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Jonathan's Secret

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Dragon

Jake Long was ordered by his Grandfather/Dragon Master to investigate rumors about a new dragon in New York. The descriptions given by magical creatures claiming to have seen that dragon don't match any dragon known to reside in America and that's a reason to worry. The Dragon Council always made a point to keep tabs on all dragons in existence and keep them from revealing the Magical World and/or otherwise harming the balance between magical creatures and human beings. Also, the Dragon Council wasn't overconfident on how dragons who grew up apart from the Order of the Dragon would fare against the Huntsclan. Jake was at Central Park, next to the spot where the dragon was last seen. He was particularly worried about the Huntsclan because they were hunting in that area more often than usual.

"D-d-d-d-DRAGON!" He heard Huntsboys numbers 88 and 89 shout.

"You idiots!" The Huntsmaster berated them. "You gave away our position!" he then tried to shoot a sphinx hair net on Jake but Jake used his tongue to send it back to the Huntsmaster, who dodged it. "Huntsgirl, Huntsboys, attack that beast."

"Yes, Master." The three of them replied and then tried to hit him with beams from their Huntstaffs. Jake kept dodging until the Huntsmaster took advantage of that distraction to shoot another sphinx hair net on him.

"Gotcha!" The Huntsmaster exclaimed in triumph.

"Not so fast." They suddenly heard as a new dragon showed up and positioned himself between Jake and the slayers. That new dragon had brown scales, sharp claws and brown and spiky hair, suggesting he was the mysterious dragon Jake was looking for.

"Dragon, our main problem is with the American Dragon." The Huntsmaster declared. "Stay out of my way and you'll be spared. This time."

Unbeknownst to them, the mysterious dragon was grabbing the sphinx hair net with his tail. "If you want to slay one of my fellow dragons with me around, you'll have to do it over my dead body!"

"You asked for it!" The Huntsmaster shouted and then charged towards the mysterious dragon but the dragon suddenly threw the net at the Huntsmaster, who became too stunned to continue fighting. The mysterious dragon then turned his attention to the other slayers. "Children, you should go home and avoid playing with fire. Now leave."

"Ha." Huntsboy 89 sneered. "If you think you can scare us, you're completely… RIGHT! RUN!" He and Huntsboy 88 fled. Huntsgirl facepalmed at their cowardice.

"Won't you leave as well, girl?" The dragon asked the Huntsgirl.

Huntsgirl didn't hate dragons anymore but still had to keep up a front. "I won't abandon my master!"

"Fine." The dragon said. "I allow you to take him with you but no more dragon hunting tonight. Capisci?"

"Yes." She said and then used her Huntstaff to teleport herself and the Huntsmaster away.

"Young boy, you seem too hurt to fly on your own." The dragon commented upon seeing Jake. "Is there any place where I may take you?"

"Canal Street Electronics." Jake's answer for some reason shocked the other dragon.

End of Prologue.