"Come on Hatter open up. I know you're in there I can see you peeking through the window."

The door opened a crack, "What do you want Knave?"

Will pushed the door open and walked past him, "All my friends call me Will."

"We aren't friends, you had my head chopped off." Jefferson spat as he closed the door.

Will took a seat, "It was only my first day. If I didn't have your head she'd have had mine and I'm not quite sure it would've reattached itself."

"Is there a point to this visit Knave?"

"If you'd let me talk Hatter, I'm about to get there." Will lifted his feet onto the cushion and got comfy. "I got talking to Alice about the tea party and she wasn't sure what she should bring. I said the dandelion soup but she thought the mallow marsh pie. She said the soup makes her sleepy and I said the pie got all over me face. We decided to ask the others. We took the cobble road to the March Hares and he said the soup. We asked Dormouse and he said the pie, so we needed a tie breaker. We took the road down towards the Tulgey Woods to find Rabbit but before we got there we got stopped by The Red Queen's guards."

"The Evil Queen, The Red Queen, The Queen of Hearts." He sneered, "One Queen is too many three is-"

"Oi, you interrupting me now? I'm just getting to the good part so if you'd let me keep talking maybe you'll find out the reason why I'm here Hatter." Jefferson raised his hand for Will to continue, "So the guard says no one was to be on the roads. The Red Queen's searching for a bottle. Naturally I assumed spirits but we snuck around the woods for a bit and overheard it was a Genie. You rub the bottle and magically a man appears, he grants not one but three wishes. I think a man like you could use a wish, I know you want to get back to your daughter." Jefferson looked towards Will, "Thought that might get your attention. So Hatter the plan then, you and I, we find this bottle before The Red Queen, you rub it and the Genie grants you three wishes. The first wish, you send Alice back where she came, Wonderland is no place for a girl like her. The second wish you get me back my heart. And the third, you and me we leave this place and head on back home. Now, I'm done talking."

"Where is this bottle?"

"Now I said you'd be interested but I never said it'd be easy, the Queen of Hearts has it."

"And why the first wish? You know Alice will always come back here, Wonderland has a hold on her."

"Doesn't mean I can't try to keep her out of here. So, are you in Hatter?"

Jefferson nodded, "When do we start?"