Perfect Disasters

She was cruel, cold, bitter, set out for death and guided by a chilling heart of revenge.

He was brave, fierce, fearless, not afraid of breaking rules and not scared to try.

She was Mapleshade.

He was Stormheart.

It was a foolish hope for her, really. Betrayed by her past and all the cats she once cared about. Trained, respected, feared. She was disappearing, not only her plain body but her very soul as well. She struggled to hold on, but what was left that she could she live for?

One could say he had a death wish. Others simply never knew. But he would venture to the places no one else dared to because they feared the unknown, they feared what would hurt themselves. He only looked into the eyes of the demons and smiled, saying "let's make friends."

And when emerald met amber, the world shattered.

She vowed she would never love anyone else again. She promised she wouldn't ever trust any cat after what happened to her. She was the deceiver, she held trickery and lies and she would be the one to break others' hearts because of their foolish beliefs. But he made them seem like all she ever told herself was only a lie.

She couldn't deny she enjoyed his presence. He accepted her and forgot about her past. She, for the first time, would feel complete, content, in a strange, foreign way that she had long forgotten about. She saw it as disaster at first, but he led her to believe it was perfect. All of it. But she couldn't deny it.

She couldn't deny that she liked how their walks in a deep dark forest made the trees light up and they didn't care how loud or silent they were because they didn't need words to express how they felt about anything and everything yet sometimes the moonlight would feel so relaxing and calm on her fur because for once in her life she saw the stars, something she never ever saw before when she tilted her head back up towards the night and he would look into her eyes, his deep green eyes so understanding yet powerful that she felt like she was a young kitten all over again, seeing the sunshine reflect on the snow because every single flake sparkled like a billion stars in the sky and his eyes told her that, and she liked how he'd trust her and she'd trust him, and how she'd get so flustered for once in her life and how it was so hesitant yet so confident at the same time, and she felt so so scared, just truly frightened…

…Because she thinks she just might love him.