A Shadow Among Stars

Fire blazed through the burnt trees, gripping the coal-black, ashy bark with fiery gold and crimson claws. It roared like a silent lion, prowling the whole forest, licking at the dens and leaves, devouring everything, destroying anything in its path.

I bolted through the horrid scene, but my sore paws and heavily wounded body could get me nowhere right now. I was trapped, locked in a tight cage with flames churning and igniting all around me. Embers flickered beneath my paws, and I could only jump back as they made scorching contact with my burnt paw pads.

I looked back. My Clanmates, my friends, my home, and everything and everyone I've ever known. They were dying, their lives being sucked away right now, right at this very instant. I could hear their shrieks of pure agony and terror, and I could only clench my teeth and stumble as my own spirit began to fade.

I could do nothing.

Would they miss me if I suddenly disappeared? Would they care? Would the world even care, would it even matter to such a great place, once so beautiful? What I am is just one tiny shadow among a billion shining stars. I won't mean anything if I am gone, if I am swallowed by the hungry veil of fire. Perhaps sparks would decorate my cold fur after I vanish. Perhaps I would doze off eternally to the horrific screams of the ones I knew and loved. Perhaps when I close my eyes, the blood, bodies and burning skeletons would still be there.


All was still. I felt my paws give way beneath me, and I collapse onto the hard earth. I hear the silent predators sneaking up on me as quick as lightning, clawing at my torn, ripped flesh with brutally hot talons. I felt everything start to blur and numb. Perhaps none of it was real. Perhaps. Perhaps when I fade, it will be forever. Maybe. Maybe they'll never know.

I give one last dying breath, which may mix in with the flames and stars ahead and become one. Then all became brighter, brighter and hotter and burning up inside of me, a ray of blinding white light.

And everything vanished.