblood knows that stirring up trouble wouldn't benefit her and her filthy blood-traitor family, Draco's voice sneered in Harry's mind, and Harry once again suppressed a chuckle.

"I meant no offense," he said, putting up his best acting skills in order to sound slightly hurt and wounded. "It is merely customary to offer one's heritage in greeting."

"Yes, it is," agreed Fudge wholeheartedly, fixing Jamie with a stern look. He turned to the Malfoys, virtually ignoring the Potters.

"How have your studies been coming along, boys?" he asked merrily, and Draco and Harry exchanged a mischievous glance.

"Wonderfully, thank you for asking, Uncle," said Harry, addressing the Minister with the name he'd allowed Harry and Draco to use for years. "We've finally caught up to date on the proud histories of both the Malfoy and Black family, as well as countless others from the sacred twenty-eight, and have also observed the might of the Ministry."

"It is amazing how prestigious and well-thought our governing body has been, through thick and thin," offered Draco, who was well versed in the art of sucking up to important political figures for personal gain. "And we delved deeper into your years as Minister, Uncle, and it is amazing how well you have run, especially with the whole Bagnold fiasco." Fudge smiled, obviously pleased.

"Why, thank you boys, it is so wonderful to see the youth of today showing an interest in politics. Why, I am sure that when the time comes, you two will be excellent presiders over your seats in the Wizengamot." He smiled at them apologetically. "I would love to catch up, but I will be coming over for dinner Friday evening, and I must make a few visits with the Ministers from visiting countries. Farewell, you two." He hurried along afterwards, and the two boys had a quick visit with Madame Umbridge - who they secretly hated, but put up with, as she was Fudge's senior undersecretary, and claimed they were the only two children she'd ever liked - and then danced a few customary dances with other pureblooded partners.

"Have you considered possible matches for the future, brother?" asked Harry once they were done mingling and were eating a meal, they parents away socializing.

"There is always more power to be gained," said Draco. "And I personally have my eye on Anastasia Rosier, even though she is a year younger than us. You?"

"Daphne Greengrass is a possible candidate," said Harry, nodding to himself. "Staying within the sacred twenty-eight is most important."

"Though one of the lesser purebloods with the right mindsets wouldn't be horrible, either," said Draco. "So long as we don't marry mudbloods or blood-traitors. Imagine the scandal that would cause." Harry scrunched up his nose.

"I am disgusted by the mere thought," said Harry with a shiver. "The absolute horror and dishonor that would bring upon our great lineage!"

"Boys!" called Lucius, walking over. "It is time we get going, we've already picked up your school supplies, so all we need is your familiars. We can go to Knockturn Alley quickly, and then return home to retire for the night." The boys exchanged eager glances, and held onto their parents' arms to side-along apparate.

First they went to Ollivanders first, Draco receiving a hawthorn wand with the core of unicorn hair, and Harry received an aspen wand with the heartstring of a Hungarian Horntail. Neither wands were as good of a fit as the other illegally owned wands, but they would do for school work.

Finally, they made their way down Knockturn Alley, to the far East corners, where familiars and house elves were sold in Barcture and Boris, which was another branch of Borgin and Burkes.

"Master Malfoy, Mistress Malfoy, young Masters Malfoy," said the shopkeep respectfully, bowing. "What'll it be today?"

"Familiars," said Lucius cooly. "Only the best for my sons. There will be no need for an owl, as our eagle owl, Zeus, already serves us well." The man, Mr. Barcture, nodded and opened the back door, leading them to a room filled with cages that held animals.

"Both of you repeat the incantation 'invenire socium fati' and follow the string of magic that comes from your wand, only you will be able to see it."

"Invenire socium fati." Repeated the two boys, and silver strands of magic flowed out of the both of their wands. Draco's led to a small magical breed called a chama, which was like a lynx bred with a kneazle, and they could detect danger. Harry's led to a magical breed of snake called a jaculus, that had wings hidden beneath its scales that it used when in immediate danger, as well as poison sacs in their fangs that were beneficial to many potions.

"That will be all today, Mr. Barcture, thank you," said Lucius, depositing a bag of gold on the counter.

"Any time, Master Malfoy," said Mr. Barcture, snatching up the gold greedily. "Its been a pleasure doing business with you."

The Malfoys then apparated home to their manor, and Draco and Harrison claimed they needed to bathe repetitively.

"Honestly, Father, the place is a hovel," said Draco with an upturned nose, a sour expression on his face. "The people there are filthy."

"I know, son," consoled Lucius, also looking mildly disgusted. "But it is a necessary evil, seeing as it is the only way we can acquire the darker heirlooms we own, and it is very easy to cheat others out of a fortune, should they not know what they have in their possession."

"Off to bed now, you two," said Narcissa, smiling kindly at her two boys and scooting them in the direction of the Solar. Harry and Draco exchanged smiles, and raced each other to their wing of the manor, in a rare show of childishness. After bathing in their own private bathrooms, they retired to their conjoining rooms, outfitted with everything a prince would have, as the purebloods were similar to royalty.

"Dobby!" called Harry, and the house elf appeared, dressed in the Malfoy elf uniform, which was always kept clean. He was eager, as Harry was a kind, fair Master, and he had narrowly dodged the harshness of Lucius. Draco had taken a page out of Harry's book and was somewhat kind to Jinky, as it was proven that being kind to your elves produced better results.

"Master Harry be wanting Dobby?" asked Dobby.

"Yes," said Harry. "Could you fetch me my acromantula silk nightclothes, please? And a glass of warm milk?"

"Of course, Master Harry, sir," said Dobby, and the elf left and soon returned with the necessary items.

"Thank you, Dobby, you may retire for the night." The elf nodded and popped away, and Harry made himself comfortable in his king-sized bed, his new companion, Regulus, after one of the better Blacks, curled up next to him, and slept, dreaming of Hogwarts and one-upping Potter at every opportunity.