Y'all so some news, figured I'd tell all of you too since this concerns TNFoJ peeps too

As you may have guessed, the update times for my stories have been getting farther apart

I'm gonna finish all my stories but just to let y'all know, once i finish this round of stories, I'm going to take an indefinite break from FF to focus on school/life; i don't want to update when I feel rushed, so I can give you guy content. I plan on finishing 10 stories/series, 10's a concrete number to end on, before leaving FF which I will list below:

The New Face of Justice (series)- completed-ish (keep reading)

Kakashi ga Kill- in progress

Living the Past (final sequel to "A New Titan" and "Winner Take All")- in progress

The Mark of the Talon- in progress

Star Wars: the X-Effect- in progress

Secret Wars- in progress

The Last Sons- in progress

Untitled Naruto crossover- in progress

Untitled BNHA crossover- in progress

Untitled unrevealed DBZ crossover, known as project 10 (it might be a sequel to this which is why I'm telling y'all, idk for sure yet but stay followed to this link bc I'm just going to change this from "completed" to in progress again)- in progress/planning

My announcements have been all over the place, and this is why I'm saying this now, so that I can look back on this and not get distracted.

Y'all might be wondering where my first series, the massive and poorly written mega crossover series went. I canceled it, it was five years since an update. Thank you to everybody who read it tho, to the few that did.

Finally, this whole process should take two-three years, with KGK and LTP finishing this year. I'm telling y'all this super early bc I hate writers who spring it on readers that it's their last story, or those who just ghost completely. I'll remind y'all this and update every now and again, so you guys don't feel up and abandoned. I'm going to also update my profile to reflect this game plan. Also, since I can't just update without story, here's a short epilogue to part 1 that I meant to upload but did chapter 123 instead. Enjoy!

10 Years After Part One

Gobi Desert, November 2024

"Incoming call from Alexis, sir," Trunks' chipped Scouter said while he flew underneath the tentacles of the hundred-story tall beast that swatted at the League left and right.

"Hi honey," the Super Saiyan said, rolling out of the way of a tentacle crashing through the sand of the desert hole it spawned from. It had the face of a giant squid, with black, porous skin spouting acid in the arid, blue skies. "Daddy's a little busy right now, what's wrong?"

"School's out, and Mister Piccolo said he was picking me and Jinzu up for training," Alexis said with a shy voice. "Is he late?"

"Uhh," Trunks stammered, watching Piccolo tailspin over the sandy mountains. "He's running some errands right now. I'll be there soon, okay? Just sit tight! Don't talk to strangers!"

"Bye, dad!" she said with hope, hanging up.

"What did she need?" Wonder Woman asked, dodging an acid spray and clanging her bracelets together to make the beast screech in pain from the impact that whipped up sand around the League. "Is she alright?"

"We need to end this soon," Trunks said, deflecting a tentacle and drawing his hands out and then inward, forming a bright yellow ball of chi over them. "we have to pick the kids up from school!"

"The hero said heroically!" Captain Marvel said with a manly gusto, diving right into the monster with a godly kick.

"Get out of the way!" Trunks shouted, the entire planet rocking with his explosion of power. "FINAL FLASH!" he roared, letting a torrent of yellow chi at the monster sprouting from the earth.

"Watch where you point that thing!" Superman said, tackling Barry to the ground as the wave of death hit the monster head on.

"Yeah, you might take somebody's eye out!" Flash said, rolling to his feet and dashing away from the dust storm the attack kicked up.

"Jesus, Trunks!" John shouted, using his ring to keep the heat from his face. "It's not like the school's going to kick them out on the streets!"

"You never know," Gohan joked, using his bionic arm to block the sand flying at his face, "they could get arrested for drinking juice boxes in public."

"Well as long as this thing is still around, there won't be a street for them to get arrested on!" Piccolo shouted, cursing under his breath as the monster ate the attack. "You're just pissing it off!"

"Okay, okay, thinking," Trunks said, blinking left and right past tentacle swipes that retained the Final Flash's chi. "How do you guys feel about space?"

"You're going to take him into space?" Diana shouted over the wind, just to make sure she heard him right.

Trunks burst into Super Saiyan Three, making Captain Marvel squeal. "So awesome!"

"It's not the craziest thing I've done, dear," Trunks said with a smirk, "but no. There's a technique I've learned from watching Beerus use it, and-"

"Now is not the time to experiment!" Batman scolded from overhead in his jet, carpet bombing the beast. "I like Diana's idea, take him to a remote area in space and he'll freeze before reaching a habitable planet!"

"-it allows me to completely decimate anything that I use it on," Trunks finished, pointing his palm at the eye of the squid behemoth. "Observe! Hakai!"

The League hopped back and watched as his announcement carried on the winds in a booming echo, waiting for the beast to turn into dust or explode- the usual outcome from his attacks.

"Damn it!" Trunks spat, dodging a tentacle and throwing a side kick into the monster's stomach. "No more games, you're not going to hurt anybody else!"

It screeched and tipped back, letting Trunks, Wonder Woman, Superman, Gohan, and the Batjet all catch it at the same time.

"Let go," Trunks told everyone else, pushing up until the hundred-foot beast wriggled helplessly over their heads. The five heroes shot upward with the Super Saiyan God eventually passing them all, blurring into space at millions of miles an hour. Within minutes he was in completely dead space, with not even the smallest asteroid there to keep anybody company. He put two fingers to his forehead, narrowly dodging a frantic swipe as he appeared next to his wife at the edge of the atmosphere.

"You were thinking of me," she said with a gracious smile.

Trunks kissed her on the forehead. "I'm always thinking of you. Let's get the kids, go home, relax a bit before we watch Ollie bring it home tonight against Luthor."

They landed back in the desert. "I would like that a lot," she said, holding his hand as the team looked over the massive sinkhole.

"Zatanna can fix this," Batman said, "I'll call her right now-"

"There's no need, today's her day off anyway," Trunks said, pointing his hand at the sinkhole. Soil and rock quickly filled the massive sore, with a wave of his hand smoothing over the desert as if the sinkhole was never there to begin with.

"Since when could you do that?" Batman asked. "You're always pulling new techniques out of the air, did the Kamehameha get boring?"

"I learned that neat trick last night," Trunks said quickly, "Damian's at that school too, yeah? I can pick him up. Everybody's coming over anyway to watch Ollie's election win tonight, right? Anything's better than the massacre the last president did to the country- the likelihood of that guy actually winning two terms is smaller than me thinking that bats are cool."

"They're not supposed to be cool," Batman scolded.

"He was joking, Bruce," Diana chuckled, rolling her eyes. "You two never change."

The rest of the League dispersed, with Trunks and Diana sailing across the sky in trails of white energy over the Pacific Ocean. "Arthur!" he shouted over the crystal clear waters under the bright blue skies. "Are you coming over tonight?"

Trunks flew close to the water as Aquaman breached riding a whale, giving him a hearty laugh and a rallying thrust of his trident before diving back into the ocean.

"I'll take that as a yes," Diana said.

The power couple flew over California, diving over a high school and landing in full costume just by the entrance. "Look! Everyone! It's the Saiyan!" one student in the hallways shouted, running toward the window with his classmates.

"Whoa, and Wonder Woman! Aren't they like, married or something?" another student said.

Diana waved kindly to them before vanishing, reappearing in front of an elementary school in jeans and a white blouse while Trunks wore gray jeans and a red polo shirt. "I knew you looked good in the red shirt," she said, slapping his arm.

"I'm the one who listens to their partner's advice, remember?" Trunks said.

"Where and when did Athena grant you infinite and deep wisdom?" Diana said, making a triumphant expression as she heard no response. "Hello?"

"Infinite and deep wisdom," he mimicked in a whiny voice, "you hear that? That's you. That's you."

"You inherited your father's pettiness," Diana shot back.

"I could have inherited everything else," Trunks said, "so I don't get where you were going with that."

"Mom! Dad!" Alexis shouted from down the hall, half-pulling Jinzu along with a brooding Damian skulking behind them just like his father. "I got an A on my science test!"

Diana scoffed proudly. "As expected of an Amazon."

"Can we go to grandma Hippo's house today?" Jinzu asked.

"Grandma Hippo," Trunks repeated, laughing at Diana's face souring up.

"Can I get dropped off first?" Damian said, rolling his eyes.

"You are just like your dad," Trunks said, tapping his Scouter and looking up at the skies parting. "He's coming over later to watch the election tonight, so you and Alexis can hang out. Finish your homework first."

"When did you become such a mom?" Diana teased.

A beam of light shot down from a satellite and surrounded the family, taking them right to their doorstep on the other end of the city. "You're fighting demons and goddesses with grudges all the time, someone has to be around here."

"Says the time traveler," Diana shot back.

Trunks looked up the hill at his best friend's house was flooded by the press and his campaign team keeping the press at bay. "Yikes," he said, heading inside.

"Damian," Alexis whispered, "if we hurry to the backyard, we can play on the trampoline-"

"You heard what dad said," Jinzu interjected as a matter of fact, "we have to finish our homework first."

"Ugh, you're such a dweeb!" Alexis scowled, folding her arms as her parents laughed.

"He's not a dweeb," Trunks said, putting a frown on Damian and Alexis's faces, "and he's right. Finish your homework first."

"You're not my dad," Damian spat.

"You get an hour," Diana said, something that the children were much more eager to listen to. Diana caught a confused stare from Trunks. "What? They need to decompress. Didn't your parents-"

"No, Bulma didn't," Trunks chuckled, "but fine. Half an hour."

"Well I'm going to finish my homework before I play, then it feels like more of a reward," Jinzu said, blinking upstairs while Alexis left Damian in the dust to rush outside.

"In that case, now that Damian's here, let's just relax until everyone gets here," Trunks said. "I'll start dinner; how was work?"

Diana followed Trunks into the kitchen, leaning up against the counter while he washed the dishes. "The usual," she said, "men thinking they know what's best for an entire island of Amazon women and backhanded threats that we'd better not mobilize now that we've established contact centers worldwide- you?"

Trunks smirked. "Got half of Microsoft. Bill's a tough negotiator, but he and I came to an agreement that works out for both of us. I couldn't stay for too long, because, you know."

"Nothing important," Diana said.

Trunks laughed, putting some of the clean dishes away before turning toward the stairs to the chef's kitchen below. "10 years makes it feel that way, doesn't it?"

"You're still counting?" she asked.

Trunks turned around, staring at her lovingly. He walked up to her and took her hands in his. "Every day," he said, kissing her tenderly, "for the rest of my life."

"When did you start counting?" she asked. She knew the answer, but she liked to hear him say it.

"When I met you," Trunks said in a low voice, kissing her neck.

"Not while Damian's here," she said with a giddy blush, "Bruce would-"

"Now is a bad time, isn't it?" Whis said from behind Trunks, making the couple leap out of their skin.

"Whis!" Trunks stammered. "I, uh, we weren't expecting you so soon!"

"Yes, well, we didn't mean to intrude," Whis said as Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta stepped into the mansion through a portal to Capsule Corp, "but the Kais told me this was urgent."

"The Kais?" Trunks said.

"You'll meet them later," Goku said, "but the last time they needed help, we fought Majin Buu."

Trunks and Diana turned to each other, their faces hardened and grim. "Don't keep us waiting," Diana said.

Beerus strode past them, opening their fridge and starting to root around. "Billions of years ago, a dispute over what counted as evil divided Oa, the planet in charge of those quaint jewelry warriors if you remember. Supposedly, the malevolent ones left for the dimension known as 'Qward' and sought to rule. From their combined energies exuded in their conquest, a creature known as the Anti-Monitor was born."

"Similarly, the Monitor arose from the positive matter universe," Whis said. "He's a bit of a stick in the mud, but once you get to know him he can be quite fun to party with. I haven't seen him in such a long time, which is why I had to tell you all as soon as possible- according to the Kais, he's incredibly sick."

"What you're trying to say is that they balance each other out," Diana said, putting a hand on her husband's shoulder while he teleported the heroes and gods to the Watchtower. Hundreds of heroes bustled around the city-sized space station, with younger heroes looking at the Super Saiyan Gods and the Amazon in awe as they walked briskly to the conference room. "What does that mean for us?"

Beerus turned toward the window looking out into space. "Without that balance keeping the Anti-Monitor in check, he has started to spread his influence across the multiverse."

Trunks saw Beerus' grave, nearly haunted expression in the reflection of the glass. "Influence?" Vegeta scoffed. "The way you put it, you made it sound like he was going from universe to universe blowing them up."

Trunks and Diana's eyes flew open, glancing back and forth between Whis and Beerus. "Beerus is a God of Destruction after all," Whis said, sounding leagues less worried than the lesser deities in the room. "When, not if, the Anti-Monitor arrives," he continued, "we all need to stand strong as one. The other Gods of Destruction are notifying their strongest warriors now. Normally, we would have taken a crisis like this into our own hands, but," Whis looked down despondently, "if this creature is as powerful as the Kais say, then we won't be able to handle them alone."

Trunks' own fear at a monster so great that the Gods of Destruction themselves couldn't defeat replaced itself with unbridled determination and strength. "And you won't have to, the League will always-"

"He wasn't referring to just the pantheon," Beerus said, turning around. "We won't be enough, the League included. With the Anti-Monitor growing in strength by the minute, it's going to take everyone to stop him."

"Everyone in the 'multiverse,'" Trunks said, stepping back as Whis tapped the bottom of his scepter to open a portal below their feet. "Just how powerful is this Anti-Monitor then, to even scare the likes if you and Whis?"

"He's enough to make the Kais call us all together to determine the best course of action," Whis said.

Beerus headed over to the portal. "They're calling it a Crisis on Infinite Earths," he said.

"Personally, judging by the Kais' reactions to Majin Buu," Vegeta said, "I'd say they're blowing his power out of proportion."

Goku chuckled nervously. "I wouldn't say that, Vegeta. Remember what happened when you fought-"

"Shut up, Kakarot," Vegeta spat.

Trunks and Diana looked at each other earnestly as the others vanished through the open portal. "Gather the League," Trunks said, his aura bursting blue and shaking the entire base. "I have a feeling this one's going to be awhile."