Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars: Rise of Hope

The Galactic Empire has grown in a very fast rate. Planets fall victim to its grasp and many are subjugated to its whim. The Senators now answer to the emperor of the empire Palpatine, also known as the dark lord, Darth Sidious. Along with his new enforcer and apprentice, Darth Vader.

Order 66 has all but destroyed the Jedi Order. Many fell victim to the clone troopers that were once their trusted allies, until they turned on their Jedi generals. Some survived out of pure skill or luck and are forced into hiding or exile. The Empire continues their hunt for the remaining surviving Jedi by the use of Inquisitors, who are charged with the task of hunting down the Jedi and putting them down.

To those that continue evading the Empire and its agents, they do what they can to survive and even at times fight back. Some that fight cause much damage as possible to the Empire and help those in need still. Then fade into the shadows to continue their code of honor. One such Jedi does continue to fight, even with the odds against him, former Jedi Rayrsoll.

He protects the innocent and helps lone terrorist cells against the empire to deal blows against them. Now a new objective will come to him. To find an old friend from the Clone Wars and ask for his help. One who was the last of his kind, and a dear friend…

Well ladies and gents' here is my new project. I apologize if the ending to my last story was stale, but I was kinda burnt out. So I am giving Ame and Yuki a new story, one across the universe. I see the father Okami as a Jedi due to his due to his characteristics. Kind, smart, compassionate, strong and loving. I'll tell why he left the order in later chapters. Thank you and may the force be with all you padawans.