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Well you only need the light when it's burning low, Only miss the sun when it starts to snow, Only know you love her when you let her go

Wandering along the sandy shore line towards the light aircraft Dig cleared his throat and moved up ahead in order to give Oliver and Felicity a moment to talk. Looking at Oliver's tired and gloomy expression Felicity sensed that an awkward conversation was looming, and so before he had the chance to speak Felicity commended him on his "I love you" performance back at the mansion telling him "You really sold it."

Oliver felt an emotional tug of his heart strings on hearing her commendation. He hadn't meant for the words to come out as she stood before him Mirakuru in hand, they just seemed to fall all to naturally from his mouth. Oliver had kept her at arms length for two years now to protect her and he was not about to put her in the firing line now.

"We both did," he warmly responded. Oliver tried to swallow the words as they tumbled freely from his mouth, not wanting to cause her an further hurt, but they were out there now for her to absorb like a punch to the gut. She had known it was all part of the plan, but somehow stupidly she had hoped that somewhere deep down he had meant it when he'd said he loved her. But as she stood emblazoned by the sunset behind her she processed his words leaving him to do the only thing he could; ache at the look of disappointment that she shot in his direction.

Felicity quickly tried to disguise the look of utter devastation with a fake smile she had learned from him and hurried along after Dig. As Oliver watched her leave; clearly grieving from his words, he felt guilty for insinuating that there was nothing between them, he didn't want to hurt her but he needed her to believe that they had no future for her own safety. It was only as she walked away from him under the pre tense that they would never be more than friends that he realised how in love with her he really was.

Staring at the bottom of your glass, Hoping one day you'll make a dream last, But dreams come slow and they go so fast.

After a silent and very tedious flight they touched down on the tarmac with a bump. As soon as the Aircraft had rolled to a stop, Oliver had insisted that he escorted her home safely. Felicity couldn't be bothered to argue, she was simply too tired and so nodded in agreement.

When they reached the door of her apartment she offered him her key and allowed him to secure her living quarter before she entered. After a quick search he gave the all clear. As he turned to leave she stopped him "The couch has zero occupancy tonight if you want to stay, no reservation required" she joked raising a genuine smile from him. He thought about it for a second and shut the door behind him closing them both into her apartment. As Felicity headed to her bedroom to turn in for the night she turned to speak "I'd hate to think of you all alone in the Mansion. Without Thea. Without your..." she trailed off not wanting to say the words. He still hadn't talked about that night, the night when the life had been sucked out of him in the form of his Mother, but she knew when he was ready he would talk to her. What she didn't realise was that when he talked about it would be to her and only her.

Oliver against his better judgement narrowed the distance between them as he ached to be held, he needed to grieve for the life he had lost but had never had the chance. As his fingers grazed the top of her arms she flinched and moved away. "You made your feelings perfectly Clear on the Island Oliver, lets not make things more complicated" She begged. As she moved through the doorway into the bedroom she called goodnight.

Oliver fought at the lump in his throat the only way he knew how. Moving into the kitchen area he grabbed a glass from the cupboard along with a bottle of Vodka pouring himself a double and knocking it back with ease before pouring another. As the clear liquid burned his throat his eyes were fixated on the bedroom door and the Woman behind. One day he would make her understand.

You see her when you close your eyes, Maybe one day you'll understand why, Everything you touch, oh it dies.

Allowing a stray tear to fall Oliver resided himself to the couch, taking the bottle and glass with him. After pouring another shot he kicked off his shoes and rested his feet on the coffee table in front of him. Resting the bottle down on the floor next to him, he sat back and stretched his arms across the back of the couch. He didn't hear Felicity enter with a pillow and throw, his usual perceptiveness had been dimmed by the effects of the alcohol and how safe he felt within her orbit. As he raised the glass to his lips he felt her hand around his wrist stopping him from downing the drink.

"Drinking is not the answer Oliver Queen" she enforced, taking the glass and bottle and returning them to the kitchen. "We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow with setting up the new place, and we have meeting with your Lawyers at 2pm to reclaim Queens Consolidated"

Felicity was surprised by the hand that reached up for hers as she walked past the back of the couch . He linked his fingers through hers and looking up at her placed a feather light kiss on the back of her hand. "Thank you"

Removing her hand, Felicity stroked the back of his head kissing the top of it before re-entering the bedroom.

Oliver adjusted the pillow and stretched himself out horizontally along the couch his hands tucked under his head. His eyes were dry and tired and his muscles ached. He closed his eyes hesitantly, anxious about the nightmares that almost certainly would follow. As his eyelids closed his mind was filled with images of Felicity, her golden ponytail that swayed back and forth when she got excited, the lipstick that adorned her plump lips and her nails covered in chipped nail polish that tapped away furiously at her computers. This comforting image was quickly replaced with one of her stood flush against Slade with a metal blade held against her neck. It was this image that reminded him that everything he touches ends up dancing far too closely with death. Forcing the image from his mind he managed to lull himself into a restless sleep.

Staring at the ceiling in the dark, same old empty feeling in your heart,Cos loves comes slow and goes so fast.

He awoke the same way he did most nights, covered in sweat, heart racing and his breathing shallow. The nightmares had taken their hold over him once again. He jolted upright, tense with his senses heightened. Once sure of his surroundings he relaxed and began to deepen his breathing, taking large even breaths as he laid back down staring up at the ceiling above. As he listened to the sound his heart racing he used everything within him to suppress the emptiness he felt, the feeling of loneliness that he still carried with him from his time on the island that stemmed from his lack to connect with another. As the the sound of Felicity's footsteps filtered through he sat upright to face her. When she stood in front of him dressed him a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt he didn't need to talk, and tell her that he'd had a nightmare, instinctively she knew. She took his hand and led him to her bedroom.

Well you see her when you fall asleep, But never to touch and never to keep, Cause you loved her too much and you dive too deep.

Once inside the bedroom Felicity gestured for him to get into bed. Stripping off his trousers that he still wore from the day before, leaving him clothed in only his boxers he obliged and scooted under the covers. Felicity slipped into the bed beside him and moved her way over to his side pulling him towards her. He rested his head on her shoulder and as she embraced him she stroked the bicep on his arm. He knew how dangerous this was, being in the same bed as her, temptation only a breath away, but as long as he was the Arrow, she would never be his to touch and never his to keep.