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Chapter 10

Anger surged through my being as my senses came groggily to me as I was thrown unceremoniously into a spacious room. Falling with a groan to the floor, barely able to stop my head from connecting with the rotting wood floorboards, I heard the door slam with the lock clicking in place. Placing a hand to my throbbing cheek, I pulled it away to find trickles of crimson staining the pale pink flesh.

"Asshole!" My throat burned as I yelled hoarsely. Pulling myself up in a sitting position, I allowed my hazel irises to sweep my new environment. A large makeshift bed with green and purple sheets taunted me from its place in the center of the room. Take her to my room, the Joker's cackle resonated seemingly around me as I shuddered in disgust. My lips burned from the searing kiss when he had pulled my hair back so my face was tilted back to give him access. Wasn't he involved with Harley? I decided I didn't care. The urge to get to my brother before the psychotic clown was strong. Although hurt from my brother's secret, I was determined to save him. But first, I had to save myself. The two windows in the room were barricaded from the outside with black metal poles. Looking outside, I noted that the room I was in was at least three stories high, without a fire escape.

The door made an indignant groan as my foot slammed into it. Pain immediately seized the autonomy. Dropping to my knees, I leaned my forehead against the metal and allowed myself to cry. Harvey had given himself up to save me and the Joker was going to kill us both anyway. How could I, a tiny brunette with no fighting experience except a few classes in Karate and gymnastics, going to face a murderous clown with a large ring of mobsters at his back? The truth was that I was nobody. The Batman, my brother, was now in custody and I was stuck in this room. My fist hit the door as I rained punches to the metal thing and screamed. The flat of my palm rested on the metal surface as more tears rolled down my cheeks.

You're going to give up now? My inner libido chided. Remember how many times Harvey took the punches for you when Dad was alive and made sure you had a better childhood? You're going to allow him to sacrifice himself and just give up because 'it's hard'?

Wiping the salty tears with the back of my hand, I shakily stood up. For Harvey, I was going to get out of this shithole. "There has to be a way out," I ran a hand through my frizzy brown hair in distress. "Okay, deep breaths, Nikki. You can't escape if you're a total mess of nerves." Breaths… My eyebrows raised. Air. The ventilation system! Slowly my gaze followed the wall to the vent in the ceiling.

Pulling an old oak wood desk from its place from the wall, I dragged it right under the air vent. Eyeing the screws with unmasked distaste, I huffed. Alright, so no screwdriver anywhere in sight. I need to make something to act as a substitute. Hearing the creak of a floorboard as I stepped back caused a wide grin to envelope my features.

Sed Hanover was in no mood to be babysitting. Especially no loudmouthed Dent bitch who decided to use his face as a personal punching bag. It was an off day, he shrugged as if to let the shame of having a girl get the best of him off his shoulders. As his black combat boots paced the hall outside the room, he heard the youngest Dent scream and kick the door. A cruel smile curled at his lips at the following sobs.

'What you deserve.' The sound of her crying lifted his spirits and made his day. To hear her giving up. Humming, he returned to pacing, periodically taking large gulps from his flask. The boss would be furious as all hell to see him drinking on the job, but what was one girl going to do up against him.

Then things got quiet, too quiet. Furrowing his fiery red brows in annoyance, the mobster slammed his fist on the door. "Hey!" He grunted. "Ya better not be doin' nothing suspicious!" Pangs of fear rolled onto him in waves at the answering silence. If the Dent bitch hurt herself or escaped, the boss will have his head. Shivering at the thought of the Joker's murderous glare on him, Sed quickly unlocked the door with his gun hefted against his shoulder before kicking the door open.

The desk was pulled under the swinging open vent in the ceiling. Hanover paled. "Fuck!" Turning to alert the others, he met the angry features of Nikki Dent as she moved from her spot from beside the door. A wooden board ripped off from the floor was in her raised hands as she brought it down on his head. With a sickening crack, Sed felt his vision blur as he slumped face first to the ground.

"Fuck you," was the last thing he heard before blackness overtook him.

Now clad in the redhead's gear, Nikki pulled his cap further down on her head to hide her features. Her hand clenched the gun in her grip, turning her knuckles white from the tightness of it. Her heart thudded against her chest rapidly as she forced her gait into a slow, calm walk as she passed some men who sneered or nodded in acknowledgement of her presence. So far, so good. She thought. The constant fear of being discovered remained as she strode down the warehouse stairs. Bumping into a chest, she found herself stuck in a bald man's glare.

"Goin' somewhere?" His narrowed beady gaze was hard as he stared Nikki down. Forcing herself not to cringe to give herself away, she allowed a smirk to grace her features in a false sense of cockiness.

"Boss wants me to get to the artillery and get some weapons ready." Forcing her voice to deepen hopefully in a believably boyish tone, Nikki lifted her chin in defiance. "Why you wanna know?" The lame excuse was weak and unbelievable. She knew it. He knew it.

The bald man chuckled, calling attention to a few other men. This was bad. Nikki felt her hazel irises flicker nervously to them before gripping her gun tighter. The goon stepped closer, hovering over her. "Funny thing is, the boss already left. So why would he need weapons?" Feeling waves of suspicion and violence coming off the man in front of her and noticing how a small group now surrounded the two, Nikki knew she had to act fast. Pulling back her knee, the bald goon covered his crotch with both hands with his features twisted in fury and pain. Immediately guns were cocked and aimed at her as she held her own to Baldy's head.

"Don't shoot or he's dead," the dead flattened tone of her voice surprised her as Nikki forced herself not to tremble. "Doesn't the boss want me alive anyway?" Growling in her shield's ear as he struggled weakly in her grip, she muttered "Now walk or I'll kill you here and now. Don't think I won't."

Scuffling backwards, the two awkwardly made it out the door. Hearing the door click shut behind them, Nikki searched Baldy's pockets while keeping the gun connected to his head. Obscurities left his lips but they fell on deaf ears. Nikki was trying desperately to control the trembling of her hands. One slip up, Baldy here could overtake her. Finding a set of keys, she pushed herself away and pointed the gun at Baldy's leg. The following gunshot and scream of agony gave Nikki her cue to leave. As the combat boots too large for her feet slapped against the ground, Nikki ran while clicking the car fob rapidly with her thumb. The yells of men behind her alerted her limited time.

"Shit!" Nikki ducked into an alley way and pressed her back against the brick wall. "Why is this easier in the movies?" Hyped on adrenaline, after hearing the answering beep of a car from the key fob, she dashed toward the sound.

"You ain't going anywhere, sugar," a feminine growl and the sound of a gun cocking left me frozen. Dropping my hand from the car door handle, I turned slowly to find the jester clad blonde aiming a rifle in my direction.

"Harley Quinn."

Keeping the gun aimed at my head, she smirked at me while sashaying her hips as her heeled boots clicked while she came closer. "Now drop it. Don't lemme tell ya twice or I'll blow that whore face right off of ya!" Cautiously, I tossed the gun to the asphalt. I could feel my world crumbling at the thought that I had failed Harvey. Taking in my remorseful glazed features and misreading it, Harley squinted and growled. "I know ya kissed my pudding! That's right, you whore! HE LOVES ME! HE'S MINE!" The pigtailed blonde screamed. My eyes widened as fear swept through my being.

"You're right," I said carefully understanding that at any moment the blonde would snap and shoot me on the spot. "What if I could help you earn brownie points with MJ?"