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Chapter 3 Gifts

As midnight approached Kagome felt a chill run up her spine, something big was going to happen. Anticipation built up in the pit of her stomach, she would have been excited had it not been for the constant pull in the back of her head saying that she should be experiencing this with her best friends. Looking back at the small hut she had just left, a small smile crept onto her face at the memories that had been created here. A small giggle escaped her lips as she remembered the scream of "HENTIA!" and the echoing slap that would shortly follow. Though Miroku pursued many women, she knew there was only one woman who had captured his heart. Her beloved sister had hidden her affections from the monk but he always had a knowing glint in his eye, showing her he knew the slayer loved him. Kagome's small smile disappeared as she thought of the family they would have had. Kagome could picture a large family of dark haired demon slayers with violet eyes, the ever growing family would be powerful and a true sight to see. As the miko stood thinking of the family that would never exist, she made a choice that would change her form that day forward 'I'm going to the past why can't I make sure Miroku and Sango have the happiest life possible. I might not see them again but I can set plans in motion to help them on their path to each other'. With that thought the miko felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see the pink and purple outline of the two people.

The pink figure stepped forward and raised her hand to catch the lone tear that had slipped down the miko's cheek." Don't cry little sister, it breaks my heart to see you cry" the pink figure enclose her arms around the young miko and rubbed soothing circles in her back" S…Sango I…I'm so sorry" shhhh none of that Kagome it was our time, and I'd do it again to save you. You're my little sister and it's a big sister job to protect the ones she loves" more tears fell, but a small smile remained unwavering on the miko lips "Sango I already miss you both how will I survive without you?" The slightly calmer miko replied glancing over at the purple outline of Miroku. Sango smiled brightly at her sister "Well your trips to the hot springs won't be as risky now you won't have to worry about this letch" Sango gestured over her shoulder to the now pouting monk. Lowering her voice Sango whispered "Can you believe even in the afterlife you can be perverted" Kagome slight shock dispersed into a fit of giggles which gave way to a full hearted laugh when a very familiar smack was heard followed be a screech of "HENTIA"

As her laughter subsided she saw the purple outline start to walk forward whilst rubbing what appeared to be a very sore cheek. Kagome heard a small "still worth it" before the monk came to a stop before her and pulled her into a hug, surprisingly his hands did not wonder, just simply held her close. "We have come for a reason not mealy to say goodbye lady Kagome" Miroku stepped back to look her in the eye. "We are here to give you a gift. Where you are going will be a dangerous" Kagome looked down, she knew she was week but it was still hard to hear from the people who had died because of it. Miroku lifted her chin "Lady Kagome you are not week. You are one of the strongest in the group" Kagome scoffed and tried to look down. Miroku held her chin in place. "Who freed Tessaiga from the stone it had been trapped in for over 200 years? Who stood, argued and even fired arrows against a taiyoukai even though she was mere human? Who after being abducted by a pack of wolfs still proceeded to befriend them and help destroy their enemy? Who brought together a misfit group of people and made them a family?" Miroku released her chin allowing all he had said to sink in "Kagome you were the one who defeated Naraku, you merely need training" Sango said as she tried to reassure her sister

"Lady Kagome our gift to you is not a physical object but our knowledge. Though we had not lived long, our knowledge spans generations. It is passed through both of our family's down to us and now to you" Kagome gave the pair a worried glance. Sango chuckled "don't worried Kagome to wont become some wise shaman, this knowledge will help with herbs, weapons and customs of demons. It should also help you get a better grasp on your miko powers" The bright smile Sango gave was infections and soon both Miroku and Kagome were smiling. "We also give you our strength, together it should make you a formidable opponent to even the strongest demon" Miroku said as he stepped back to hold his beloveds hand. "No more tears Kagome, we will meet again in this world or the next I'm sure of it. Nothing is going to keep me from my sister" Sango gave a sad smile as glistening pink tears fell from the corners of her eyes " We both love you and no matter what changes happen Kagome, remember who you are and that we are always with you" With that the figures dissipated into bands of light and flew up into the air, making Kagome think of the northern lights she had seen in a text books from her time. The lights finally swooped down and flew strait through the miko. Kagome looked down at her arms that mimicked the glow of the lights. The spirits of her friends flew around her as if in a final reassuring hug, before retreating into the forest like two fleeting deer side by side. Kagome stared out into the forest for a while before sighing and remembering it was approaching midnight.

As she approached the well she felt a pull towards the Goshinboku. Once reaching its base she was shocked to see a red outline of her inu hanyou. She ran to the base of the tangled roots and began to scramble up them. Inuyasha pulled her up by the scruff of her uniform and drew her into a strong hug. Silence was broken by the sight of the silver hanyou. "Kagome I need to tell you…..I…I can't let you continue to love me the way you do. I love you Kagome but as a family member not a..a….well y'know a mate" the hanyou turned from her arms crossed in his haori, ears flat against his skull and cheeks tinted red. He only turned back to her when a hand reached up to cup his cheek and turn him back to her. Kagome's face only held an understanding smile "you still love Kikyo, I've understood that for a while. I love you Inuyasha. But if I truly look deep in my heart I to only love you as a family member. I believe it might be some of Kikyo's emotions that are deeply engraved in our sole that made me feel so much love towards you" The Hanyou looked shocked at the explanation "when did ya get so wise and grown up wench?" She looked shocked as she thought over all she had said the words had just slipped out her moth without any thought. 'This must have been related to the gift Miroku and Sango gave me'"keh dam monk already given you his gift"

The hanyou sighed and looked at Kagome with a stern face. Kagome could see the warmth and love in his eyes that betrayed his hard exterior. "Wench where you're going will be dangerous especially without me being there to protect your scrawny ass. I also have a gift for ya" Kagome said nothing just waited for him to continue. "I hate being a weak human, but ya need protection so my gift to ya is my demon powers" the miko gasped and held her hands to her mouth. Wide blue eyes met with deep gold and the hanyou appeared to blush and mumbled, "well not like I'm gonna need them" The hanyou was knocked from his feet as a soft body collided with his. With Kagome's new stretch off Sango and Miroku she easily cased the both of them to fall against the Goshinboku's wide trunk. Inuyasha looked down at her small form, as she wrapped him in a strong hug 'K…Kagome need to breathe…. Too tight" the hanyou gasped as she quickly realized him "I might be a spirit wench but I still need air!" "Sorry" Came the quite reply of the miko as she found the bark at her feet very interesting. " Keh" was the only reply. "Inuyasha why give me your demon abilities. You hate being human. I couldn't doom you to be a human for the rest of your existence" "Stupid wench what good is demon stuff when ya dead "questioned the hanyou" Anyway it's my dam gift and your gonna shut up and take it!" Kagome gigged, as his red out line seemed to grow redder". I'll miss you Inuyasha especially your cute ears" she said as she rubbed the appendage "they ain't dam cute wench and get off" The hanyou said as she swatted her hand away.

They stood like that till his face softened and he pulled her in for a hug "I'll miss ya too, just don't be going anyway near any wimpy wolfs don't want yay turning out to be Kouga's mother or some thin do we" he said with a laugh. Kagome's only reply was a red blush that stained her cheeks.

With that the red figure changed into a glowing band of red light and flew strait though Kagome.

The pain that grew like a fire through her bones was nothing like the tingle she received with Sango and Miroku's gift. She did not see Inuyasha spirit hover over her until her cries stopped and then head off over the treetops into the forest.

The pain that Kagome felt was monstrous. It was like she had acid in her blood that was slowly dissolving her bones and muscle. She lay in darkness then slowly sat up from her lying position as the pain receded slightly.

It was an odd sensation to be sat on nothing, almost like a magnetic push keeping her off the ground. When she put her legs down to stand but she was unsure of where the ground was. Her legs sank further from her sitting position until she was stretched up and standing.

She began to panic as she looked around to see nothing but an empty void. A sudden growl caused her to whip round faster than she thought she could. There in the darkness appeared to be an inuyoukai in true form. Its height was about the same as hers not the vast proportions of Sesshomaru or the skeleton of the great dog general. Its coat was a deep midnight black with tints of blue almost identical to Kagome's long locks. The black inu looked daintier than Sesshomaru and had longer ears. Though its fur was long around its neck it lacked the longer bower fur. The inu's markings were the same as Sesshomaru's but a deep blue that matches its fur exactly. Her eyes were drawn the ruby red eyes of the demon and then to the crescent moon on the dogs forehead it was larger than Sesshomaru's, but blended better with its fur.

The inu cautiously approached her until it was arm length away. Its growl became louder until it seemed to form words "Master gift to mistress, we now one" The miko shook her head trying to grasp what the inu had just said "Wait your…were Inuyasha demon?" questioned the slightly shaking girl. "Yes and no, was masters now change, part of mistress" "Oh so it sort of like Inuyasha's demon powers created you out of me" A thought that had obviously come from either Miroku or Sango came to mind. Though it had only happened a few times, when a demon passed on and left his or her powers to a human friend. The powers adjusted the human body to be compatible with the new abilities, taking on demonic features. The human's body would also create a 'beast' as the originals 'beast' would pass on with the demon. As Kagome scanned through her memories she worried over the fact there was no mention of Hanyou and miko exchanging power. 'What if I purify myself or lost my miko powers. Would I have to find a sword like Tessaiga to help her cope with my demonic side?' she thought "No worry Mistress we special no burn, no sword and keep powers" The inu barked. "Mistress Wake now pup sad" "pup what pup? Oh you mean Shippo he's a kit not pup" The dog growled louder in reply becoming more agitated "pup ours, pup is pup" Kagome seemed shocked at the possessive reply of here inu counterpart. "Kit like cat, hate cats" Kagome almost missed the mumble as she stated to wake.