Day 1: Joy.

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1,071

Summary: The day Souda got his first (and most prized) screwdriver. Its a much happier take on Souda's father than what I've seen around! He couldn't have always been an asshole right?

Tiny feet padded quickly across a cold wooden floor to a door that hung ajar.

The feet belonged to a young Kazuichi Souda and the slightly opened door lead to a place full of wonder (well, that's what Souda thought of it at least).

Beyond that door was his father's work shop.

A place full of dangerous mechanic equipment and sharp (in some cases rusty) parts. A place that was definitely not for children!

But Souda loved it.

He gripped the door tightly in his chubby little hands and peered around it with a curious look on his face. He'd lost count of how many times he'd been told not to go into his father work shop (mainly because he didn't know how to count), but still he went into it- he was constantly drawn to it.

Inside, he could see his father hunched over the work bench with a welding iron, fixing a bicycle part of some form.

Admiration filled little Souda's eyes as he pushed the door forward more, to get a clearer look at his father's work. But he still couldn't see well enough! The young boy glanced around for any sight of his mother before slowly taking a step inside the work shop, and moving quietly towards his father, being careful not to get caught in the act.

He was looking closely at the floor, trying not to step on or kick anything that would make a noise.

But because of this he didn't notice the bicycle right in front of him...

He walked straight in to it.

Before he could even think about running away to avoid the blame for this, the bike had toppled over and pushed over a bucket full of screws and lose parts- sending a loud metallic crash throughout the whole work shop.

The little boy froze as he looked at the parts. Then he darted his head up to look at his father; who had stopped welding and was now staring in disbelieve at his son and the mess said son had caused.

"Jeeze kid... how do you manage to always cause such a damn mess of things?" his father sighed standing up from the bench and stretching.

Souda's eyes welled with tears, he really hated disappointing his father; and he would probably get all of his sweeties taken away because of this.

"Dad I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" the young boy started, rubbing his eyes.

"I know I know," his dad said "Help me pick all this up, kay?" he handed his son a spare pair of mechanic gloves- which were quite obviously too big.

Souda put them on and clapped his hands together a few times, watching the little particles of dust fly out.

His dad chuckled at Souda, the kid was a nuisance sometimes, but he was cute. "Here, just hold the bucket steady for me."

Little Souda complied and did his job as bucket holder very well, as his father chucked the parts sprawled across the floor back into the bucket.

Everything was put back to normal very quickly.

Souda's dad was about to send Souda back to his room, and then go back to his work. But when he looked back to his child, who was now staring solemnly at the floor, he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

"Kazuichi- come here a sec."

The toddler perked up and walked over, uncertain about what was going to happen.

His dad knelt down to his son's level and pulled a screwdriver out of a pocket in his overalls. "I'm gonna teach you how to use this. Don't tell your mother okay?"

Little Souda blinked twice and the nodded quickly "Nuh-uh! I won't tell her!"

"Good, alright so-" Souda's dad reached behind him and picked up an old alarm clock that had stopped working years ago "You take the screwdriver and unscrew the screws, make sense?" he handed his son the clock and screwdriver.

Souda stared puzzled at them for a while, "unscrew the screws? What does that mean?" he thought to himself. "Dad, I don't understand-" he started before his father cut him off by ruffling his hair.

"Of course you don't!" he laughed and took his sons had with the screw driver in "look closely-" he put the screwdriver in the screw and twisted it until the screw came out "Now, you give it a shot!" he smiled

"Done!" Souda grinned before his dad even had a chance to watch.

"No way-" the older man said, pretty amazed that his son had managed to unscrew the back of the clock so quickly "Did you cheat Kazuichi? How did you do this so quickly?" the older man raised an eyebrow in shock and he closely examined the back of the clock.

"Nuh-uh! I wouldn't cheat!" the young Souda pouted "But I did learn from the best!" he smiled up at his dad.

"But I only just taught ya- how did you..." Souda's father soon thought it was best not to question his son's new talent, and just roll with it. "I guess you're a fast learner then." he smiled as he wrapped his arms around the boy, bringing him in for a tight hug.

Souda giggled against him "Oh, and dad-" he started quickly "I'm sorry I messed up your workshop... again."

Souda's father laughed "Look, don't worry about it, but just try not to do it again. In fact, try not to come in here again kid, it's really not safe for you right now."

"I know..." little Souda sighed "But I just want to see you work dad!"

His father thought for a moment "How about you take this old clock and my screwdriver a watch yourself work? I'm sure your room is a much safer place to work."

"You mean I can keep these!?" Souda questioned enthusiastically looking at the clock and screwdriver he clutched in his hands.

"Yeah! But don't tell your mum, she doesn't want you to be a mechanic just yet." he grinned.

"I won't tell I promise!" Souda chuckled and hopped out of his dads arms then ran to the door "Thanks dad! I love you!" he said as he left excitedly.

"You too kid!" his dad called after him as she stood up and got back to work.