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Chapter one The End

In a clearing not far from a village leaves rustled to the winds gentle caress, birds sung as they darted through the foliage, the grass bent and swayed like waves against the shore, all was as it should be except the pitiful whimper of a raven haired female. Her hunched form was overpowered by long blue tinted hair that swayed with the breeze. The only movement from the female was the slight shudder from her sobs as she gasped for breath. Her attire consisted of a green and white uniform that would have been in relatively good condition had it not been for the blood slowly drying into the material dyeing the once white material a deep brown red.

The girl's sobs slowed as she breathed deep trying to calm herself. The simple comfort of wrapping her arms around herself was lost as she gazed down at her shaking blood stained hands. The hands that could have prevented death if only she had been stronger. She tightened her grip on the beads hanging from her right hand. The purple beads cool to her touch though offered little to sooth her distraught state. The small pearly fangs bit into her skin as she grasped the beads tighter. Slowly droplets of blood started to seep through her fingers.

They were gone all of them and she was the cause, they all faced death trying protecting her. If only she had been stronger, if only she had better control of her miko powers, if only she had been Kikyo. His words came back to her at that moment, telling her she was useless and could never amount to what was the greatness of Kikyo. Shaking her head she tried to clear the jealous thoughts that when though head. She was useless, she was week, and she wasn't Kikyo.

Kikyo wouldn't have wondered from the safety of the camp following the cries of a small child. Kikyo wouldn't have walk strait into the evil hanyous clutches as if he had welcomed her with open arms. Kikyo wouldn't have proceeded to struggle uselessly from one of many tentacles, while her friends, her family struggled to free her. Kikyo wouldn't have left her bows and arrows at camp where they were useless to her. Kikyo wouldn't have had to watch her family be slowly picked off as she hung limply in the air. Kikyo would not have let the evil hanyou take the remaining jewel shards form her neck and merge them with his own to recreate the whole jewel.

They had all attacked with all their strength to release her from the evil hanyou but it was not enough the evil monster had planned it all. Any progress was countered by endless hoards repulsive daemons. Recalling the vast eyes boring down on her family made her shudder whilst further tears slipped down her cheeks. The thought of her baby, her kit shaking in fear as his eyes reached out for her to comfort him. Their eyes had connected form the briefest second but was now scorched into her brain. The demons attack was brutal, unlike any other they had faced. Hope had risen in the group at one point when they appeared to make progression but this was ripped from them when the lecherous but wise monk was severely bitten on his right shoulder. Demons not missing the opening enclosed around him like a pack of ravenous hyenas attacking from all sides. The black and pink clad demon slayer screamed for the monk and through herself into the mass of snarling, snapping jaws her bone boomerang making little to no head way. Desperation clouded judgment leaving an opening that was far too easy for a demon to miss. A fire neko tried to save her mistress but stayed protecting the young kit, whom if left would be devoured in seconds. The haunting scream that had come from the lips of the beautiful strong demon slayer could have shaken the hearts of the darkest of creatures. The evil hanyou had merely chuckled and directed his attention to the silver inu whose eyes shone like the golden sun. He was the only member of the group to pass the demon hoard. The inu hanyou shouted profanities and attacked head on as was his style.

A small smile creped on to the crying miko's face as she recalled the brash hanyou and his strait forward style of attacks. Attack first think second it had always worked before so when the evil hanyou had attacked head on as well it had shocked the inu. Fighting the evil being was never like this, he always sent reincarnation, puppet or beast into the mix never himself. Always cowardly, sneaky trying to deal with the group whilst keeping his distance. This attack stunned the inu casing a grotesque tentacle to be his wake up call. The inu though badly wounded didn't let a mere scratch stop him. Sword clashed with sword but the miko could merely watch.

She remembers trying to push her powers into her hands like she had done that fateful day she had been pulled down the well by a centipede demon. But it was impossible her powers refused to work even though she begged with all her heart and soul for it to work. The kamis were not with her and she watched as more tentacles pierced the inu she loved pinning him to the ground. It was the moment their eyes locked and she realized he knew he was going to die. With renewed vigor the miko thrashed around refusing to let him believe he was going to leave her. The inu hanyous eyes had softened as he saw the fight she was making for him. With the last of his strength he had released his blades of blood at the tentacle holding the miko and shouted to run.

The weeping girl couldn't remember the fall or crawling to her beloved best friend body and cradling his head. She can only remember mumbling words that slipped from her lips about not leaving her and that they were going to wish on the jewel together and be happy. She had prayed to all the kamis that he would open his or his ear would twitch anything to prove he was still with her but no movement was made teas dripped onto his now peaceful face. Slowly raising her head to look around the clearing she could just make out the remains of her friends. A bloody lump mixed with purple cloth and pink armor was what she could only guess was what was left of her sister and the monk.

Glassy eyes turned to the edge of the clearing to where a pile of unmoving cream fur lay matted with drying blood. Her little kits once turquoise ribbon and fur Jacket was partly submerged in a pool of blood. The sight made something inside the miko snap. She had lost everything with no reason to hold back. She let the mental dam of her miko powers burst and her power flowed full force, it seeped out of every poor trying to find escape. She remembered the burning hatred caress her miko powers and directed then towards the evil monster that had destroyed the family she loved. She remembered the satisfaction of when her glowing pink eyes landed on the now retreating monster. His face was one of horror. Never had he calculated the small fragile miko who so loyalty followed the pathetic hanyou could hold such power. The power was wild and untamed thought directed towards him it was clear she had no control. Her miko powers slowly ate away at the hanyou as if holding back wanting the beast to suffer.

Slowly the tears stopped and panic seeped in as she tried to remember what had happened to the evil hanyou. All she recalled was waking up in the middle of what appeared to be an explosion starting from somewhere at her feet. Her eyes were first drawn to the red clad form of the once inu hanyou now completely human, her powers had purified the demon out of him. She slowly walked over to him and knelt by his side and caressed his cheek as if he would wake from slumber and look at her with his usual scowl and ask "what are you doing wench!". She waited and wept for the remainder of the day and curled up into his now cold side through the night. She had slept little and simply stared at his face until the first rays of sun peered over horizon bathing her pale skin in a warm glow. She will always remember that sunrise it was so beautiful the orange, pinks and yellows. It was under that sunrise she buried what remained of her family. As she laid the human inu in his grave she decided to rid him of the curse she had put on him. It didn't seem right that he should be bound and cursed even in the afterlife. Slowly she pulled the beads over his head, careful not to pull his ink black hair. She wished she could have seen him as a hanyou, her hanyou one last time and his cute dog-ears that first drew her to him. She had burred the slayer and monk together so they would never have to leave the others side again. There were no remains of her kit or the neko except the bloodied ribbon and fur jacket, which she buried next to the inu hanyou so he could protect her kit till the day she could join him. Never before had she resented her powers so much the thought of her baby not having a burial because she and purified him was unbearable.

The sad lonely girl remembered the pull on her heartstrings as she picked up the cursed jewel and left her friends, her family behind her and headed for the well.

Now she sat wallowing in misery. She couldn't return to the village and tell her mentor and grandmother figure; all but she had fallen because she wasn't strong enough to control her own powers. So now she knelt by the side of the well beads in hand jewel around her neck waiting for the strength to return home and face the family she knew would welcome her home with open arms. But she didn't want that family though. It pained her to think about it, but she had become distant from her blood family. She loved them dearly but it saddened her every time she returned home to see her mother had aged so had her grandfather and brother. Seeing grey hairs creep into her mother's hair and wrinkles fold into her skin scared her. Her mother was aging and so she had unknowingly pulled away from her family over the years. She knew her mother understood her resent withdrawn mood and encouraged her to be with her federal family. Her mother had told her to "follow her heart it will always lead you true". Her brother was growing and would always be there for their mother. He would miss her but understood the draw of adventure, but encourage regular visits. So with a heavy heart she had decided to live with her federal family and guard the jewel.

But it had all change now she didn't know where to go, she didn't care, she just wanted her family back. So she sat head pressed against the cold stone of the well-wishing for a sign anything to give her the will to move forward. Listening to the leaves and birds she closed her eyes. All was peaceful the only interruption the occasional drip of blood form her hand onto the lip of the well.

A twig snapping brought her out of her revelry. Her brain was bombarded with thoughts of who it could be the despicable hanyou coming to finish her off, the taiyoukia come to kill her now his half-brother was dead, the one eyed elderly miko looking for her extended family. Everything rushed through her head in the space of seconds making her feel lightheaded. What she saw made her heart stop.

"Kagome" said a voice

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