Chapter 6: Chang

Dragon or not, Jonathan Long still was a financial planner and needed to earn a paycheck. After another typical day of work, he went back home. "How was your day, Jonathan?" Susan asked.

"Oh, the usual." Jonathan answered. "I just reviewed some expenses."

Hearing her husband speak like that, it was easy for Susan to forget he's a dragon. It didn't even seem anything changed at all. Haley then approached them. "Look at my new school report, Dad." Haley proudly asked while showing a report card full of As. "I wonder if Jake could ever hope to get grades like these."

"You wouldn't either if you were the one with the responsibilities of being the American Dragon, Haley." Jonathan sternly said now that he finally understood his son didn't have as much time to study for tests as Haley. "You should stop teasing him."

"Yes, Dad." Haley sadly replied.

"Where's Jake?" Jonathan asked.

"He's at my father's shop for training, Jonathan." Susan answered.

"Table for three as usual or will he be home for dinner?" Jonathan asked.

Meanwhile, former Dragon Council member Chang was stalking the Long residence. "The American Dragon and his grandfather are away." Chang commented to herself. "Haley is the only dragon there and she's too unexperienced to give me any trouble. I can easily capture the American Dragon's human father and finally expose him to the Magical World. He'll be so disgusted it could hopefully push Jake Long into seeing things my way. If not, at least I'll have my revenge."

As she approached the entrance, she noticed the wind chime and figured out it was no ordinary wind chime. It was a magical protection that, as she recalled from reports she used to read back when she was in the Dragon Council, was installed to protect Haley's baby teeth. It might have stopped other threats but, as a fully trained dragon, she could easily deactivate it.

Jonathan Long was in the bathroom washing his hands when he heard someone screaming. He then ran back to the living room, where it turned out a nasty-looking dragon captured Haley. "Let my daughter go!" He demanded.

"You're braver than I expected." Chang maliciously commented. "But still, you're just a human."

"No, he's not!" Haley defied.

"Silence, you insolent child!" Chang demanded and Jonathan took advantage of that distraction to strike Chang. He jumped towards her and turned into a dragon in mid-jump. Chang was so shocked by this fact Jonathan had no problem using his tail to break the net. In desperation, Chang flew away.

"And stay away!" Jonathan demanded.

"Won't you go after her?" Susan suggested.

"I must stay just in case she's a distraction." Jonathan explained. "Who's that dragon and why didn't the magical wind chime work?"

"That dragon is Chang, Dad." Haley explained. "She used to be a member of the Dragon Council until it was revealed she used to work for the Dark Dragon, who until then used to be considered the only dragon who ever became evil."

"As for your other question, I'm afraid we'll have to ask my father." Susan added.

LINE BREAK – Later that night.

"As another full-fledged dragon, Chang can deactivate this protection." Lao Shi explained.

"What can we do, G?" Jake asked.

"Young one, the Dragon Council must be informed." Lao Shi answered and then turned his attention to Jonathan. "Jonathan, the best we can do for now is to keep out fighting skills sharp."

"Yes, Sir." Jonathan replied.

End chapter.