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Chapter 2: "New Beginnings"

Ravens P.O.V

I began to wake up, I slowly opened my eyes. I looked at my surroundings to find myself in a medical room. It was a small room, with lots of health equipment.

"Where am I ?" I asked clueless

After a few minutes of wondering I sat on the med bay. I was clouded by the thoughts that lingered in my mind. I was so confuse, I couldn't remember anything.

A few minutes after, an older lady about her mid fifties came in the room. She was wearing all white, which was normal if she was some time of nurse. She looked at me by surprise, and then she spoke setting a basket full of cloths down the table. "Oh, child I'm so glad you've awaken."

She began to examine me, I was a little tired and swollen but I didn't know why. I decided to ignore it and tried to pay attention to the lady. When she was done, she gave me some cloths and told me to shower in a small bathroom they had.

I didn't complain, and did what was asked. I should've been worried, who was this lady?

How did I get here? And most important, who am I?

I finished showering and some brand new cloths were waiting for me. I put them on, a purple tight shirt and some black skinny jeans. I looked in the mirror, and saw my reflection. There I was a tan light skin with, raven black hair, and purple blue-ish eyes. I looked about17 years old, I wonder how my life was back then.

I left the bathroom and saw some weird type of burn cloth in the trash. I thought it was weird, like a type of blue purple cape and a black suit mix in it. Weird, I thought.

The old lady came in again. But this time she brought me food, and some type of medicine. She told me to eat; I was pretty hungry so I didn't complain. She gave me green tea, and some waffles. As I finish eating she told me takes some medicine.

"I can't remember anything." I told her

"The medicine will help" she responded

"Who are you?" I asked confused

"Just an old lady, trying to help a normal teen" she responded as she took some money of a cabin and gave it to me.

"What's this?" I asked as she set the money beside me, and an I.D next to me.

I picked it up, and I saw me, Rachel Roth, Age 17. I looked up the older lady; she gave me a warm smile.

"That's yours Rachel, and now you must go. Use the money to help you, and since you are under an adult age you must attend school." She said as she gave me a foldable of "Jump City's HS"

"Umm, well thank you. Well, thanks for everything. I do appreciate everything you have done for me." I said as I got up top leave.

She shook her head in acknowledgement, she waved goodbye as I left. I walked through the city, but I had no idea where to go. I felt lost, no memories I had. I saw a store nearby. A tea shop, I was awfully tired and decided to go in and take a drink.

The teas shop was very interesting, peaceful yet very dark. People that didn't like much noise, or even light was displayed there. They also did some poetry in there; I guess it was free for all. Any one that wanted to share a poem could.

I could tell the shop was brand new, since they were looking for employ's. I need to make money so why not? I asked for an application, they gave it to me. I order some tea to go and left. I didn't want to get delay, I had to buy a phone, and I needed a place to stay.

I quickly left and began to look around. I found a phone company place; I quickly got in and paid for a phone. I decided to get a one year contract. I left with an Iphone5 and headed to a Hotel.

It was about noon, I decided to hurry up so I can get some supplies and register to school. I entered the hotel and went towards the front desk. I liked the environment, peaceful and comfy, it seem like a top hotel. A female with a smile that pretended to care greeted me.

"Hello and welcome to Jumps top hotel, how may I help you?" she said in a cherry voice

"I'll like to rent a room for a year perhaps."

"A year?!" the women question looking at me up and down, trying to see if I looked like a wealthy kind.

"Can you? Or do I have to call your manager?!" I told her irritated

She apologized and began to type on her computer. She told me how much it was going to be. Since I was staying for the year, she cut me a deal. I got my number for my room, which was room 11. I headed over there; it was quiet, just perfect.

I walked over to my room, I opened it and I was amazed. I couldn't even believe it, I was going to live in a very large room, with a Queen Size bed, and I had a good look at the city with my large window. And the bathroom, oh I couldn't explain. Large bathroom I also had a desk with an apple laptop and a mini fridge. The walls were color by a type of light almond color. And it smelled like vanilla roses, I just thought I was all a dream.

I quickly made my way over to the bed. I jumped only to feel like royalty. My body was so tired, that I just wanted to sleep for eternity. I laid there for a couple of minutes, until I began doing the rest.

I called a cloth company I saw in the web, while I was looking for materials. I order cloth online and shoes, I also other materials I needed for school books and little things and hair materials. Eventually I had everything covered by evening time.

I called Jump City's school for me to register in; it took me a while to convince the principle. But I manage to do it, after that I order some pizza. I got up and walked over to the large window that was displayed in the middle of the room. I sat on a chair nearby and look at the city.

Today was my first day, of me remembering what I have done. Who knows what happen before; I don't even know who I was. Maybe I've been Rachel Roth all my life, or maybe I was living a lie.

All my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I open it, only to fine the pizza guy delivering my order. I paid him and closed the door. I ate half the box, because I was really hungry. Dawn had come and it was almost time for me to sleep. Tomorrow awaited a new day, the day I would enroll in a new school and introduce myself as Rachel Roth to the world.

Beast boys P.O.V (Present)

I walked towards the Living Room, I was calmer than before, but I still had a grudge towards my teammates. I was pretty mad that they didn't bother to help Raven, they didn't even look worried. Now she's gone, and it seems like I'm the only one that cares. I tried to hold back my tears, but it was too hard. They came down betraying me, all these affected me. I cried a river, I felt alone like no one understood me, and no one knew how much this hurt me.

After silent moments of tears escaping my eyes, Starfire came in and saw me crying, she gave me a comforting hug.

"Oh friend Beast boy I am also sadden for our friends loss."

I nodded as we sat on the couch, I didn't dare to speak I felt like my voice would betray me.

"I know how much you care for her, and I am sure she will contact us soon" she said trying to cheer me up

"I hope so, I really do."

After that, Robin and Cyborg had come in.

"We will search tomorrow for anything that would lead us to her." Spoke our leader as he turns his attention to the computer near the TV.

I nodded in agreement and left to my room.

As I walked towards my room, I blocked everything around me. One person lingering in my mind was Raven. I hope I will see her again, but then again not everything goes as planned.

Soon everyone drifted to sleep.

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