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Chapter 5 Training

The next few weeks were spent training the inumiko with her new powers. Using the knowledge from Sango and Miroku she picked up human and miko combat quickly. But struggled greatly with her demon powers. Kagome was glad that her teacher was a miko as many times she lost control and in a fit of rage would have destroyed the whole forest had it not been for her.

They found miko powers worked on her, but it had taken little effort to walk through holy barriers. They merely caused mild discomfort at the slight burning sensation, which felt much like sunburn. Again Kagome was thankfully for her demon healing as the burns was gone in a matter of seconds. She shuddered at the thought of putting some of the green gunk on her burns that Hojo had once given her.

The training had not been what Kagome expected from the kind smiling Midoriko. She had in the blink of an eye turned into a ruthless training machine.

Kagome's mornings consisted wake up a sunrise, walk from Kaede hut to the well proceed to pull back an empty demon bow 60 times. Which apparently got her used to the correct stance, thought Kagome felt the same except for an aching arm and shoulder. After a quick meditation she would have to create and attack her own holy shield, till it broke. But with each passing day her shield grew stronger and took more effort to break.

It would be at this time Shippo would wake and she would prepare him, herself and Kaede breakfast.

Midoriko being the kind-hearted miko she was had gotten Kaede to volunteer Kagome to fetch all the villagers water for them. Though the village was fairly small the families were large and required a lot of water, especially when Midoriko refused to let the women of the village strain themselves by walking to the stream to wash, which meant more water for Kagome to fetch.

After lunch the hard work would begin. At the beginning of the week it had been learning control and battle moves. Now the lessons consisted of Kagome fighting with everything, to prevent herself from being cut in half by her mentor. Midoriko was not afraid to harm Kagome. Cuts and bruises littered the inumiko's skin, thankfully after training they were gone by the time she walked in Kaede's hut. After her battering from Midoriko she would have to meditate. This was a battle itself, as her beast hated sitting sit. On one occasion Shippo had walked in on her meditation, her inu side took the distraction and decided to play with her pup. Midoriko had reappeared in the clearing to see Shippo and Kagome rolling in the mud play fighting. With a slight clear of her throat Midoriko got their attention. Kagome snapped out of her red eyes and raised her head sheepishly towards the older miko. Kagome gave a weak smile and in return Midoriko gave a very good impression of a stern mother who was about to scold her child, the look came complete with tapping foot and crossed arms. If Kagome had not been on the receiving end of the look, she would have laughed.

As training progressed so did her skills but strangely her demon powers caused her constant problems. At the end of her third week Midoriko approached her and said with a slightly stern face "I have a taught you all I can about your human and miko powers. Your demon powers are mainly under control but I think you need a demon to train you. It is safe for you to do so now that you have complete control of your purification." "Ok then" Kagome started with a smile" that means we have to find a demon. Maybe I could ask Kouga or Sesshomaru. I'm sure Kouga would help, but now I'm part demon he might push for 'his woman' to become more" Kagome felt a chill go down her spine at the thought of living in that dark smelly cave. Not to mention how possessive Kouga seemed to be of her, in the fights with Inuyasha that she could still clearly see in her mind. Her inu side chose this time to show her opinion and growled at the thought of having a wimpy wolf as a mate. That phrase was very well known to Kagome and guessed it was her demons link to Inuyasha that made her say that.

"No I believe trying to find someone in your new time would be more productive. It might help create bonds" Kagome swallowed at the thought of being alone in a new world save for Kirara and Shippo. "Don't panic you are strong and will protect your pack. With the combination of Inuyasha powers, Sango and Miroku strength and your own power, you are as powerful as Sesshomaru maybe a bit more. At Kagome's gasp Midoriko smiled and continued "This will put off weaker demons from crossing your path, you must watch the more powerful, they will seek you out for a mate if male, and try to kill the competition if female. Using the skills I have taught you, it would be best to hide your aura. Now we must address your bond with Kirara. She will already be in the time you are going to and must not meet herself like she is now. Hold out your hand cut your wrist in the shape of Kirara's star that is on her forehead. Then allow miko and demon powers to seep out your cut and press it on Kirara's forehead." Kagome felt something rubbing her leg and looked down to see Kirara "shall I start the process now?" Questioned Kagome "Wait till we reach the graves of your friends, you did say you wanted to perform the bond there did you not?" With a nod Kagome went off to say her good buys to Kaede "I will miss ye dearly child" Kaede said as a tear slipped from her one good eye "Thank you Kaede you have been like a grandmother to me I will never forget you." Kagome said as she hugged the elderly miko. " Maybe I shall meet ye in this new time" Kaede said trying to reassure the inu miko.