The Little Things

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Btw, this story takes place before Apocalypse and therefore Scott and Jean are seniors.

She walked outside in the white Bayville streets enjoying the late afternoon sun and contemplating her love life. Or there lack of.

Rogue was taking a break. She had been reading non-stop since Christmas Day the books Logan had bought her.

Quite frankly, the way the heroine was handling her two love interests was annoying her. Couldn't she just pick one and get it over with?

Rogue sighed.

As if Ah'm any bettah.

It really wasn't a question of Scott versus Remy. Scott had never really shown any interest in her. Remy believed in Magneto's dream. And then there was the little detail that she couldn't touch.

Both were bad for her, and both affected her in different ways. Her heart still beat a little faster when Scott noticed her. And Remy's eyes still promised danger and fun that her addicted.

Not to mention the fact that she acted like a love sick schoolgirl around Scott and flirting temptress around Remy.

Now that Ah think about it…Bein' a flirtin' temptress is way more fun then being a love sick schoolgirl.

And besides, neither of them loved her. Scott was too wrapped up in Jean. Remy had only seen her three times and Rogue scoffed at the idea of love at first sight. It was a ridiculous notion. Lust? Yes. Love? No.

Then something caught her eye.

Scanning her surroundings she tried to determine what that something was.

Then she saw it again.

It was a penguin. An inflatable penguin was sitting in a chair at the local café.

Rogue fought the urge to blink and rub her eyes.

What in the world…

Then she saw who occupied the chair next to the penguin.

It was Remy. His head was down, but the mushroom haircut and brown trench coat were dead give aways. He looked rather like he was sleeping.

Rogue grinned as she spotted a familiar shop.

If Ah remember correctly, Ah do believe they carry cards…

She dropped the deck of cards upon his table, causing his head to snap up and give her a confused stare.

"Merry Christmas swamp rat." She said in a gleeful mockery tone.

Getting over the initial shock, his cocky grin returned.

"Merci cherie, mais" he paused, giving her a seductive smile which she gladly returned. "isn't it against de X-Men Code t'be givin' y' enemies weapons?"

Who knew flirtin' was this much fun?

"Ah've been a bad little X-Girl." she teasingly replied, looking down on him.

"How bad petite?" He straightened in his chair, bringing his face closer to hers.

Breathless from his proximity, high on this power she had over him. This power she had dreamed of welding, ever envious of the women who could.

"Sinfully bad."

This was the moment, the moment where they would kiss. At least, in every romantic novel they would have.

Alas, this is real life and the penguin caught on fire.

And insane laughter soon followed, utterly destroying the charged moment.

"Burn baby burn!"



"What's up with him?" John asked Remy.

Remy just shock his head and placed his hands on John's back, pushing him out of the indoor café. Rogue, confused, followed.

Once outside, Remy stopped pushing and started walking away. John and Rogue followed.

A few feet from the café, Remy stopped and faced John.

"Mon ami, what did dat penguin eve' do to ya?"

"It was giving me the evil look mate. Its evil I tell yah! Evil!"

Rogue burst out laughing the serious tone of his voice.

Goddess, it's good to be back.

Ororo smiled at the sight of the mansion. The winter holidays had been a nightmare. Everything had reminded her of Evan. It almost seemed wrong to celebrate without him. What made it worse was the fact that he voluntarily stayed away. His death would have been better to accept.

I must not think like that. There is still hope that he will return.

She admonished herself, but her heart was not into it. Ororo was loosing hope of ever seeing her nephew again.

Getting out of the car, Ororo took in a deep breath of the crisp, cold, winter air and beamed.

"Why are you smiling 'Ro? The terrors are gonna be here soon." Logan said with a tone of dread.

Ororo laughed at the thought, as Hank – who was standing beside Logan – contradicted him.

"They are not terrors, for the most part, they very well behaved."

"Sure they are. You don't have to smell the hormones in that house! Now that Jeannie and Scottie have been away from each other, they'll want to 'make up' for lost time in the living room." Logan's said with open disgust.

"They're going to have to decide if they will go to college soon." Said the professor, changing the subject.

"Good riddance I say, the less of them here the better for my nose."

Ororo chuckled while she walked up the stairs to stand beside the three men. The lack of malice convinced her that Logan was not serious in his complains, or only half serious.

"If they choose to go, I will miss them." She said.

"Yes, Jean has been a tremendous help in the infirmary lately." Replied Hank.

"It will be a sad day indeed, when Scott takes off his mantle of leadership." The Professor put in.

A moment of reflection came over the four as the stood on the steps. It was broken by the opening of the institute gate and the admittance of a blue Sudan.

"To another horrific year at Mutant High." Said Logan solemnly.

Hank shook his head in despair.

"It will not be so bad my friend"

"Yes it will."

Hank was about to object, but the car door was opened and a super hyper Kitty jumped out.

"Mr. McCoy! Since Mr. Logan, the professor, and Ms. Monroe like totally can't drive, could you be my driving chaperone until I get my license? It's in like a couple of weeks and I totally will need to use the car before then!" She yelled.

"Alright Kitty." Hank reluctantly agreed. He let out a soft grown as soon the teen turned around to unpack the trunk of the car.

"You are right, they are terrors."

"Told you so."

Ororo just gave them both a serene smile before going down to help Kitty unpack.

Rogue looked up from her book as a beeping noise went off in the formally silent room. Looking at the screen in front of her, she saw a forest green pick up making its way to the gates. Pressing a button on the consul, the gate slowly swung open and the pick up made its way into the inner drive way leading up to the mansion itself.

As soon as the pick up was through, Rogue pressed another button to close the gates.

It wasn't that she didn't want to welcome back her fellow housemates and friends, it was just that she didn't want to witness Scott and Jean's kiss. For that matter, she didn't want to witness any of the kisses, especially the ones that given from the parents. Those would just be a reminder that her own foster mother was Mystique.

The other reason for her absence was Kurt. She felt guilt about blowing him off, and regretted not taking Kurt's invitation to see his foster parents.

She wanted to apologies to Kurt, but was too frightened to do so. What if he didn't forgive her? What if he never wanted to speak to her again? What if he decided that she was really NOT his sister?

The questions plagued her mind as she sat in the quiet room, fingering her cross, trying to reading her book, opening the gates, and hiding from Kurt.

Logan watched as the last of the students walked into the mansion, followed by the Professor and Hank. Realizing that Ororo was still behind him, he turned towards her, his face questioning her actions.

In response to the silent inquiry, Ororo looked nervous. He could tell by the way she was looking at him, without meeting his eyes, and the way she stood, in a defensive stance – legs apart, her left slightly ahead of her right. He watched as she took a deep breath and squared her shoulders.

Gathering her courage. Logan realized.

"Logan, are you interested in me more then as a friend?" Her tone had been even, betraying nothing.

Logan went numb. He couldn't think.

Did she just ask me what I think she just asked me?

It didn't seem real. Yet he could smell her, see her, and hear the whispered pounding of her heart.

"Why do you ask?" Logan made sure his tone was flippant. Instead, it betrayed his curiosity on the subject.

He watched as Ororo exhaled.

Had she been holding her breath?

"It was something my sister said. When she saw the necklace you gave me, she came to the conclusion that I had a boyfriend I failed to mention before. I told her the gift was from you, a friend. But she said that friends do not give such expensive gifts. I ask you again, do you feel more then friendship between us?"

Looking into her eyes, Logan saw the wall. She was giving him no hints, no clues in how to handle this.

Not wanting to lie to her (he had never had a reason to before), but afraid to voice the truth, he stalled.

"You know, whatever I answer things between us will not be the same."

She gave him a small smile.

"Yes, I know."

Logan looked at her, long and hard. He could lie. It would be easy, and convincing too. He could tell her the truth, but would she return the sentiment? He knew she lusted after him. He had seen the look in her eye and smelled the scent her hormones released. But pure lust was fleeting and ignorable. And more to the point, did he really want a commitment? A relationship?

Hell no!

He opened his mouth. This action seemed to startle her after so long a period of silence because she turned her head ever so slightly and looked into his eyes.

The lie died on his lips and the truth came out.

"Yeah, I guess I do."

Ororo gave no reaction. She continued to stare into his eyes.

Logan felt uncomfortable. He had just told her something that made him feel exposed, vulnerable. Yet he refused to show the weakness he felt and defiantly stared back at her.

Ages seem to pass as the two of them looked intently into the other's eyes.

Finally, Ororo smiled. Then grinned. Walking toward him, she accidentally on purpose brushed pass him and whispered.

"You owe me a date."

Then she opened the door to the mansion and walked in.

Logan felt confusion set in. Then letting out a sigh of defeat, he shook his head.


Turning on his heel, he too opened the door and walked in.

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