As I said in the earlier chapters, this would be a very, very, very short story. Not only that but it was completely random as well. And if you are looking

for some kind of story development or plot or something, you won't find it here. Think of these as random, romantic short stories in the point of view of

Big Macintosh. They simply don't follow each other, storywise. Imagine writing in your diary every time you're about to hit the sack. Each entry is

completely different from the last one, aren't they? That concept applies to this story, so please keep that in mind. If you feel as though you would like

more entries (bonus entries of course) then I would be happy to write them. Keep in mind that they MUST center or affect Big Mac's life. Next I have a

couple of ideas that I could write but don't expect them to appear right after the other. Once I start something, I look forward to finishing it. Quickly.

But I refuse to keep uploading like a maniac. I have a life too.

Bonus events that I'll write about, when I feel like it:

ENTRY 1: Big Mac apple bucks trees. He bucks one tree and knocks Rainbow Dash down from her napping spot.

ENTRY 4: Big Mac meeting Soarin for the first time. Soarin hits on Applejack in Big Mac's presence.

ENTRY 10: Big Mac spending a day with Fluttershy and Angel. Fluttershy is completely nervous and flirty.

ENTRY 15: Fluttershy asking Big Mac out. Big Mac refuses, gently, and tells her he is in love with Rainbow Dash.

ENTRY 16: Fluttershy gets advice on how to get a stallion. She refuses to accept defeat and chases after Big Mac.

ENTRY 20:Big Mac is locked in a very small closet with Rainbow Dash at a party. Commence operation: SMOAP (Steamy Making Out At Party).

ENTRY 21: Big Mac finally asks Rainbow Dash out.

ENTRY 368: Big Mac proposing to Rainbow Dash at a Wonderbolts Show. Soarin stealing Big Mac's ring.

ENTRY 415: A Big Mac X Rainbow Dash Wedding! Soarin's present and Fluttershy's full of objections!

ENTRY 420: Big Mac and Rainbow Dash on their honeymoon in the Babaamas (Sheep reference).

ENTRY 620: Big Mac learning that he got his wife pregnant.

ENTRY 2190:Big Mac is spending the day with his 6 year old son, Zap Apple, and 1 year old daughter, Apple Breeze.

That's about as much as ideas as I can poop out my brain. Anyway I have a question that needs to be answered before I go on my way. Do you feel

Big Mac is in character? I'm referring to his thought processes and dialect. I know all he says is "eeyup!" or "eenope!" but the quiet ones are usually

big thinkers and great reflectors. We've seen on occasion that this stallion has a whole slew of words ready to be used for lessons and what not.

That's why I typed this. Actually that's a lie. We need more Big Mac X Rainbow Dash stories.