AN: Hey! Long time no see! I'm sorry I haven't updated these cute little fics in forever. But forever means "a very long time", yes? Anyway, this past summer I ran a RP blog, but it's currently on hiatus because school's a pain and I'm also in a play so I have no time. But with the blog, I wrote some fic with Augustus as the protagonist, so I've decided to post 'em here. Although the original intent was just to have Augustus and his family only, these fics include the other characters of Charlie and different universes, including several AUs that were quite popular with other RPers.

This one is rather apropos because I'm really sick (and just before tech week!) right now.

A Sick Day

"Are you sure you're feeling well?"

It's January and Augustus is miserable.

It's cold and it's snowy and it's boring because Christmas Holiday just finished. There is nothing exciting going on.

And he's homesick. Augustus went home for Christmas, home to Germany. But now he's back in the States. Of course, it was much, much colder in the Alps, but it was home for him. Being wrapped up in layers and layers didn't bother him because he was back home. Being back in his hometown to visit Oma and Opa made up for the blizzard blazing around them during their stay. And besides, the Alps were a sight to behold in winter.

But now the most majestic thing about winter here was when the snow wasn't tinged grey by gas.

And if missing home was bad enough, this morning he wakes up with a splitting headache.

He's real sick.


But he has to carry on, tough through it. Because although he'd loveto stay in bed and have Mama make him soup and watch Food Network he doesn't want to deal with unhappy Vatti who is left to fend for himself in the butcher shop and do all the cutting, and the sorting, and the selling.

And he and Violet are working on a project together in History. Due in two days.

He doesn't quite know how he survived first period Algebra all the way up through lunch - which normally would have lifted his spirits immensely - but he does know that during History class, he can't concentrate.

Violet, typing away on her laptop, is working on their report. And Augustus is just there, dying. His head falls into the crook of his arm and Violet peers up from working. She eyes him.

"Are you sure you're feeling well?" She looks him over, noting he's wearing sweats and looks even paler than usual. "Because you look like a mess."

"I'm fine." Augustus shuts his eyes. Lies.

"If you were fine, you'd be helping me."

"B-but I thought you did not like me helping?" Violet was very defensive when it came to her work - she wanted nothing but perfect.

"That's my point, Augustus," she says, sighing. "You'd be trying to get your hands all over this PowerPoint." She shakes her head. "Go to the nurse."

"I am fine."

Violet's eyes narrow. "You look like a zombie. And I don't want your sick germs. So get your butt down to the nurse or I'm dragging it."

Augustus snaps up because, really, even though he will be sixteen years old next month, he is still intimidated by Violet. "Okay."

And even though he wants to push himself and work through this, Violet does know best sometimes.