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Chapter 15 They Meet

Many miles to the west a male figure ran down a grand palace hallway wildly looking left and right in desperation. 'Got to hide and fast!' The look of fear and desperation on the males face clearly showed that he was in a dire situation. Looking around he spotted the large burgundy drapes by the window, heavy material allowed little to no light through so would be perfect for hiding behind 'that might work' Almost ripping them from the rail they were draped over, he pulled them away from the wall and around himself. The fabric rested naturally against him hiding him perfectly. He was just thankful that since a certain someone had come for a surprisingly long visit at the palace, he had almost constantly kept his scent and aura hidden.

At the sound of soft padding footsteps on the marble floor the male behind the curtain held back a shudder. The silence was ripped to pieces when the soft-footed creature opened its mouth

"TOUGA darling where are you?" A nasally voice called out.

The female's voice ricochet through the halls. Most to the servants who had been clearing this particular wing of the castle all scatter as quickly as possible. They were not fond of the creature that created the noise and dreaded the day she would become more than an unwelcome guest. The male behind the curtain tensed as the footsteps grew louder and stop just to the left of him. From his position he could make out snow white hair scraped tightly into two bunches either side of the female's head. Royal robes fell from a thin but womanly frame. Skin almost as pale as her hair was proof she was not someone who ventured outside much, this the male was incredibly thankful for. ' if I can just stay hidden from her and make it to the armoury I can leave to patrol my lands in peace.'

Whilst waiting for the female to move his eyes roamed her form with slight disgust. She did not fit him at all. The only reason such a sickly, whiny, spoilt bitch was ever found on his arm was because inu females were extremely rare. Inu demon pups were almost always male, the reason remained unknown, but links could be made to other species like nekos who seems to have mostly females. because of this female inus were extremely sort after and treated like princesses. ' I could count on one hand the amount of inu females alive today. Only one of which is of the correct age and unmated. I guess I should think myself lucky to have a bitch of similar age and ready to breed. The only other inu females I can think of are all either elders or already mated' shaking his head he quickly reminded himself of why he was hiding ' she might be the only available inu female but that has caused her to become a spoilt brat. I don't think my ears could take much more of her irritating voice. Though she acts like a lady, she resembles nothing as such to me.' The image of his mother ran through his mind she had been kind and caring, what he classed as a true lady of the west. On many occasions she would calm his father and preventing war by talking rationally. All the servants and guards loved her, she would always make an effort to remember their names and help them out when she thought no one was looking. his mother was not afraid to visit local villages and help mend and clean all the huts and buildings. The villagers always respected her and would marvel at the beautiful demoness that would lower herself to their lowly level and help any of them in need.

But even though she was kind and caring she was not to be trifled with. She would fight for what she believed in with passion and a fire in her eye that he hadn't even seen in the fiercest and most powerful of demons. The female in front of him was almost the polar opposite of his mother in every way. She was cruel to all that she thought she couldn't gain from and did nothing for anyone other than herself. The male almost growled when his eyes fell upon his mother's sapphire blue tear drop earrings that were hanging from the females pail pointed ears. 'The audacity of this female to raid his mother's room and jewelry box then proceed to wear his family's jewelry when she was not related nor worthy to wear jewels of the previous ladies of the west.' Before he could make a move to reveal himself and remove his mothers jewelry from her, she walked off calling his name. Taking a deep breath he remembered that he was trying to hide from her and make it to the armory.

Slowly he listened and sniffed the air, making sure she was far enough away, after spending the whole morning running around hiding from her he was not about to be caught just because he was under cautious. Sensing her aura diapering down towards the southern wing of the palace, he crept out from behind the curtains. Running at demon speed he was nothing but a blur meandering through the many halls. A few servants who were scrubbing the marble floors were almost blown over with the force of the wind. Afraid if he stopped a certain someone might pounce on him. He merely shouted an apology over his shoulder. The servant girl who was closest when he ran past, pulled her long hair that had wrapped itself around her face and gave him a small smile. He prided himself in following in his mother's footsteps and being respectful of all the staff in his palace. Many had help raise him from a pup and he classed as part of his family.

He eventually reached a large wooden door that was carved with a scene of two large inu fighting. Stopping he let his hand run along the one of the inus paws, he remembered as a pup sneaking to the door and trying to push them open to reach the weapons inside. Never being strong enough he would sit and study the doors hoping that staring would scare them into opening, that is until either one of his parents or a servant found him. Slowly he pushed the door open just enough to allow him through. As he pushed the doors to he kept his back to the armoury. He froze when he felt small female arms tighten around his waist. The high pitched giggle was unmistakable. Signing he plastered on a false smile and turned to see what seemed to be the bane of his existence. "What are you doing in the armory Inukimi?" questioned the male. "Looking for my big strong male that's what" came her reply followed by a series of girlish giggles as she stroked a single clawed digit down his chest. Said male shudder slightly and replied "well the armory is no place for a female" Inukimi pouted and tilted her head to the side and said in a whiny voice "but I have such big news for you" her excited squeak at the end of her speech made him pause and listen. Inukimi took a deep breath and said a slow voice that caused her to look as though she might exploded for not showing her full excitement "I'm expecting our first pup!" she started to bounce from one foot to the other whilst the male stood completely frozen in shock. his brain seems frozen unable to put coherent thoughts together.' pup? what pup? wait we? no? but yes?'"TOUGA!" her sharp bark snapped him out of his shock and he began stuttering "B….b…ut we…….we…n….wait what?!"

At the young lords shocked face Inukimi's voice deepened and slowly her white hair dissolved into fiery red spiky locks. Before long inukami had completely disappeared leaving a male red kitsune rolling on the floor with laughter holding his sides. Between laughs the kitsune managed to breath out "Y…your face T…Touga was so...oooo funny!" the kitsune whipped away a tear and looked at the inu male. The Kitsune stopped laughing and pailed slightly when he saw the dark look on Toga's face. The growl that rose from the inu's chest would make even the dead shudder.

Slowly the red haired male backed up almost knocking over a rack of swords. He began stuttering for a completely difrent reason "N…Now Touga w..we don't want to do anything hasty now. Y…you know weve been friends all our lives you wouldn't want to hurt me now would you…..would you?" Toga merely allowed a evil smirk to rise on his lips and said one word "RUN!"

In a flash of bright light the redhead was replace with a red nine tailed fox that was running full speed for an open window.

Touga gave a evil laugh and grabbed his spiked armor and sword Shioi Inazuma. The sword was all that remained of his father and only left his side when he was in the palace, even then he was reluctant to part with it. The window was far too small for Touga to get through so he ran back to the wooden door and slipped through. He ran to the main entrance and was about to step out when he heard fast approaching feet as well as a distant call of his name. 'no way in hell am I being caught by her now I have fox to hunt' Acting as though he hadn't heard her he ran through the main entrance. He almost laughed when he heard the aggravated scream come from over his shoulder. No matter how much he would have liked to he dared not look back and risk catching her eye.

When he was far enough away from the palace he slowed to a walk and made his way round to the side of the gardens that were closest to the armory. 'no doubt that sneaky fox has hidden as a statue or some ridiculous object.

The gardens closest to the armory were dotted with small ponds and waterfalls that all lead in to one small lake. Red and white bridges and pagodas were dotted and weaved in amongst the scenery. The plants were mainly large Matsu trees and small ferns and shrubs. This part of the garden had always been one of his favorites because of its natural appearance. He did like the other areas of the gardens but found this place charming and tranquil perfect for meditation and reflection. He also loved this garden because in the small central pagoda that sat on the central lake was where his father had proposed to his mother. If you were to ask anyone how and where the previous lord had proposed to his lady you would have been told in the central garden complete with falling sakura blossoms. This was true, but his father had told him personally that he was so originally frightened such an amazing, kind and caring female would reject him that he asked her before in private. Touga was slightly disheartened when he thought that he would never find a love like theirs, that would lead to share such an intimate moment with the one he loved, just the two of them no others, no show or performance pure true love. He very much routed that he would ever be like that with Inukimi let alone get her outside in the gardens. His parents were lucky they fell in love even after they were arranged to be mates.

Blinking his eyes he turned his head from the lake to search out a sneaky fox. Using his incredible sense of smell he located a ring of small stone figures. Unfortunately the ring was covered in the foxs sent so he couldn't tell which one was the mischief maker. He contemplated the ways he could get the fox to show himself and decided that because the statues could be easily replaced the more fun and violent way would be best.' This should also help with my aim' He thought with an evil smirk on his face. He slowly began to walk away. If he had been able to see behind him at that moment he would have seen one of the figures slump and let out a sigh.

Whipping round on his heel he released one of his swords attacks "SHUURAI!" a lightning bolt shot from the sword and ripped through the ground towards the first stone figure before shattering it to pieces upon contact. Turning to the next he released the same attack again, this time the figure appeared to stay in tact, but after a second past ended up crumbling to the ground in pieces. Out of the corner of his eye he could see one of the statues shaking and sweating. Giving a mental chuckle he continued until he reached the second that appeared to be shaking and looked close to passing out. He was thoroughly amused with how long his friend had held out and wanted to see how far he was willing to go. Acting like he did with the others he raised his sword and was about to bring it down when the red head let down his illusion and crumpled to his knees in a begging position. "P…Please Touga I didn't mean it im KItsune were meant to trick people it in my blood. I…I won't do it again I promise!" it was hard not to allow a laugh to escape him as he watched his friend slowly shuffle towards him on his knees with slight tears in his eyes and a huge pout. The kitsune clenched his eyes shut as he saw his supposedly friend lift his sword. He waited for the strike in silence, holding his begging position. He yanked his eyes open when he heard the deep barking laughter of the young lord.

Touga offered the kitsune his hand and pulled him up off the ground and clasped a hand on his shoulder. "Yukio you're my best friend I would never kill you." Yukio gave a bright smile at that. But as Touga continued his smile dropped "I might cause you great pain for a number of days, possible make it so you can't walk again but never kill. You mean too much to me" Yukio huffed and crossed his arms "glad I mean so much to you" he said in a sarcastic tone. "well I was about to.." Touga was interrupted by a guard that bent to one knee and said "My lord I have news on something you may wish to hear" Toga sighed at the man's position "Shin you know there is no need to bow when it is just us. Anyway what is the news?" Shin slowly raised himself and looked at his lord with a serious face "Their has been a sighting of a inu female in a small village on the edge of your territory my lord"

Both looked at the lnu lord whose eyes were wide. All he could feel was hope filling him maybe Inukimi wasn't his only option, maybe he could find love. With that last thought he asked Shin for the females location and ran as if his life depended on it, which in a sense was true.

Omake: When Toga ignored Inukimi

To say she was angry was an understatement, she was PISSED! 'How dare he pretend to not hear my call! Even a mere human would have heard it!' She was fuming as she stomped down the halls. The servants were making sure to stay out of her way to avoid her wrath. I mean she was horrible on a good day, they did NOT wish to find out how she would act after being rejected by their lord. "I can not believe that he just left me like that! I mean why would he not want to be with me? Am I not everything he is looking for and more?!"

In the village

"ACHOO!" "Are you alright Kagome-chan? That was a pretty loud sneeze." Musubi asked kagome inconcern. "I'm fine, that damned dragon must be talking about me." A shiver ran down her back in disgust.


Inukimi was still pacing back and forth in her room when an idea struck. 'I know! I'll wait for my lord's return in his room and when he walks in he'll see me in all my natural glory and have no choice but to mate me! Not like he has many choices to begin with.' She thought with a cruel smile on her painted lips.


"ACHOO!" "Are you sure you're fine Kagome-San?" Renia asked "I don't know anymore and to be honest I just felt another chill of disgust just now. Hey Musubi can demons get sick?" Kagome asked when another chill raked her body. "Not that I know of?" Musubi replied.

Somewhere in a forest:

A chill and a sense of disturbance was felt by a certain dog general. 'I sense a great disturbance in nature and a feeling of dread. Maybe I shouldn't return to the castle for while after I find my female.'

He didn't realize just how that decision just saved his life...and his eyes.


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Shin= Death (just thought easy name you can forget and warrior, death, guard same sort of things)

Shioi Inazuma= White Lighting