Shortly After the New Years Party in Chapter 120

"See you later, Trunks! Meet me tomorrow for some old fashioned sparring with Piccolo, the three of us have a lot of catching up to do!" Gohan said, waving to him with Bruce and Kara as they walked down the driveway. Trunks had waved goodbye to the last guest, closing the doors and fazing out to clean up the mess left behind. Karen, Oliver, and Dinah were in the kitchen already, putting a few clean dishes away. A vacuum turned on in the other room, Trunks realized Diana was the only other guest who hadn't left.

"You guys don't have to do that," Trunks said, "go sit down and relax, I'll take care of it."

"No, no, you were kind enough to make all the food, Diana repeated me when I said that it wasn't fair that you clean all of it too," Karen said.

"You already saved the world," Oliver said, loading the dishwasher. "One dish won't kill you."

"Maybe that's his weakness," Dinah said, rousing a laugh in the room.

"Well," Trunks said, figuring it would be rude not to accept the help. "Thanks guys. It was a much better party with all of you there."

"We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you," Oliver said, "so I'd hope we made it better."

The four busily bussed all the dishes, putting them away fairly quickly. "You guys go in the dining room," he said, hearing Diana put the vacuum back in the closet, "I'll wipe down the counter an join you in a sec."

The other three heroes left Trunks alone, or so he thought. He nearly jumped through the roof as he felt a tight squeeze on his behind. "You have a cute butt," Diana whispered in his ear playfully. "I was kind of hoping by the time I came back here, everyone else would be gone."

Trunks swallowed nervously, her breath on his ear exciting him terribly.

"All this," she said, letting it roll off her tongue slowly, "could be yours- maybe I'm just too much for you?"

"I'm up to any challenge," Trunks assured her.

"Funny," she said, "you've been saying that all week, your texts, your calls, the time you said you'd eat me out under the table at my mother's, but you're all talk." She slithered her hand into his jeans, grazing his thigh lightly. "I told you I'd take you any time, anywhere, what- you save the princess from the big bad Frieza and now you want your prize? Well I'm not so easy, pretty boy, I'm going to break you into pieces then make you clean up the mess."

Trunks dropped his plate, shattering it in the sink. "I'll tell the guests to leave right now-"

"But oh well, maybe next time, right?" Diana said with a hair flip, turning around and walking toward the dining room where the rest of them talked with a few bottles of alcohol left open. Trunks looked back, seeing that she had changed into a white, deep V-neck shirt and light blue apple-bottom jeans that captured her big and amazing Amazon perky, round bubble butt, thick thighs and long, toned legs flawlessly, and her pair of sandals. "You done looking?" she asked, giggling as Trunks nearly dropped the plate he was putting away.

Trunks hurried to put it away and followed Diana into the dining room. "Hey Trunks, can you grab us a couple glasses? We're playing King's Cup!"

Trunks grinned in anticipation. "Oh, are you sure? I don't want you or Dinah waking up tomorrow with a hangover."

"We're not going to get drunk, you big dud," Dinah said, "you know we're responsible."

Trunks pulled out five sizeable cups from his cupboard and sat across from Diana next to Karen, with Dinah diagonal from him next to Diana and Oliver at the head of the table. "Now you remember the rules, right?" Oliver said.

"Mostly," Trunks said, but sounding unsure. "Maybe run them by me once?"

"You forgot the King's Cup," Diana said dryly, rushing to the cupboard and returning with a heavy, Amazonian mug that hit the table with a thud, being able to hold beer an entire foot high, "but I think a Queen's cup is more fitting."

"Whoo!" Karen exclaimed as Diana filled it halfway with rich golden beer. "Things are getting heated now!"

Oliver dealt the deck of 52 around the Queen's Cup facedown while Dinah poured the beer into the glasses as well. "We go clockwise from the dealer, each person pulls a card from the center but if you break the circle, you drink, if you don't, discard the card and keep playing. Each card has a rule that you'll get a hang of, but the most important rule is for the king."

Trunks' eyes drifted over to Diana as Oliver talked, looking at Diana's sparkling blue eyes and pouty lips then glancing down into her ample, busty and perky cleavage barely held by her bra in that tight tee shirt. Trunks had always seen her chest held down under her armor- it came as a silent shock to him that she concealed those weapons of mass destruction that she pressed together unintentionally with her elbows. He looked back up at her eyes, feeling a nudge on his inner thigh from across the table as she sensually licked her lips.

"Trunks?" Oliver said, seeing him spacing out in the Amazon's eyes who pretended that she was looking at the glass rather than him. "Trunks! You good?"

Trunks shook himself out of it. "Yeah, I'll get the hang of it."

"Great," Oliver said, pulling the first card. "Oh! A six, girls drink!"

"Trunks, I hope your tolerance isn't human," Karen said, putting her arm around him while she downed her entire cup in one gulp, "I want to see you smashed."

Diana had no problem with hers either while she inched with her foot up Trunks' thigh, the coldness of her feet making him shudder. "Oh, he'll get smashed," Diana said with a sexy smirk. "I just might have to put him to bed."

Karen laughed at the bewildered look on Trunks' face, unknowing of Diana traveling up Trunks' shorts and digging under his underwear. "I think you scared him, Diana."

Dinah giggled and pulled a five. "Guys drink."

"Then let's get some liquid courage in him," Dinah said, feeling a snap on her toes as she slipped in under his underwear and pulling his long, warm, and soft member over to the pants leg she invaded, beginning to softly stroke it from the shaft to the head.

Trunks shakily took the cup and gulped it with some difficulty, feeling the warmness spread through his chest and come out his mouth in a fiery breath. He looked across the table at Diana who wasn't looking at him anymore, fondling his head between her toes and running the whole length. "Thatta Boy, Trunks!" Oliver said. "Your turn, Diana!"

Diana pulled a queen. "Trunks, have you ever played any drinking game before?"

"No, why?" Trunks said innocently, making the rest of the table laugh.

"You're supposed to answer her question with another question, that's what a queen means!" Oliver said.

"That was a question, wasn't it?" Diana said.

Oliver chuckled. "He answered your question with a…" Oliver lost his grin and his nerve. "Shit."

Oliver finished his drink and Dinah poured him another, continuing the game. Trunks pulled the next one flipped it over. "King," he said, pouring the rest of his drink into the cup and adding another inch. Diana felt another inch against Trunks' thigh. Her eyes widened at the expanding girth, pulling her foot back for what seemed like minutes until she rested her foot on his hot, bulbous head pulsing quickly with his heart beat.

"Trunks, are you ok?" Karen asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost- don't tell me you're a lightweight."

"Yeah, Trunks," Diana said. "What's wrong?"

Trunks cut her a glare across the table. "Nothing, I just haven't had alcohol in awhile, I'm getting used to it again."

"Then once I make you drink this next turn, you'll learn quick," Karen said, pulling her card. "Jack, which means I get to make a rule that needs to be followed for the rest of the game: Trunks, Oliver, you have to do anything Diana and Dinah tell you, if you don't, you drink."

The girls laughed, high fiving each other. Trunks' hand went toward the edge of the table. "Keep your hands where I can see them," Diana said nonchalantly, "and you don't get to talk until the end of the game."

"Ooh, ditto!" Dinah said, making Oliver scowl.

"Brutal," Karen said, seeing Trunks' leg bouncing up and down in anxiety. "He's looking a little pale, Diana. Are you sure he can take it?"

Diana got up, making Trunks sigh in relief. He still had a raging hard on, and if his guests weren't there, he would have already flown across the room. "You and I both know he's handled far worse- I'm getting ice cream, do any of you want some?"

"You're still hungry?" Dinah said.

"No, I just have a sweet tooth," she said, making a vanilla cone and walking back toward the table with Trunks' full attention. She opened her mouth and let her long, cute tongue lap up the tip and kissing the top of the cone with a loud pop from her lips.

Dinah jabbed Oliver in the side to stop him from looking, and Karen didn't even notice. "Karen, switch chairs? We'll keep the same order."

"We can all just shift clockwise," Dinah said.

"Ooh, better idea," Diana said, grinning wolfishly over her boyfriend as everyone shifted left. "Move over, kawaii kuma."

Trunks shifted quickly, but Diana saw what she had uncovered and felt an itchy twinge deep within herself. It was extremely thick, had to be at least 10 inches and he was still only half hard, poking out of his shorts. It was a monster, one unlike anything she had ever seen before. She sat in the seat next to him, crossing her legs toward him and pretending to miss the card for the top of the cone.

"Oh my," she said steamily, licking her hand until it was nice and slick.

"I could have got you a napkin," Karen said.

Diana reached under the table, wasting no time in unzipping his shorts and pulling the dragon from its cave. Trunks shifted uncomfortably in his chair as his head bumped the table above, hearing Diana gasp softly as she ran his full length in her hand, tapping the underside of the shaft like she was playing piano and squeezing the skin on the underside just below the head before going back down again. She barely couldn't connect her middle finger and thumb half of the way down. Trunks glanced at her, watching her eyes roll back as she took another long, slow, and careful lick from the bottom to the top of the scoop. "My turn," Oliver said, oblivious to what was going on. "Eights, mates!" Oliver said, raising his cup. "Trunks, let's go! You gotta drink every time I do!"

Trunks snapped back into it again, but failing to ignore Diana's torture as she squeezed at the head, using her thumb to wipe from side to side before running the entire shaft again, tickling the underside and the head before choking it again. Trunks took a deep breath and raised his cup. "I'm going to drink you under the table," he said, throwing the drink back and choking as Diana started rolling her palm around the head as if she was trying to unscrew a bottle cap.

"You sure about that, buddy?" Oliver said, hearing him gulp the rest of it down and grip the side of the table.

"Both of you drink," Karen said, filling up their drinks again.

"Yeah, remember the rules!" Dinah laughed. Trunks and Oliver sent another one down and Dinah drew the next card. "Two- Karen, Diana, you drink!"

Diana pulled her free hand away from fondling Trunks' balls, making the spaced out Saiyan suddenly suck up a trail of drool hanging from his mouth to Diana's amusement. "Ready, Wonder Woman?" Karen asked.

The girls took both cups with ease. "Next," Diana said, drawing the next card. "Another king," she said, filling up her cup and pouring it all into the Queen's cup, making Oliver very nervous. She reached back under, making him suddenly lurch forward as she jacked him suddenly hard and fast while she laughed cruelly. Trunks pulled off the lurch by taking a card, flipping it over and showing it to Diana. "Oh, now you have to empty your cup. I'll help you."

Diana quickly put the drink to Trunks lips, tilting his head back. Oliver drank too, unaware of the action happening below the table. Diana's hand glided over Trunks' long sword like she was scrubbing out a stain, her heart fluttering as it grew hot in her hand. She kept him in that moment, edging him but not letting him finish. He started to rock a little in the chair. He cleared his throat as Karen pulled the next card. "Seven Heaven!"

Trunks watched everyone put up their hands and he followed their lead. Diana didn't even bother, focusing on keeping his toes curled and his teeth grinding against each other. "You didn't get them up this time, Diana!" Oliver said, passing her a cup that she easily gulped within seconds, taking a drink himself.

"You sure you can handle all that, Trunks?" Karen teased, seeing him blush vibrantly. "I don't think he can."

Oliver drew the next card. "King, one more and some unlucky sucker has to drink the-"

"Talking," Dinah sang, making him drink another cup. She drew the next card, chuckling mischievously. "Aces, everyone drinks until the person to their right stops!"

Karen let out an evil laugh at Oliver's nervous expression and the five started to drink, quieting the room with just the sounds of gulping. Within seconds, Dinah and Oliver dropped out and Karen followed as per the rules, but Diana kept drinking. Trunks kept gulping too but he didn't need to worry- Saiyans needed an astronomical amount of alcohol, but it wasn't anywhere compared to an Amazon. Diana finally put down her cup once she emptied it, tugging on Trunks' shaft to make him squirm. Trunks blew fire forward like a roaring dragon, leading to more laughs around the table. "And I was about to ask if you were okay," Diana said, pulling the last card. "King," she said, pulling the full Queen's cup to her lips. "Watch this," she said, tilting it back and guzzling the beer in under ten seconds.

The other four watched her in awe, despite spilling some on her shirt and over her breasts she outdrank them all, slamming the cup down on the table. Karen started the slow clap, standing up from her chair. "You. Are. Amazing." She noticed something else amazing, however, below the table as 11 inches of dark Saiyan meat tenderized by the Amazonian hand made her blush, biting her lip from the surprise not to shout. "Look at the time though, I have to leave- see you tomorrow at the meeting, everyone!"

"Bye, Karen," Trunks said choppily, giving her his best, not awkward smile while Diana made him writhe in her hand.

Karen laughed nervously. "I'll, uh, see myself out."

"Oh no," Diana said, dropping the rest of her ice cream onto her breasts to create a sticky, white, runny mess with the beer. "I have it all over me! I guess I'll have to change- Trunks, meet me in the bath-" Trunks fazed out so fast she didn't even see the blur. She glanced up at Oliver, smirking when she caught his wandering eye and winking at Dinah. "Stop staring," she teased, standing up with a wet patch around her crotch and swaying toward the bathroom. Diana laughed, jiggling her breasts a bit and smushing some of the ice cream between her tits. "I can convince him to do anything," she said sultrily. "He's under my thumb." She walked away, letting them both get another look at her juicy butt as she rounded the corner. "Come and get it."

Dinah and Oliver looked at each other, feeling the itch. "We have to come over more often," Oliver said.

"Agreed," Dinah said, rushing to the master bedroom.

Diana opened the door to the bathroom, poking her head in. "Trunks, are you okay? You ran away pretty fast, I thought I had scared-" Diana gasped and her back was pressed against the wall, feeling his throbbing dick in between her thighs.

Trunks licked up the mess between her breasts, sitting on the counter and tearing off his clothes.

Diana felt another twinge at the god standing before him, nearly six feet of solid muscle, hung like a horse, a soft face and long, lavender hair suspended in an excited blue aura that came natural to him, and she was all his. "Good boy," she said, pressing her breasts together and letting her proud pink nipples catch him in a trance. "Would you like some more?"

"What are we going to tell Oliver and Dinah?"

"Don't worry about them," Diana said in a low voice, kissing him on his forehead as he traveled down from her chest, falling to his knees and peeling her jeans off. Her ass that put all of Brazil to shame spilled over the top, jiggling a little as he struggled to pull it and her black lace panties down, revealing the dripping honey pot in front of his face, puffy, pink and small, with a small black "W" of hair over the cute knob of a clit. "Start licking, and don't stop until I-" Trunks flicked the clit with his tongue, making her jump from the sudden attack of pleasure. "-tell you to," she said with a shudder, running her hands through his hair and holding him there.

She tasted sweet, almost citrusy, Trunks noticed, closing his eyes and wrapping one arm around her thick thigh to smack her ass while his other hand traced up her long legs, carefully and tenderly rubbing them before testing the water by slipping his index finger inside. He angled it forward, rubbing along the top ridge of her vice-like walls.

"You cheeky bitch," Diana giggled, tilting her head back and blushing with her core heating up. "Oh fuck yeah," she purred, dripping more and more with every passing moment. She gasped as a second finger entered her, tapping on the same spot that made her tremble. "Damn, you're good at this, maybe I should tell Dinah and Oliver to leave after all so we can be alone."

"I'm not done yet, woman," he growled, sticking his third finger inside and catching a slap with his other. "I like it rough too, but it goes both ways," he said, digging hard and fast with his tongue circling her clit.

"A man has never made me climax before using just this," Diana taunted, "what makes you think you can-" She gasped loudly, gripping his head and digging his head into her snatch. "Right there! Come on, come on!"

Trunks' dick ached, feeling the heat from her snatch as she shook on his hand and tongue vibrating faster than the Flash.

"God damn it," she screamed, throwing him back into the shower with a thud as he hit his head. Trunks looked up, his heart skipping beats in anticipation and fear as she ripped through her jeans, whipping out her Golden Lasso from her pocket and throwing her wristbands on the ground, shaking the country with her golden, godly aura. Trunks had unleashed the beast, and he was as aroused as he was scared. Still, he'd face it head on like any challenge. "You want to get fucked? Give me five minutes and I'll have you crying out for mercy-"

"Diana?" Dinah said. The door opened, making Trunks' eyes fly open. He hopped to his feet, trying to cover himself up and shielding Diana.

"Wait wait don't come-"

"We're ready," Dinah said sultrily, opening the door to reveal her and Oliver standing in their naked glory. Trunks' face went white. Dinah was slimmer and less defined than Diana was but still an absolute bombshell, curvy with bouncy double D's and perky pink nipples and a nice, perky butt and long, toned legs. It never filled out a pair of jeans like Diana's, but it was enough to match her cute, pink, hairless pearl with thin lips and a button-like clit. With her ruby red lips, soft blue eyes, and long, wavy blonde hair, it was hard for the Saiyan not to stare, but Oliver standing right next to her made it easier. He stared slack jawed at Diana's goddess body, his seven inch long, decent cock rising at the sight. He was fit and muscular, not at the Olympian level of his friend, but with his slightly hairy chest, full and well trimmed facial hair, and white smile, he was still otherwise attractive to the Amazon. She looked down at his manhood and her smile became fake. "It seems like you already got started," Dinah said, seeing Diana's sweet juices running down her legs and Trunks covering up his blade with the shreds of her jeans and his arms, with his hands below the base. "Alright Trunks," Dinah said, staring the reserved Saiyan hunk up and down and focusing in on his heavy balls, "let's see what you're packing."

"Diana, what is this?" Trunks said uncomfortably.

"Just trust me on this, it'll be fun," Diana said, hugging him from behind. "Care to show the nice woman your Galick Gun?"

Oliver slapped Dinah's ass. "Don't be scared to compare, Trunks," Oliver said, "we all have to be comfortable in our own-" Trunks shyly pulled away the jeans, letting his footlong, veiny, curved trunk swing down. Oliver blushed, glancing down at his own member and feeling very small. "Are you sure you wanna do this, Trunks?" He looked over at his flabbergasted girlfriend staring slack jawed at his best friend's large package that the Saiyan sheepishly tried to hide. "Dinah and I can leave now if you don't think-"

"Come to the bedroom," Diana said seductively, swaying her hips as she pulled Trunks through the hallway by his head.

"I'm not sure I'm totally okay with this," Trunks said, "Oliver's my friend and all, but I don't think-"

Diana shut him up with an aggressive but sensual kiss, letting her tongue beat his into submission. She pulled back and leaned into his ear. "I know you're new to having sex and you wanted me alone, but I promise you, you'll enjoy this. Just get started, if you feel uncomfortable at any point, we'll stop. Okay?"

Trunks nearly punched through the wall behind her. "That's not fair, what you just did there."

Diana wrapped the lasso around his neck, putting one knee up. "What are you going to do about it? The lasso compels you to-"

"I want to make you feel like no other has done before," Trunks said, her giggle while she licked his neck making his head throb.

"That's what I thought," she said victoriously.

Dinah shifted her milky thighs uncomfortably watching Trunks shuffle by, imagining getting stabbed over and over by Trunks' rod. "I think we've met our match, hon," she said, pulling Oliver behind them by the hand instead. "Ready to sleep with a goddess?"

Oliver chuckled nervously. "Hell yeah!"

The foursome made it to the bedroom, warm and inviting with the walls painted in red with a white double king sized bed. Trunks and Oliver sat on the bed and the girls walked over, obviously more interested in the bigger man. "Diana, do you mind if we switch?" Dinah said, sizing up the Saiyan like a tender steak.

"I suppose I can let Oliver experience what it's like to have a gift of Aphrodite grace him," Diana said, "but as for Trunks-" She whipped her lasso at him but he caught it, raising an eyebrow at her.

"You and I both know the Golden Lasso doesn't work on me anymore," Trunks said.

"I can still tie you down," she retorted.

"I'm not going anywhere," Trunks chuckled, leaning back as Dinah inched toward his meat, drooling at the hot poker. "But, uh, what does this mean for us?"

"It means keep it up so we can go for a long time, cowboy, just trust me," Diana said, watching Dinah fall on her knees, breathing on his head. Dinah popped the head into her tiny mouth, making Trunks groan as her cute tongue lapped around the head. She needed two hands, wringing and rubbing him out in slow, heavy strokes while she bobbed up and down on his top three inches.

"I'm still not so sure about-" Trunks heard her hum and felt her mouth vibrate around his head, melting his insecurities away with a soft moan. She giggled and wiped a few long locks behind her ear, letting her tongue and sonic powers assault the Saiyan mercilessly. She lazily sucked the first four inches up and down, looking him in the eyes as he softly and graciously ran one hand through her hair. Dinah enjoyed how vocal and loud he was, playing with his balls in one hand and running his shaft with the other. Trunks' entire body felt like he was in a massage chair vibrating all over, feeling like putty as Dinah squished his shaft between her soft breasts, squishing them together with a tight pressure and savoring the sweet precum oozing from his tip. She released him with a pop, standing up and pushing him back. "Wait, wait! I need a condom!"

Dinah chuckled. "IUD. I'm going to take you raw until you turn raw!"

"Bring it on, birdie!" Trunks said.

"I can tell you're not very experienced," Dinah said, prodding his hot battering ram to her pink castle gates, "but you last long, which is really good for me." She popped the head in, gasping audibly. "Fuck that's thick," she said, coiling her way down five inches and stopped, leaning forward and balancing on his chest. "I don't think I can-" Dinah grit her teeth with the mix of pleasure and pain as Trunks slowly pushed two more inches in. "-keep going!" Dinah sat down while Trunks pushed the rest into her, taking a moment to breathe hard at the man completely filling her up. "You're deeper than anyone else I've been with," she blurted out.

She was warm, tight, and slick with bumpy ridges that massaged his head as she slowly started riding him, her arms shaking every time he slid down. "Hey!" Oliver shouted, before an Amazonian hand buried him back in her crotch.

"You're-" Trunks grunted, arching up a little every time she pulled. "-really tight!"

"Is it too much for you?" she taunted, gasping again as she suddenly found herself on her back, pinned down by her arms.

"I can take a lot of punishment," Trunks chuckled, eliciting a loud moan from her as he pushed into her spongy walls. A shiver went up his spine as he felt her stretching to her limit, clamping down and melting in his arms. "Can you?"

Dinah wrapped her legs around him, suddenly kissing him deeply. "Try me," she dared him.

Oliver and Diana watched as Dinah sang like a bird with every slow, sensual thrust, the mutual pleasure of Dinah getting stuffed like a turkey and Trunks' cute, quiet moans completely outdoing the handjob Diana was giving Oliver, despite how good it felt to him. "Let me get this over with," Diana thought, looking back and chuckling at the smaller schlong in her hand. "After all that bragging," she said, pulling the foreskin back and rubbing the head with her other hand, "this is all you have?"

Oliver grunted, gripping the bed sheets as she teased him. "It's not how big it is, it's how you use it," he told himself more than he told her, "I've made Dinah sing opera on this thing, so don't think it'll be so easy to-"

Diana rolled her eyes, placing the sensitive, red head on her tongue and taking it down her throat in one quick thrust. Oliver arched back with a loud outcry but Diana held him down, sucking up in a wet, slurping, sloppy motion with her sweet tongue voraciously rolling his head around.

"Jesus, lady!" Oliver said, grabbing the sides of her head to try to slow her down. His dick bulged in one cheek and he shuddered greatly as the tip of her tongue licked up and down the underside while her lips tickled his blond, neatly trimmed pubic hair at the base. She leaned her head on one hand while her other hand fondled his balls, growing envious of the woman getting destroyed by her boyfriend next to her. "Wait, wha- what's up with this fellatio?!" Oliver said, looking over for help and finding his best friend putting a face of ecstasy on Dinah's face that he had never seen before, moaning loudly with her tongue hanging out, her legs wrapped around his lower back while one hand gripped the bed sheets, her blue eyes rolling in the back of her head while her perfect chest raised with her arched back, grazing Trunks' chiseled frame as he hit her at a steady speed. "I can't believe I'm getting a-" Oliver grunted, his toes curling. "-vacuum blowjob from fucking Wonder Woman-" Oliver yelped in pleasure as she pulled back suddenly, whirling around just the head with her lips and tongue while jacking him with just a ring of her index and thumb. "I feel like my hip's going to give out- holy shit!" Diana jammed him down her throat again, pulling back completely with a pop and letting go entirely as he shot out several spurts of cum off the side of the bed, ruining his orgasm. Diana watched him go soft disappointedly, glancing over enviously at her boyfriend having way more fun.

Trunks responded to Dinah's moans, moving faster or slower with each new thrust depending on how loud she screamed on the last one, her song-like cries combined with her trembling walls vibrating with sonic energy giving his entire body chills. "I can feel your body shivering," Dinah said through a high pitched, shaky voice as Trunks put her on her side gently, taking her sideways with one arm under her side and cupping her bouncy breast while the other supported her thigh. A string of drool from her swayed left to right and hit the pillow. "Do you like that? Do you like it when you make me scream like this? Make me sing!"

Trunks let out a loud groan with a vibration going from her cervix all the way to her lips, making the Saiyan buck forward. The entire bed lurched back and Dinah yelped, blowing Diana's hair back. She let out the same high pitched scream with each thrust, feeling her core burn brightly every time she was impaled, feeling every turgid ridge of his veins and his throbbing, unsatiated head begging for more greedily with each new pump that tapped the end of her chamber with a bullish bump sending shocks through her body. Her arm gave out, screaming wildly as he picked up the speed. "You feel wonderful, Dinah," he said, "I can go faster if you'd like."

Dinah whimpered with a nod, shouting out again and blowing Oliver off the bed with most of the pillows on that side. Trunks picked up the speed, gripping her breast softly even though his other hand held her thigh roughly. She gasped again and let out another loud groan, breaking the glass in the photos on the wall and blowing the lamps to the ground. "Fuck yeah!" she screamed, laughing wildly as Trunks pushed her on her stomach with her legs together, hitting her fast and long with each stroke. Trunks gasped a little too, with the pressure in this position increasing greatly. He was essentially doing a push up into her birdcage, with her walls folding in on him and trying to pull him back in. She giggled at Diana and Oliver, seeing the elegant Amazon sitting unpleased while her man tried to get it up again. "You jealous, Wonder Woman?" she asked her with the same crazy, high-pitched, shaky, panting squeal as he spread her open again and again with soft moans that drove her wild. "I'm getting fucked by your man proper, and he seems to be enjoying it a lot, I feel him getting close- what if he cums inside? I might just keep him for myself at this rate, he's hitting all my spots!"

Diana rolled her eyes. "Please," she said dismissively, "I'll turn the both of you into my slaves by the end of the night." Diana looked back at Oliver desperately trying to notch a new arrow. "Are you done already?" Diana asked condescendingly, flicking his flaccid, three-inch noodle and sitting up on the bed to watch the action.

"I'm going to make your man explode," Dinah said, "how much do you think he cums in one go? I bet because I'm a human, I'm way tighter than you- maybe he's just the biggest I've had so far and I fucking love it."

She laughed with another pierce, groaning loudly and biting the comforter, clutching the bed sheets with her hands and wrapping her legs behind him again as he ran his hand through her golden locks while his other hand held him up, damaging the springs on that mattress irreparably. "I think I'm getting close…"

"Oliver, you better get it up soon and put Diana next to me," she said with the growing puddle of drool under her cheek, "or else you'll have to watch him fuck the both of us, that won't be fun now will it?"

Oliver's pride took enough blows. "Gimme a sec," Oliver said, drooling over Diana's body. She was as sexy as she was fierce and intelligent, with an ass like two caramel mountains beautiful to look at but deadly to hike. Sitting in his face earlier was enough to make him realize it, but to him it was like a dream. "Get ready, Trunks! I'm about to steal your woman right from under your nose, ready to see a true man in action?"

Diana sighed and rolled onto her back. "You're going to try to make me cum with that thing?"

Oliver surveyed her creamy body carefully, her round, ample bust that rivaled Karen's if not beat it, life-saving thighs, beautiful pink jewel Diana's thick, wavy black hair, sparkling blue eyes, and the indifference on her face and pouty pink lips nearly breaking his confidence. She was way out of his league, which is why he needed to show the other couple just what he was made of. "Do you, uh, have a condom?"

"Come on," Diana said with aggravation over Dinah's siren wail, "go into the bedside table, they're in the top drawer."

Oliver scurried over to the mahogany bedside table. "Thanks. I kept one in my wallet, but Dinah and I used that one before we got here-" He opened the drawer, nearly jumping back at the array of condom sizes. "Wow, Diana! Are you and Trunks going to hibernate here for the rest of the winter?"

"I wasn't sure how big Trunks was going to be," Diana said, turning her head over at Dinah with tears rolling down her face while Trunks dug her deeper into the bed. His fingers had poked through the mattress with his eyes shut, biting his bottom lip. "So I got a variety. Put one on and take me, Green Arrow. Are you really as good with your aim as you say?"

Dinah's smile faded into open-mouthed cries out that shook the glass window panes in the room. "That's it, that's it, I'm almost there!"

Trunks let out a low, manly rumble in his voice as he picked up speed, his long hair hanging down for Dinah to grab at while the sounds of his pelvis smacking her perky butt echoing around the room. Diana rolled her eyes, looking up at the headboard impatiently while Oliver fumbled to put on the condom. "The Amazons say that an archer that never takes her shot is a step below her fallen sisters in battle, Oliver."

Oliver swallowed his pride, putting on the third-largest condom in the drawer. "Don't think you're going to make a fool out of me!" Oliver said, straddling her and glaring into her eyes. "Are you ready?"

Dinah screamed loudly with every thrust, her powers rumbling the entire room. She held her head up and let her eyes roll into the back of her head with an animalistic laugh. "Make me cum, make me cum, please!"

Diana yawned. "Get on with it already."

Trunks smacked her ass, leaving a bright red handprint on it. His chi started to spike. "You just squeezed super hard right now, just tell me wh-"

"You're going to regret that, Amazon!" Oliver said, sliding into her golden walls balls deep and immediately feeling his limbs tremble terribly. He covered his mouth just before a loud moan escaped. "What the fuck is up with this pussy?! I already think I'm going to cum- shit! Damn, that Saiyan is one lucky bastard!"

"Oh god, I'm cumming now!" Dinah laughed, taking hard, deep breaths with each of his fast thrusts.

"Start moving," Diana ordered impatiently, hugging him to her generous bosom. His heart skipped a beat, feeling as if he was resting on two fluffy pillows. "Now, Oliver, while I'm still wet."

Oliver swallowed nervously, keeping all thoughts of blowing his top off his mind. "Al-alright then, here I go!" he said confidently, jackhammering hard until the bed started to squeak on their side. "How's this? This is the spot, isn't it?"

"Oh, you're in." Diana sighed.

"Don't act like you don't love it!" Oliver said wildly, moaning loudly. "You're feeling it now, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Diana said bluntly, using her lasso to quietly pull the bedside drawer open while Oliver worked himself to death. She held him to her chest and pulled out her smartphone, looking over his shoulder and texting while Oliver tried his best.

"I'm getting serious now!" Oliver said confidently. "I bet you're going to cum any minute now!"

He reared his head back with a sharp groan, knocking her cell out of her hands. "Yeah, no," she said, flipping over and pinning him down. Oliver noticed she had better abs than he did, with Angela Bassett arms that perfectly matched the guns of her boyfriend. "If this is your best, then you might want to just go home."

Oliver laughed nervously. "Real funny, Di-"

"I'm going to show you some real moves so maybe you'll be less pitiful with Dinah," she said, turning around and flaunting her own butt, clamping down and pulling him up. "Keep up," she warned with a smirk, "or else."

She slammed down hard with the smack of the gods, juicy and crisp with a honey pot that made Oliver jerk with every hard stroke. "It's so- it's so- my god!"

"Make me cum with that puny dick, Oliver," Diana said, watching Trunks make Dinah's blonde hair flop wildly over her face with every powerful thrust.

"Wait, wait, no, wait-" Oliver's entire face burned red and his toes clenched onto hair. "No!" Oliver cried out.

Diana scowled and stood up quickly, turning around and folding her arms just before Oliver burst into the condom with three sad little squirts. Oliver laid back panting, looking up at the angry Amazon in fear. "All that waiting for just that?!" she said. "Eight seconds, Oliver!"

Oliver chuckled, closing his eyes in exhaustion. "Doesn't matter, I had sex with-"

"That wasn't sex," Diana scolded, plugging her ears as Dinah let out a scream that bust out every window in the room like a frag grenade. Dinah cried out in joy and Trunks rolled onto his back, rubbing her clit quickly to make her squirt all over Oliver while her tits bounced all over her chest. "See that? See how he makes her his puppet, turning her into a mess of hormones and sweat, thinking of nothing but how hard she's going to climax? That is sex!"

"Oh my god-d-d-d-d-d," she said like she was on a bumpy rollercoaster, melting onto Trunks' hot stick as he came closer and closer to climax. Dinah laughed tiredly. "Give me a minute," she said, sliding off his cock with her legs still shaking.

Diana looked at Trunks' long sword in hunger, seeing it literally steaming with an unquenched, itchy heat. "You're looking a little cock-drunk, sweetie," Diana said, watching a steady stream of Dinah's orgasm trickle out from between her legs and onto the sheets. "Do you need to take a break?"

Dinah giggled, sitting up and staring at Trunks with a wolfish grin. "Not until he's dry."

Diana smacked her butt, pushing Trunks against the wall and dropping to her knees. "Good girl." Dinah dropped next to her and Diana yanked Oliver over against the wall next to his best friend. Diana held both their cocks in her hand. "Dinah, help me with something," she said, stroking both but taking care to travel from the bottom to the top on Trunks' impressive member. "When you and Oliver have sex, who cums first?"

"Definitely him," she blurted out. "Sorry, honey."

"And then what?" Diana asked, biting her lip feeling the weight of her boyfriend in her hand. "He falls asleep after three minutes and you have to finish yourself off?"

Dinah was still a little cross eyed, squirming with her trembling walls. "It's- longer than that."

"Was this time different?" Diana said, licking the underside of the shaft forcefully to elicit a moan from her man. "Have you ever climaxed as hard as you just did?"

Dinah blushed, looking up at Oliver trying to laugh away his embarrassment. "No," she said, shocking herself and looking at the lasso tied around her ankle.

Diana smirked, kissing each of Trunks' heavy balls. "One more?"

Dinah felt Diana's long fingers tickle her anus before poking inside, making Dinah yelp out in surprise. "Yes!" she blurted out, gasping as another teaspoon of Oliver's cum flew past her face after three pumps from the Amazon with her heavenly hand. "Oliver, stop being such a quick shot!"

"I know you're an archer but damn," Diana taunted, laughing with Dinah.

Oliver looked to Trunks for some support, but he was in his own world of pleasure.

"Are you ready Trunks?" Diana said, wrapping her breasts around his dick slick with the Black Canary's natural lube while Dinah licked and sucked the tip. "It's time to show Oliver what the reward is for making sure your partner is having just as much fun as you are."

"Damn it!" Oliver said, desperately trying to wake up his little archer for a fourth go.

"Tell him how much you love Trunks' dick, Dinah," Diana said, squishing her breasts together with her elbows and rubbing it from side to side. Trunks tilted his head back, tapping his foot anxiously. The pressure was great, but it was squishy and soft on the shaft with a violent attack on his head, causing a great churning in his gut. "You can't talk with it in your mouth."

Dinah gasped for air, rubbing the head furiously. "I love it, I love it more than anything right now," she cried out.

"Do you think he deserves to cum after how he made you dirty his bed?"

"Yes, yes, I want to see it!"

"Sit down. Oliver," she ordered, pushing him back onto the bed. "This is how I reward partners who know how to treat me with the same sexual respect they think they deserve, and I'm not going to stop-" She stuck two fingers in Dinah's ass, forcing her to sit up so Diana could directly look up at the Saiyan. "-until I'm satisfied."

Diana looked at his head and she pressed her luscious lips to it, jiggling her breasts around his shaft while she popped his fat head into her mouth, whirling her tongue and lips around the first four inches like a seal of death.

Trunks howled in ecstasy but was never rough, putting his hand through her hair lovingly. "The pressure is incredible!"

Dinah kissed his ribs and went all the way to his nipple, licking it to make him gasp. "You're sensitive there, huh?"

"You're an extremely lucky man, I hope you know that," Diana said, pressing her fingers on the top of her breasts only to squeeze on the head as she dripped drool onto it. "Men have killed to get in between these, judging by your reaction I can see why."

"It feels amazing," Trunks shuddered, feeling his entire body tingle with every teasing lick she gave the head.

"Yeah, I'm pretty good with my breasts, but you've seen nothing yet!"

"He's going to blow soon," Dinah said, biting his ear and rubbing his pecs slowly. "If you want him to last then you'd better-"

"Don't stop, don't stop," Trunks moaned, his knees beginning to shake.

Diana pushed her velvety breasts up toward the head so they spilled over her hands with her pink nipples pointing outward, lapping around the head while sucking hard like a vacuum, making a very lewd expression as she looked up at the Saiyan with his head tilted back. His energy started to spike and Dinah held on tight.

"I feel like I'm melting!" Trunks groaned, punching back through the wall and stomping through the hardwood floor.

"That's it, my prince," Diana thought, melting herself as Trunks' hot, squirming piston made her entire bountiful chest feel warm. She closed her eyes, letting her tongue bully his head relentlessly. He had a salty flavor but his precum oozing out was tangy and sweet and she was ready to have her pineapple protein shake. "You are now under my complete control…" She took in a deep breath and wrapped her arms around his back, jutting three fingers up his tight, clenching crevice and taking all eleven inches of him down her throat in one shot, kissing his clean, shaven crotch and scrotum all the way at the base.

Trunks let out a battle cry, his aura bursting on the spot and shaking the entire estate to its foundation, feeling as if he was being siphoned away of his semen. He felt his own pumping, throbbing member with the suction of space on his head with the tightness of her throat squeezing him out like a water pump. Trunks unloaded everything he had and leaned against the wall, feeling chills throughout his body. His knees grew weak but she didn't stop, sloppily slobbering up and down his shaft and making him roar in pleasure as she sucked the head. There was a ring of saliva at the base and she sucked him in like a straw, pumping his prostate with one hand and holding him firm with the other. She lazily pulled back, holding him around the center of the shaft as she swallowed fifteen more citrus shots down her throat. She pulled him out, looking up at him and showing him her white tongue, laughing as several more splurts splashed all on her face and tits. "You're too good at this!"

Diana pulled her hand out of him, squishing her breasts around his head to feel it pulse between them and filling her valley with a white river. "You're still cumming?" Dinah laughed, catching a few blasts on her face.

"More importantly he's still hard," Diana said, looking up with a challenging smile. "Are you ready to get it started?" she said, rising to one foot and jamming the side of her knee against his hip, rubbing his cock on her stomach. She wrapped one arm around his neck and bit her bottom lip in anticipation, using her other hand to prod her golden scabbard with his slick sword. "Once I get started, I'm pretty hard to stop, Trunks. Do you think you can handle me?"

"Wait," Trunks said eagerly, pointing his hand at the drawers and pulling out an average-sized condom.

The girls laughed, making the Green Arrow wanking his bent arrow until it was straight again even more self-conscious. "You'll cut it off, Trunks," Diana said, "I'm going to have to order you stuff online."

"But you used a condom with Oliver, I don't think I'm ready to be a-"

"I made him wear one because I didn't want him cumming inside," she said, pushing on his head achingly, "but I'm on the pill, and I want you to fill. Me. Up."

Trunks ran his hand down her back and onto her grabbable apple bottom with his other hand running through her hair, twisting it between his fingers and drawing her in for a kiss. "Don't hold back."

Diana raised her perfect body over his dick and dropped her thighs, sending shocks up his spine as she poked her gates of Eden with his key of truth. "Foolish last words," she said, absorbing, engulfing, swallowing Trunks' edging cock and lightly tapping on her womb's licking, invasive entrance that flicked the inner entrance to his penis with one quick motion. She giggled at his eyes rolling to the back of his head, his grip loosening as he slowly sunk to the ground while Dinah watched in awe as she turned him into her toy. "That good, huh?" Every part of Diana's insides moved, blowed, sucked, vibrated, and massaged him on their own in different patterns and shapes attack the shaft and glans, rolling, gripping, pushing, pulling, licking, and kissing in extremely tight, gooey, and squishy goodness that was hot and trembling, sucking him in like a vacuum as if she was trying to steal his soul through it. "Try to last more than thirty seconds, okay? No one has done it before, I want you to be different." His entire body felt warm and tingly like he was just getting drunk and his head spun, he could barely lift his arms without feeling like he was going to pass out in ecstasy that made him drool. "Trunks?" Her tight vice kept an overlaying pump over all the other hundreds of stimuli coursing up to his lulled brain only processing his most carnal desires, as if it was ready to coil and twist around him like the wet, gushing, slick towel it was and then turn his balls into a desert. "Are you okay?"

"I think you broke him, Diana," Dinah said with concern. "Maybe he isn't as tough as you though he would be."

"I'm back, sorry," Trunks chuckled, trying to keep his cool in the smallest, tightest tunnel he had ever ventured into. He sat up immediately and wrapped around her tightly, kissing her deeply and passionately. He kept one hand behind her back, rubbing it lovingly and massaging her luscious, warm black hair while the other arm kept her safe around the waist, petting her thick thighs and fat, soft but firm behind. He crushed her chest with his, their nipples brushing against each other so he could feel her heartbeat through her beautiful, caramel tan skin and generous, pillowy chest. "You're just-" He sighed. "Wow…"

Diana moaned deeply and shuddered wanting to feel as much of him as he could before he came. He waited all this time for her, acting a nervous wreck for the longest time and bending over backward for her in ways no one else had done. For the first time, she felt safe in someone's strong, heroic arms and protected with his strong heartbeat radiating through his perfectly broad chest and tan skin. She opened her eyes for a moment, noticing his were closed, his eyebrows furrowed and deeply invested in spending every moment of his time dedicated to her. Finally, he was the first man in a long time she lusted after, she believed it was partially because he wasn't thinking about it all the time while with her like some of her boyfriends from the past, that he would make the entire experience about making her feel good, once he noticed, damn what a seducer he could be. She felt his girth, his power, and his heat, the random, pumping veins that made her head spin and his cute, bulbous head filling her up entirely to the brim and stretching her out like no one had ever done before. She kept one hand running through his long, silky, golden hair she loved so much, the way it ran through her hands felt like water. Her other hand gripped his cute, tight butt- he was hers as much as he thought she was his, ever since he sang to her, for her, on Circe's island, helped cure her mother, and end Apokolips despite anger and opposition by friends and enemies alike only to become a god out of it, for the first time she had blushed when he entered the room, she was keeping this one. "You're going to do some damage, pretty boy, but we're going to take it nice and slow until you get used to it, okay?"

Trunks' head spun, her sweet and spicy Mediterranean aroma flooding his senses with her soft, slow bounces up and down. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this."

"Just let me know when you're cumming, kuma," she whispered sultrily into his ear.

Trunks' eyes widened, looking up at a bright light not realizing it was just from his lamp. "I'm dying," he moaned, as Diana slowly increased her speed, letting out soft whimpers as her center lit on fire, every pleasure center absolutely overwhelmed by his throbbing weapon. He dug into her breasts brushing up and down his chin, sucking on one and gently massaging the other while she laid on top of him, stabbing herself onto him over and over with the rhythmic pounding of her cheeks smacking his thighs keeping them going while Oliver and Dinah watched on.

"You ever daydream about my wonderful breasts, Trunks?" Diana asked him in a low, seductive voice with no response. "Yeah, I know you do."

"Diana," he whimpered under his breath.

"You like that, don't you?" Diana giggled. "Is this sweet, tight pussy giving it to you too hard?"

"I can do this all day," Trunks said, beginning to move as well.

Diana pushed him down roughly by his shoulders, riding him hard on her knees and huffing like a chugging train. "I doubt that, but that'll be a great change," she said, smiling with her own moans as he scratched every itch burning inside her. "Enjoying that view, aren't you?"

Trunks' legs felt like jello with her pussy jackhammering him in reverse, sucking harder than her mouth ever could with her tumbling walls like lightning directly to the spine killing him and reviving him with every plunge of her sugary walls. "I can't get enough of it."

Diana turned to the side, making him drop his heel through the floor and grab her ass hard with a loud wail. She laughed at his reaction, swaying from side to side in a grinding motion that made her blush heavily, moaning loudly with the waving motion, getting pierced from left to right. "How about now?" she said, turning around completely to let his mouth water over her glorious bubble butt bouncing hard with a squelch on his gun, shaking the ground with every fast bump. "You love this fat ass, don't you? It shakes in all the right places, yeah?" She whipped her head back, yanking Dinah face first into her chest as she rode him harder and harder, driving him to a loud, wailing mess. "You're splitting me in half!" she cried out, every bounce feeling like an orgasm to the Saiyan making him buck up hard. "That's it, start moving too!"

He felt her folds gripping onto him hard with her squishy butt trying to mold themselves, spilling over his thighs but continuing to try, dancing on his pole and riding him in circles, grinding as she went down and swaying from left to right before crushing him again.

Trunks slapped her ass and she leaned back, balancing on his chest and rising halfway off so Dinah could suck his balls. "I'm going to turn you inside out!" he growled, thrusting up hard and fast.

"Oh, I love this!" she cried, yelping and shouting with blissful glee over the Saiyan's own moans, every upward thrust, shaking the entire neighborhood. Pictures fell off the wall and his dresser tipped over, spilling his clothes onto the bed. "Holy Hera you're huge, you're the perfect match!"

Dinah giggled, switching to licking and humming on Diana's clit. Trunks sat up partially, using one hand to balance himself while he kissed her neck and played with her clit, lightly vibrating his hand to make her cry out in delight, gasping and laughing with every powerful thrust that made her boobs flop up and down violently. Trunks felt her tighten up, coiling around him and jacking every sensitive nerve for all they were worth, and he gasped, his arms shaking terribly. "I'm going to cum again!"

Diana laughed victoriously, whipping around and sitting him back hard. She held him down by his neck, slamming faster and faster until their privates turned into blurs. "You like that, don't you? My jewel of Aphrodite makes you cum quick, I make every man cum so quick!" Her breathing became quick and shallow and she leaned in, crouching on her feet and letting him see her thighs clench to tighten up even more, reveling in him foaming at the mouth as she wrung him out viciously. "Are you going to give me what I want?" she said in high, squeaky breaths, taking his whole length fast with crushing drops that electrocuted him, slowly cracking the floor. "Are you going to shoot your load, fill me up to the brim so I can feel what it's like to have a real man inside me?!" She closed her eyes, rubbing one breast with one hand while the other bounced up and down. "Shit, what a kick this has! If I had known you were hiding this, I would have snapped you up a long time ago!" She started twisting up like she was trying to uncap a bottle, making him go cross-eyed. She laughed maniacally at his expression. "Now you're feeling it, the true wrath of the Amazons! You don't stand a chance against me, Trunks!"

Trunks opened his mouth and tilted his head back in a silent scream, feeling his heart jolt with every hit. He closed his eyes, feeling a deep twist in his core that spread through his chest and down his legs. He jolted upright but she was having none of it, burying his face between her plush, soft breasts and squeezing her ass hard, pushing her down onto him again and again.

"That's it baby!" Oliver moaned as Dinah sucked him off. "I'm almost there-" Dinah's lips popped as she pulled off of him, watching him dismissively as he oozed out two weak spots on himself.

"Can you do me now?" Dinah said over the building rumbling. "Oliver?" She looked up and scowled, seeing the Green Arrow passed out on the bed. "Really," she sighed. She looked back at the Amazon getting impaled while she choked her boyfriend aggressively with the lasso, his face buried in her grand cleavage. She shrugged, rushing over and looking for a place to jump in. "I guess I'll see him at home."

"Come on, baby," Diana panted, "make me yours, I want to suck you dry!" One hard thrust and the threesome screamed as the the floor gave way. They fell two stories, crashing on Trunks' body onto the kitchen tile floor. Trunks gasped and held his hand out, catching Dinah with his telekinesis so that she could harmlessly drop to her feet. "Give it to me, hero! Give it to me!"

Trunks roared so loud that it blew every cooking station into the wall and triggered the sprinkler system, dousing the three in cold water. Trunks spiking, golden aura kept him and most of Diana dry as he continued to shout, feeling his cock getting squeezed tightly from the base up as he exploded deep in Diana's well. "Diana!" he screamed, going Super Saiyan unintentionally.

"Say my name, bitch!" Diana barked, wrapping her legs around him and shuddering intensely as her suckling, gripping walls absorbed every thick, milky shot he pumped into her with an insatiable thirst, making him scream louder and louder as she kept wringing him out. "I'm almost there, damn it! You're fifteen minutes in, don't you dare go soft until I cum!"

"DiAnAaAaAaAa..." Trunks started to fuck her back, gritting his teeth and rising to his feet with his chi. Dinah stepped back, growing scared as his powerful, golden pumps blew Diana's entire body up and down while he powered through his mind-breaking orgasm.

"Uggh, this is the best!" Diana moaned, his hot semen making her feel warm and snuggly inside while his blur of a hammer nailing her all the way to her womb making her entire body feel like it was going to explode at any moment. "You have more volume than anyone I've been with, it's like you've cum three times!" Trunks smacked her ass, pushing her onto the marble counter next to the industrial sized fridge. She put the lasso between her teeth, biting hard on it to groan while she opened the fridge, reaching out over the electrifying stabs Trunks gave to her entire time she attempted to grab for the bottle of tequila on the fridge shelf. She gasped and nearly dropped it, feeling his middle finger prodding inside her anus. "You're so r-rough, I love it! Let's keep going until we're stoned with pleasure!" She opened the bottle and poured it between her breasts smothering him, hoping that some would get into his mouth. Trunks supported her wide butt with one hand, taking the other and snatching the two liter bottle. She laid back on the counter, moaning loudly and sucking her own nipples as she hit it hard, loudly grunting like an ape with every invasion. Her eyes widened and she started laughing in nervous anticipation as he gulped the entire tequila bottle in seconds and whipped it toward the sink, making the cautious Dinah jump as it shattered all over the wet counters and floor. "One more, come on!"

Trunks continued huffing like a bull, breathing fire through his nose as he gripped her ship-sinking hips and gave it to her in a braindead haze. "I'm going to be addicted to this, damn it!"

"Yeah, you love my body, don't you?" Diana taunted, clamping down hard and grinding up and down as he pounded her. He leaned over, burying his face in her chest again for her to wrap her legs around his lower back, helping him reach deeper and deeper while his grunts grew louder, taking more time to stick deep inside her as the counter rattled. "You're obsessed with it, I bet if I asked you to do anything right now you'd do it just to stay in the moment-" Diana let out a sudden scream, and Dinah jumped on it, climbing onto the counter and hovering over the Amazon's face. "Good girl, Dinah! Trunks, I'm sooooo close!"

Dinah sat down, facing Trunks and gasping as Diana's five-inch licker shot straight up her forbidden temple, making her gurgle and foam at the mouth as she slapped at her clit, spraying the Saiyan with squirt until it ran down his glistening chest. "Warn me next time, Diana!"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes-" Diana let out a primal screech, punching through the counter. The entire planet flashed gold for a moment like an atomic bomb just went off and Trunks' eyes flew open, leaning forward with his entire body turning to jello as she convulsed around him on her own. "GREAT GAIA!" she roared, twisting and shouting and squirting everywhere as she burst all over him. Trunks felt a spark go up his spine and behind his eyes, feeling his aura burst again. This time his body grew thicker and his frame grew sturdier, bursting into Super Saiyan Three as he uncontrollably gushed inside her. Their spasms kept them horny and unsatisfied, but every dopamine center in their brains were getting fried. Trunks slowly pulled out, rubbing his slick, aching penis that had been scrubbed clean by Diana with liquid ivory dripping out of her. "One more, you're the only one to make me squirt and I'll be damned if we stop now!"

"Dinah," Trunks said with a smirk, hefting his cock in one hand and beckoning her over with his finger. "I'm just getting started. Where's Oliver?"

Dinah hopped off the counter and helped the trembling Amazon to her feet. She laughed at the question, pushing her tongue in her cheek while miming a blowjob. "Knocked out."

"Thank the gods," Diana said, regaining her balance and appetite for the unit in front of her. "I mainly wanted you, Dinah. I knew Oliver couldn't keep up."

Dinah slapped her arm. "He's trying, okay?" she laughed. "To be honest, I'm glad he's out too, I've never had an orgasm as big as that before, and I didn't want him to see it, but-" She couldn't help but laugh, tickling the head of his Power Pole. "-you didn't give me any chance."

"The fun is just beginning, Dinah," Diana assured her, kissing her suddenly and deeply, teasing her breasts and playing with her tongue. "Are you ready? As much as I'd like to make him my bitch all day, it's your turn."

Dinah looked into Wonder Woman's bright blue eyes, her heart skipping a beat. "Y-yeah," she stuttered, blushing like she was talking to a crush. "You're really cute."

Diana flipped her hair, leaning against the counter. "I know," she said with a bitchy confidence that turned her partners on even more. "One more, let's get to it."

"Let's go somewhere that isn't wet," Trunks said, turning off the sprinklers with a clap and firing a hot flash of chi around the room. The threesome was dry now, but the kitchen wasn't the most comfortable.

"Actually, I want to take you by the pool," Diana said, grabbing their hands and vanishing to the indoor poolside. "Trunks, lay down, I'm going to ride your face and Dinah don't you stop until you're satisfied, he'd better make sure of that!"

"My thoughts exactly," Dinah said, squatting over his sword and staring into the pool, seeing her own dirty thoughts coming to life through her pretty face. She turned around again and looked into the Saiyan's fierce emerald eyes, feeling him spread her open as he eased his way inside again. "I'm in danger," she chuckled, letting out a soft moan as she started to spin herself down on his magic stick.

"You want danger?" Trunks said, holding her to his chest and standing up, leaning her back until she was facing Diana's snatch. Dinah's heart fluttered at the security she felt in his arms, generally sticking with him kept her safe, but this was far more intimate. She wanted to kiss him, but then felt guilty for the man upstairs she lived with. "We'll show you danger."

Diana leaned against the wall, chuckling as she balanced on one foot, holding Dinah in a soft chokehold to keep her face planted in her crotch. "Are you ready, Dinah?" she said, playing with Dinah's perky breasts while Trunks started to ram into her while playing with her clit.

The wild moan as Trunks entered her was everything they needed to know. "What a pearl," Trunks said softly, letting her bumpy, squishy walls wrap around him into a tight little funnel of pleasure holding him snugly.

"She took that one like a champ," Diana chuckled, suddenly gasping as Dinah sang a sonic yelp straight into her. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "I think she's enjoying herself." Diana used her lasso wrapping it around Dinah's leg, making sure she pulled on it hard to get Trunks as deep as possible.

"So deep," she groaned. "Oliver never, Oliver couldn't-"

"Get back to getting me off," Diana ordered, tightening the hold around her and smothering her again. "You like getting dominated, don't you?" she said, sucking her own nipple while Dinah held onto her own, her legs desperately holding onto Trunks for dear life. "Having a Saiyan skewer you into a sputtering mess is just what you want, you're shaking for it."

Trunks grunted, closing his eyes and letting the wrath of his dragon make her scream. "I think you're making her hornier," Trunks said, holding her legs flat against his chest as he rammed into her. "She just got crazy tight all of a sudden!" He felt himself coming closer with every intense vibration from her running his length and she let out another loud wail, stirring the waters in the pool and bending the glass. Diana felt the reverberation through her body and she shuddered too, wanting more. Trunks' thighs were soaked in her juices and Diana pulled back, seeing her sticky face stuck in a stupid, open-mouthed grin.

"I tap out," Dinah said, laughing exhaustedly, "put me to bed. I'm definitely doing you- uh, this, again."

Diana let out a condescending scoff. "Well, Trunks? Join me in the shower so we can 'clean up.'"

"Don't bother even implying it," Trunks said, carrying Dinah safely and securely in his arms like a fireman rescuing a child from a burning building. Dinah wouldn't stop kissing him all over the face and his neck. "I was so close back there, and I think you're far from done."

Diana grabbed his butt and clenched it tight. "Then hurry up, Trunks. You still have one place you haven't explored yet, and it's my second favorite."

"If Oliver hadn't introduced himself to me," Dinah said as they walked up the stairs. "I would have eaten you up the next day."

Trunks blushed modestly. "Really?" Diana said.

"Yeah," Dinah admitted, "after the fight with Mongul, I was going to rock your world, but Oliver kept persisting. I don't regret it, of course, but if Oliver wasn't there, you'd be going home with me, not Wonder Woman."

Diana laughed. "No, he wouldn't have."

"I bet I could take him from you," Dinah said, kissing him around his mouth.

"Then you don't know who you're talking to," Diana said confidently. "I wouldn't fight over a man either, and the best of men want those who know they don't need to."

"I'm joking," she lied. "I just need him more often," Dinah said, "I've only shouted that loud trying to hurt someone, but your man just destroys everything he touches in all the right places, I'm going to need help getting home in the morning."

Diana smacked her ass. "This guy wouldn't know flirt signals if you had sent them up on a flare, that's why I just took him instead of letting others try to prove their worth, but I think saving the universe more than made up for that."

"It's good he's not compensating for anything," Dinah laughed, laying on the bed next to Oliver snoring softly. She gave him one last deep kiss. "Call us over more often, we do this more than you think."

Trunks passed them two pairs of tee shirts and underwear. "I'll uh," he cleared his throat, laughing it off, "let you know. We'll be in the shower if you need anything- don't be afraid to ask."

Diana ran her hand up his shaft and turned him around, leading him into the bathroom with her hypnotic hips. This bathroom was much bigger than the one downstairs, with two personal sinks, a jacuzzi in the center of the blue and white-tiled floor, and a large shower with a glass sliding door in the back. Diana and Trunks stepped into the shower, with Diana backing him into a corner laughing mischievously. "Well?" she said, turning on the hot water and filling the shower with steam. "Are you ready for the final act?"

Trunks smiled bashfully as she turned around, squeezing her fat cheeks around the shaft. Trunks' eyes fixated on the shining, glistening booty twerking and shaking on his cock. He gripped her ass, biting his lip as she spread her tiny anus for him to see. "I'm not going to fit into that."

"Really?" Diana said, feeling his slick head prodding her crevice. "Let me try," she said calmly, forcefully jamming his whole length down in one back thrust.

Trunks yelped at the tightness and the heat, feeling his body go limp for a second from the shock on his lower spine up to his brain. "Whoa!" he shouted, holding on for dear life. "It feels like I'm getting sucked off everywhere, your muscles are too tight, I think I'm going to-"

She jabbed him five more times, laughing with her core swelling with warmth and fullness unlike anything else she had ever felt. He stayed hard unsurprisingly, but over his own laughs of disbelief, Diana confirmed that she would have crushed Dinah if they fought over him. "Is that too much for you?"

"No way," Trunks said, squeezing her ass tight, feeling the wet, bumpy ridges pulling him in and twisting toward the head. It was different from her crazy vagina, the tightness and suction from her hungry anus making up for the greediness and ecstatic torture her pussy provided for over an hour. "I already promised you I wouldn't stop until you're fully satisfied, so I'm going to make you feel-" He smacked one cheek, pulling out and ramming it in with just water as lube. Diana let out a loud purr and squeezed him tight, but that only compelled the Saiyan to go faster. "-complete."

"You want to come already, don't you?" she said in that same erotic, aggressive tone, feeling their slams against each other rattle the building with shockwaves sparking around the entrance to her socket. runks did, but he held it until he got her sliding up against the glass doors, pounding from the back. "Everybody wants to come early in me, Trunks, you can't handle me!"

"Oh, I know," Trunks groaned, standing on his tiptoes as heat surged from his chest down into his Kamehameha wave reaching deep inside his partner draining him. "I just have to keep coming back for more!"

Diana gasped, feeling a similar heat as he left her full and gooey inside. She wouldn't let him go and he only hit harder, cracking the glass with a pound that sent another bucket load into her twenty minutes later. "Is that all you got?" she taunted, her legs trembling as another earth shattering orgasm rocked the planet. "One more!"

Trunks turned her around, rubbing her soapy breasts sensually and slipping into her pink sleeve to begin another round. "Never!" Trunks roared, holding her up by her thighs and fucking her with everything he had.

Diana looked flushed with exhaustion, putting her head to his so she could stare him in the eyes as she pounded him back. Trunks' ki spiked and he kissed her again, gushing into her again and again until his knees shook. Trunks fell back after another fifteen minutes with Diana's golden explosion, her ejaculate sparkling with a godly glow while white, thick semen dripped from out between her unbeatable butt and into the drain. Diana rinsed her hair and let the water cascade over her curves for him to see, growing hard once again to her surprise. "One more?"

"As many times as you want," Trunks promised her.

Diana growled with a wolfish grin, turning off the water and straddling him again. "Wanna go all night?"

"I can take off work," Trunks said, his body tingling as she squatted on his cock once again.

"You won't last that long," Diana said.

"Try me, woman," Trunks dared her. She rode him in every direction, dancing on his pole and filling herself up for four hours, riding hard and fast to counter his powerful bucking. Diana threw her head back as Trunks' five AM alarm went off, slapping her clit as she doused her man again with her nectar, sitting on his throbbing cock with a drunk, silly face and rubbing her stomach slowly, feeling the warmth of his cum swelling inside her, not wasting a drop. "OOoooOOOOOooooohhhhhh yeahhhhh…"

Diana and Trunks laughed as she pinned him down by his arms, both of them exhausted after their five hour romp. "Let me up, I think my butt is numb," Trunks said. "One more?" she asked him again, laughing in surprise as he flipped her, putting her on her back and surprising her with his sudden force.

"Anything for you, my princess," he whispered, holding her still great slams that made her slick, shining butt shake violently with her breasts flopping in his face.

"Oh, Trunks! holy Hera!" she cried out, letting her eyes roll up and clenching tight as she came all over his thighs and stomach. "Give me what I want, say my name!"

"DIANA!" Trunks' energy exploded and his arms keeping him locked with her gave out while his legs kept him pumping, making Diana squirm in delight with another eruption inside her. She rolled him over and pulled him out with a pop, catching his last few spurts to her face and breasts as she deepthroated him until there was nothing left to give. She pulled back, gasping for breath and turning on the shower as they helped each other to their feet. "I can still go," Trunks said, hearing Dinah groan sorely in the other room as the alarm beeping stopped, "but, uh, we probably shouldn't."

Diana ran her finger lazily up the side of his dick, giggling to herself as she sucked her finger. He was still rock solid and still popping, but nothing was coming out. "Imagine if I wasn't on the pill," she said, "I definitely would have gotten pregnant- I didn't think I could literally drain you dry."

"That's just me wanting you, princess," Trunks chuckled, "but I think you'd wear me out eventually."

"Yes, I would; I forced you into Super Saiyan and back," she said victoriously, twirling his lavender hair through her fingers, "but I've never orgasmed like that in my life!" she said with the same thrill as someone getting off a roller coaster. "I think I'm going to keep you around for awhile."

Trunks scoffed, kissing her up her neck and on her lips lovingly. "I thought you said I was the possessive one."

Diana laughed, patting his head like he was her pet. "Good boy."

"I'm not a dog," Trunks said bluntly.

"Who screamed my name like a One Direction fan a minute ago?" Diana said, smacking his ass as they stumbled sorely out of the shower and into the bedroom.

Dinah and Oliver watched them support each other as they fell onto the bed, chests heaving and eyes wide. "So, Dinah, Oliver, did you two have fun?" Diana asked.

Dinah giggled, handing Oliver his clothes from last night off the chair in the corner of the room. "Oh yeah," she said dreamily, "the four of us should do this more often."

"Yeah, I guess," Oliver grumbled.

Diana waited until Oliver looked away. "Call me," she mouthed to the songstress who shuddered at being given the time of day by the bisexual goddess.

Trunks helped Diana into a pair of red yoga pants that outlined her gorgeous ass and a white tee shirt that squeezed her bouncy, distracting breasts together. The four heroes walked to the door together and Trunks waved them off. "See you guys at work," Trunks said, closing the door. "To be honest, I forgot about Oliver."

"They swing all the time," Diana said, "mainly for Dinah- it's easy to see why. I used to have the biggest crush on her when she came into the League."

"Really?" Trunks said. "I think now it's the other way around."

Diana chuckled. "Good," she said, following him to the couch with pillows and blankets. "I'm the outer spoon."

"Shorter, right," Trunks said, laying on his side with the back of his head resting in her blissful chest. "God, you're beautiful," he sighed. She knew it. "What movie do you want to take a nap to?"

"I'll stay awake," she stated, putting her arm over his shoulder and rubbing his chest.

"No you won't," Trunks argued, "remember when you fell asleep during 'Netflix and Chill,' even though you picked out all the films-"

"You don't do Netflix and Chill for the movie," she said disappointedly.

Trunks' eyes widened. "Oh."

"Just pick a movie," she said, kissing the back of his head, "we'll have to get up again in three hours, so nothing too loud."

"You got it," he said, scrolling through films until he found something appealing. "Hey, how about this one?" he said, hearing her snoring behind him already. "Nevermind," he said to himself, closing his eyes and feeling her hold him tight, entangling him in her Amazon web more than ever, falling for her deeper with every moment. He was stupid for ever wanting to go back to West City, with all he had now.