Dear Journal,

Something really weird is going on. Like yesterday for example, my Mom and I were driving in the car when we realized we weren't sure where we were going. In fact we weren't even sure where we were coming from. In my confusion it suddenly came to me, home, we were going home, but then what came next was just as confusing, where was home? It was strange, I'd have these thought of confusion only to remember. But it wasn't like I was remembering something real it was like an afterthought, something being placed there only because I was asking. I'm not sure what is going on but I can tell it's happening to mom too. I'd ask her a question like 'When was the last time you've seen my father?' and you could see the words forming on her lips to answer but then she'd just say I don't know. It's almost like we've been placed under a spell… I know how funny that sounds but how can you explain something that can't be explained? Magic. I don't know it's something else too. I can't help but sound like a rotten kid because I know my mom is great. She's a single mom doing everything and anything she can for me but I can't help but feel like I have so much more family out there; grandparents, a father and a part of me feels like there is someone else too, but I can't explain it, and if I can't explain it then it can only be one thing. Magic.

Until tomorrow,