The Little Things

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Ororo (Storm)/Logan (Wolverine), or as this couple is usually called, RoLo!

Authors Note: I just wrote this at the spur of the moment. There just isn't enough RoLo fics out there! There will be some Remy/Rogue inferred, but mostly RoLo.

Authors Note 2: What's the nickname that Logan calls everybody? I know he calls Kitty Half-Pint and Rogue Strips.

Logan was the last to come out of the newly rebuilt Danger Room. He watched, confused, the second to last person to leave the Danger Room. Rogue. He had tried talking to the young mutant before the training session, and even after, but the kid avoided him like the plague.

Maybe it's my cologne. Logan smirked at the thought. He knew Strips was a private person, hell, he was one too, but the constant spacing out was really starting to bother him. Rogue still had her "tough as nails" attitude, but Logan could smell desire on her.

Not that that bothered him, he had smelled Rogue's desire before. That time, it was a desire for Scot, weaker then what he smelled now.

I wonder who could make her this distracted. Logan silently mused as he headed for his own room to change into a more casual attire. I wonder if she acknowledges her feelings.

Logan entertained the idea that perhaps Rogue did and was too shy to act up on it. Nah, Rogue ain't that kind of girl. She probably would rather die first then acknowledge any sort of romantic feelings for the opposite sex, especially considering that her first crush was currently dating Jean.

Before Logan could ponder some more, a smell over rode him. Logan gave a feral smile before rushing out of his room. Only one thought on his mind.


Ororo tended her cooking as she thought about her nephew. He had been helpful and kind. He even gave up the time he usually went skateboarding to help make the mansion a home by support (with his spikes) the trees that were bent over but not beyond help. The task required time and patience, but Spyke had done, much to his aunt's surprise.

And Ororo couldn't have been more proud. She loved the trees and had almost cried when she saw how many had to be replaced. How many hadn't survived. And when Evan had seen the devastated look on her face, he had given her a gift.

He gave her something to be proud of. A loving nephew.

Storm had only learned about Evan's deed this morning, when he proudly pronounced that he had finished doing all the trees exactly how she had shown him yesterday how to do. Storm had hugged him, with tears of joy streaming down her face.

Consequently, this had put her in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day. And when she was in a very good mood, she cooked.

"Smells good 'Ro." Came a gruff voice from behind her.

Ororo turned her head to see Logan leaning on the kitchen doorway. She gave him a dazzling smile that reflected her absolute delight. Ororo noticed that Logan was a bit unsettled with the brightness of the smile, but tactfully chose to ignore it and keep smiling.

"Why thank you Logan. Would you like to help?" and before Logan could open his mouth to answer she continued, "Grab that spatula and flip the beef while I make the jello. Goddess knows Ray, Bobby, Amara, Jamie, Kurt, and even Evan love that stuff."

With that, Ororo turned back around and stirred the fried vegetables. After a few seconds of silence, Ororo yet again turned her head, this time to give Logan a bewildered look.

Logan had stood rooted to the spot, almost scared at the amount of joy that radiated off the woman. She reminded him strangely of Half-Pint when the kid was just too hyper for her own good. Then he saw 'Ro's expression and relented.

Logan walked towards the stove and helped 'Ro cook the rest of the meal, but not without stealing a few pieces of beef beforehand (Ororo had given him a very disapproving look when she counted the pieces of beef and found two missing. He had the grace to look guilty.)

"Auntie O are you done yet? I'm starving!"


Ororo laughed. Logan, now a bit more at ease with the suddenly cheerful African beauty, gave a devilish smile.

"Kids have no patience these day." He said smugly.

Ororo laughed again. A sound that reminded Logan of a bubbly brook that leaped over stones as it made it's way down the steep mountain, deep in the Rocky Mountains up in Canada. If his memory served him right, the water had been crystal clear. Just like her laugh.

Logan's reverie was abruptly ended when a loud scream pierce the air.

"Kurt, like don't sneak up on me like that. You, like, almost gave a heart attack!"

A laugh, Kurt's, was heard. Then a sound of frustration followed. Before a full-fledged war was pronounced, Ororo swept into the room.

"Dinner's ready." Ororo pronounced with a serene smile. She would have smiled more broadly, but judging by Logan's reaction, she'd scare the children. Not an option.

She set the mashed potatoes at the heart of the table, careful not to disturb the preset utensils, plates, and glasses. Then she backed away and turned, careful not to bump into Logan, who carried the beef.

Ororo came back into the kitchen. She picked up the pitcher of lemonade in one hand and a bowl of steamed vegetables in the other. She walked towards closed door that lead to the dining room.

As she got near it, it suddenly opened and a man came charging at her.

"Ro, you ne-" but before Wolverine could finish his sentence, he slammed into Ororo.

Due to his quick reflexives and almost automatic instincts, he caught her with two arms around the waist. Due to Storm's quick reflexives, she managed to save about half the steamed vegetables from toppling to the floor. The lemonade wasn't so lucky.

She had accidentally spilled the entire jug on her white blouse and white hair. They made a comical sight.

The bowl of vegetables was held above the two of them by Ororo's vertically outstretched hand. Ororo's body was pressed quite tightly against Logan's, and it looked like he had just dipped her.

A stray thought went through Logan's mind at how perfect Ororo fit in his arms and he had to fight the urge not to kiss her. As soon as that thought was sufficiently suppressed, another replaced. He fought against the want to lick away the lone drop that slid down her brown cheek, ever so slowly.

Ororo just looked at him. She saw the look of lust cross his eyes and shivered.

The shiver brought back Logan from his lustful fantasies. He smelled the desire and lust on her, but fought to keep himself in check. Giving himself about three more seconds to calm down he spoke.

"You alright darlin'?" he asked, his voice smooth, calm, with just a hint of arousal.

Ororo nodded, not trusting herself to speak, but hearing the touch of lust in his voice.

Logan slowly pulled her out of the dip, their bodies and eyes never breaking contact.

Ororo knew she had to pull away before she let herself kiss this untamed man and loose herself. She didn't want to bring about a storm, which she knew would arise the moment that they would let their lust control them.

She pulled away slowly, instantly wanting his arms back around her. She was glad that he respected her silent wish and took a step back, bringing his arms to his sides.

Ororo cleared her throat and gave him a weak smile. "I better go get changed."

"Alright, darlin'. I'll make more lemonade before the kids get rowdy." Logan smiled wolfishly, trying to lessen the tension. It worked.

Ororo gave him a smile that reached her eyes, before taking leave of the kitchen to go to her room.

Upon reaching her room in the attic, she opened her closet and took a change of clothes. She then walked to the bathroom and stepped into the bathtub, ready to take a cold shower.

The cold water cascaded down her naked body as she thought. Ororo hoped that the little episode in the kitchen wouldn't destroy the unspoken friendship the two of them shared. The kids wouldn't have noticed the little things he did for her – like the occasional help with the dishes, or helping with the dinner, and he even helped her take care of her garden once – but she did.

Oh, Goddess. What am I going to do?

Lathering her puff, she cleared her mind and she cleaned her body.

Putting on the change of clothes, she walked gracefully down the newly remade staircase, hoping that Logan had cleared off to smoke, drink, or ride, so that she could eat and think in silence.

No such luck.

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