June 6, 2014 Entry 2

8:20 PM

Dear Journal,

Today was fine as always. Ah harvested the apples in the west fields and then ah

plowed the southern fields. Course ah finished early thanks to Caramel helpin', even

though ah didn't need it. After that Caramel and ah had lunch at that new place.

What's it called? Barkeley's Pizza? Well ah'll ask Caramel if that's its name later. Point

is ah had lunch: roasted tomato and pineapple pizza with apple juice. As much as it

tasted good, that thing was expensive. 16 bits and tax. Ah ain't gonna eat there

anymore. Well maybe ah might, if ah could find somethin' cheaper there. Aah ah'm

gettin' off track. After that, Caramel and ah parted ways. He said somethin' 'bout

findin' Thunderlane n' left. Ah could've joined him but ah had to go. Ah was gonna be

late. And ah didn't want to miss this. Especially if it was somethin' from HER.

Ah got there just in time to see it start. Colt, am ah glad ah got there just in time.

Missin' or even showin' up late would cause me to miss the most amazin' part. What

am ah sayin'? All parts are amazin'. Well except for when she makes mistakes. But

that's alight. We all do. Ah know ah have. Ma worst mistake was not tellin' her ma

feelings. But ah'll make up for it. One day ah'll be like her, ah'll get brave n' tell her,

and ifn' she'll have me, we could date n' kiss. But what if she says no? Ah don't think

ah could handle that. Ah feel for her hard. Too hard. So hard that it hurts for every

second ah don't tell her. And ah bear it.

Journal, if you were a pony, ah'd ask for yer help. I bet you would know what to say. Or even Papa. Granny said Papa was more nervous n' scared than a cat bein' chased by a mean dog when he fell in love with Mama. In fact, Granny said he held in his feelings for her for 'bout 5 years. But somehow he got some courage and told her.

Actually Granny said he got so drunk that he galloped down the street, screamin'

Mama's name and how he loved her. Ah wish ah was like that. Not the drunk part but

the brave part. Ah'm so afraid of rejection 'cause it would hurt. Ah know ah'm big n'

strong but ah ain't invincible. Ah hurt like every pony else. That's why ah say "hi",

"bye", "eeyup", and "eenope" around her. If ah say more, ah might ask her out by

accident n' she'll say no.

After 3 hours of watchin', m a private show finally ended and ah got ready to leave. It was like any other day. Ah would sit n' watch then ah would leave once it ended. But today was different. Ah wasn't sure why but ah was gettin' ready to go to Sweet Apple Acres for dinner when all of a sudden, ah hear flaps of wings. And just like that, she descended before me like some kinda angel from above and she started talkin' to me. Askin' if ah liked her moves and such. Course ah respond with my famous "eeyup". Ah guess ah made an impression on her cause she noticed how ah watched her every day. How ah came to this spot, sat in the grass with ma head held upward, and watched her move. And by the smile on her face, ah could tell she enjoyed it. Ah know how she likes attention, but ah hope she likes attention from me more.

Anyways we talked for a bit before she had to leave. Ah admit ah was happy she came and talked with me. Ah would've never found the courage to have a "legit chat" with her. But that wasn't why ah was happy. Ah was happy cause she said ah had a nice voice. She said ah should talk more. Ah want to, especially if it's her, but ah can't. Ah might mess up n' ruin ma chances with her. But maybe it's worth it. She might say yes. That would be great. She might say no. Ah hope that she says yes.

After that, ah went home and ate dinner with Granny n' Applebloom . Granny said

that Applejack was away at a farmer's conference in Appleloosa. Ah would've gone too but somepony had to stay and buck trees. Ah was gonna go to ma room but Granny called me over to the livin' room. Ah knew what she was gonna say. She was gonna tell me that ah'm 24 goin' on 25. That ah oughta find a nice mare n' marry her. That ah need to find a mate cause ah may not when ah get older. Ah was wrong but worried now. Somehow Granny found out that ah had a crush on one of Applejack's friends. Ah reckon she don't know which one but she seems to think it's Miss Fluttershy. Ah don't know why she would think that but she said ah oughta invite her over n' get to know her. Sorry Granny but ah ain't interested. She's a nice mare but she ain't HER. No mare can ever be HER.

Ah'm gettin' mighty tired. Ah think ah wrote enough. Besides ah gotta get up at

sunrise. Them apples ain't gonna buck themselves. Oh! Ah just remembered! Ah got

this in the mail today. At first ah wanted to know why Princess Celestia would mail me

anything but then ah read the letter. That and ah forgot Applejack was out of town. Again. Ah'm awfully tired. Well Journal that's all ah had to say. Thanks for listenin' to ma problems. Till tomorrow. G'Night.

Betty Bear's Notes: The document I made on Word is completely different from this. The words are the same but the style, font, and font size are completely different. As in they represent Big Macintosh's mouth writing (?) and his words, not Betty Bear's. Another thing is that his journal paper color is light yellow with black lines but of course won't let me put that here so this the best I could do.

If you find any errors don't hesitate to tell me. Constructive criticism is always welcome in my book. I know my writing style is lacking, but if you think you can help, go for it.

OH! And if you would like to read the original, I plan on putting it on deviantart. If you want I can PM you, just say so in the comments. Also I made 2 entries for him to go with a story in progress. If you feel as though you want me entries, tell me.

On that note, have a good day.