Day 10: Satisfaction!

Summary: If you asked him, he'd probably tell you he was happy. A little look in to Souda's life these days.

Rating: K+

Word Count: 1,477

(This is it! The big finish! It's been fun to write, thank you to everyone who has read (or will read) it! I hope I have spread the Souda love~ For this final chapter, I hope to combine features from most of my past stories in this little series ^-^ let's get going then! :D )

Sunshine crept in to Souda's apartment through a gap in the curtains. He grunted sleepily when the light touched his face, awakening him from his peaceful slumber.

He sat up groggily and stretched out his arms, yawning widely as he did so.

"Jeeze... I should not have stayed up till 2 fixin' that TV..." he mumbled to himself as he got out of bed.

The moment his feet touched the floor his cat Sprinkles was rubbing her around his ankles happily. He bent down and petted her head gently; she was only slightly bigger than she was when he had first rescued her.

"Look I can't stay here and pet ya forever," Souda smiled at the cat "I've got school or whatever." he scratched behind her ear then trailed his hand down the rest of her back and to the tip of her tail, before standing up to brush his sharp teeth.

As brushed his teeth he walked around his apartment, getting his uniform together and taking something out of the fringe for breakfast. He had his usual of left over take out from the night before; one day he would start eating healthily- that day was not today of course.

The mechanic finished brushing his teeth then ate as he put his uniform on, bushed his bright pink hair and finished off his signature look with his favourite black beanie.

He said goodbye to Sprinkles then left for school (Sprinkles was definitely a house cat, due to her past experiences, she had no interest in going outside).

Every morning is the same; the only time it's really different is when the mechanic gets caught up on a project and forgets to sleep.

It's a nice easy way to start your day, and he wouldn't really change it if he could.

Upon arrival to school Souda is normally happily greeted by his soul friend Hinata or on some occasions Leon.

If he met with Hinata the convocation would be rather laid back, they'd just discuss what they had done the day before or what Hinata is doing on the weekend, there want much of a point asking Souda what he was doing as it was probably just going to be mechanic things.

On the other hand if he met with Leon the convocation would be a lot more fired up, they would excitedly chat about music or cars or sports! They liked pretty much the same things and always got so wound up when they got to talk about that stuff.

Despite all that, mornings before the first lessons started were probably the most relaxed part of the school day. Everyone was still half asleep (apart from Ibuki who always seems to have energy) so people would just chat idly with one and other and even make plans for after school.

Souda could never really make after school plans because he had to work, which didn't really bother him- sure he'd love to hang out with friends but the mechanic was also quite content with tinkering about with machines to make money.

The bell to signify the start of the day's lessons would go, and then Souda would spend the rest of his time in class not listening and hoping not to get picked on by the teacher. It's not like he needed to know any of the stuff the teacher was saying, he already had a booming freelance mechanic business- couldn't he just do that for the rest of his life?

To Souda, the day's lessons would always pass surprisingly fast. one moment he'd be doodling new designs for some invention he was working on then the next thing he'd know everyone would be getting up for lunch.

Lunches he spent with Sonia and Gundam, he was pretty sure they were now dating, and in all honesty he didn't care- in fact he was happy for them! After he confessed to Sonia and she explained to him his real motives for loving her, he realised how stupid he had been and no longer felt the same about her.

Souda and Sonia were now good friends, although he would still sometimes objectify her (old habits die hard) but they would just laugh it off now. She knew he didn't mean anything by it.

Gundam and Souda had become surprisingly close; Souda was probably Gundam's best friend! They had gone from pretty much hating each other to acting like an old married couple all thanks to a little cat! It was a very unlikely friendship, but they just seemed to bounce off one and other- their personalities clashed and yet mixed perfectly at the same time.

The trio would sit around one of the lunch tables and talk about anything that came to mind. It wasn't exactly the most exciting event of the day but Souda enjoyed every moment of it nonetheless.

Lunch would be over after an hour or so and everyone would return to their lessons quite quickly.

Once again the mechanic wouldn't really listen to the teacher, there really was no point.

By now the mechanic had probably gotten a detention for not listening, but that didn't phase him at all, it just meant he got to go and see Ishimaru and check he was still doing okay.

The hall monitor would always greet him with a big broad smile then quickly scold him for getting another detention (although he was quite obviously pleased to see him).

By the looks of the hall monitor, he seemed to be doing just fine.

But sometimes Souda would notice a little cut or a bruise somewhere on his face and worry. Ishimaru would quickly reassure him that there was no problem, but the mechanic wouldn't always believe him 100%.

At least Mondo knew about Ishimaru's problems at home, and was now keeping a close eye on the hall monitor for any signs of distress.

Leon would still be in detention with Souda every day and lately Hagakure had been getting in trouble more often than not.

Once detention was over Souda would say good bye to Ishimaru as Mondo came to pick the hall monitor up. Then it would just be himself, Leon and Hagakure left to make their way home.

They all lived in the same direction luckily so they could all walk home together.

A mechanic

A baseball star

A fortune teller

It doesn't exactly sound like the best combination does it? But they certainly make it work, a trio of bros just out to have a good time. They could make each other laugh so easily, that sometimes they would keel over with laughter on their walk home!

Those walks Souda spent with Leon and Hagakure were by far some of his best memories.

When Souda got home, he was quickly greeted by Sprinkles (who had missed her owner throughout the day).

He picked her up and cuddled the cat close to his chest as he kicked off his school shoes. The mechanic dragged his feet along the floor then flopped down on the sofa, his day's weren't exactly busy or stressful but he liked to chill out on the sofa and just pet his cat for a while before he looked at his list of jobs.

The mechanic always had work to do, it came in a steady supply- he was never over or under worked just how he liked it.

Being stressed out just isn't worth it.

It was always the same kinds of jobs to do as well, fix a few cars or TVs, maybe build a custom radio for someone. Occasionally Mondo would call him out to do a maintenance check on all his gangs bikes.

He really loved his job, being a mechanic and fixing things just made him feel so proud and satisfied with him.

He was helping people and they were grateful.

He was needed, he was useful and that gave him a kind of fulfilment nothing else could.

A nice supply of business and a steady flow of money.

His own flat away from his father.

Fantastic friends and a very loving cat.

If you asked Souda what he thought of his life right now, he'd probably tell you he was happy.

Absolutely no need to change a single thing.


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