Henry sat at the playground where his former castle was; the new one Regina built in its place. She always thought she was giving him something grander than the rocky old wooden play structure that was formerly there but now she realized she took away the goodness of his old castle and replaced it with a plastic version of her own. Typical Regina, always taking away comforts only to replace them with the things that comforted her.

She wanted to run up to him and just talk to him; about anything, but she couldn't. He looked at her like he didn't know her; which he didn't. To him she was just another adult in this strange little town; not his mother, not the woman who raised him. And now she wasn't even that either. Those memories she had were hers and hers alone. She wished she could remind him of all the years they spent together; the good and the bad; but the little bit of potion that saved Emma's memories was gone and there was no other means for her to recover what was lost.

A tap on the window of her car startled her. Of all the people she expected to see, Jefferson was not even on the list. She rolled down her window ready to give a snarky remark when his expression cut her off. Of all the people in Storybrooke, all of those she put through hell; Jefferson was the only one who could relate the most to her.

"Do you want to talk?" He asked.

She didn't; she really didn't, but she leaned over and unlocked the passenger door. The last time she had been alone with Jefferson they were leaning over Henry in the hospital; with her son in grave danger she was still spitting threats and demands.

Grace approached Henry and the parents watched on from afar as their two children played. They sat in silence. Regina never understood the pain and torment she had put Jefferson through until now. Forced to live in a town where your child had no knowledge or memory of who you were. There really was no greater pain than that.

"He looks happy." Jefferson said as Grace and Henry started a game of tag; Grace hid behind a pole as Henry ran towards her, she dodged right and erupted in a fit of giggles as Henry narrowly missed her.

A small smile embraced Regina's face, he was happy. For all the bad things she had done at least there was something she had done right. Henry's new memories might not have included her but at least they were good memories.

"How did you do it?" Regina asked her voice barely above a whisper.

Jefferson turned towards her, "One day at a time."

Silence took the car once more.

Returning his gaze towards the children, Jefferson smiled as Grace dodged another attempt by Henry.

"She's fast." Regina said. "Must be all those games of hide and seek with her father," Regina turned towards him and he looked at her. "I'm sorry Jefferson."

"I know." He said.