I will win!

As Kyoko went to sleep her thoughts went back to Sho… what have they reached? I mean come on she was happy… and he used her…laughed at her… threw her away… that he just wanted a stepping stone. She thought he loved her; well she did love him but not the other way around…and somehow deep inside her she knew that he was just using her she just didn't want it to be true. So she ignored that knowledge. Now she knew better; she shouldn't have trusted someone like him, such an egoist, she should have trusted her intuition.

She would make everything better; forget Sho and his selfish behavior. But he he would will continue with this and later, in the future, you will wish that you hadn't done it…hadn't played with the hearts of his fans because some day he will die alone and no one is at his side, while She would truly become happy without that ridiculous emotion. HE WILL SEE! SHE IS RIGHT!