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There he was again. On the ground. Hit in the gut by the blunt end of a pitchfork.

"at least it isn't the sharp end" he thought.

"Link." she stared down to him, her auburn hair blown about by the wind, "If you're going to defeat Ganondorf, then you're going to have to try harder!"

It had been a few days ago that he told Malon about going to fight Ganondorf. He regretted the decision ever since. Malon had been relentless with the training. Usually after one leg of his journey was completed, he would visit the ranch and stay for a week to rest up for the next leg of the journey, but not this time.

This time, after he told her what he'd have to do next, She decided to help him 'train' up for his fight with Ganondorf, and she had been ruthless with the training.

This however, was his least favourite bit of training, only because he kept getting knocked down.

"Come on Link," she said with her arm extended to help him up, "Let's try one more time, and then we'll take a break."

That was enough motivation for another try. He got up and had his shield ready.

"you ready?" she asked, Link nodded, "good, now remember, dodge the 'spear'." she said "Oh and try not to hit me." she added, remembering when Link accidentally hit her with his shield the other day when they were training. Her hand was still a bit sore from the slap she gave him afterwards.

They stood in front of each other, quiet, Link waiting for her to make the first move. Malon, without much warning, thrust the 'spear' forward, Ling dodged to the side. She swiped it low, to catch his legs and knock him over, he jumped over it. They continued to fight in this fashion for a bit. Eventually, Malon showed signs of weariness. Link saw this, so he started to jump around and try to make it harder for her in hopes that she would give up. She saw this and waited for the perfect moment.


She had hit Link, square in the gut. Within seconds he was on the ground again.

"I think that's enough for today." she sighed. She helped him up and they walked into the farmhouse.

Link rubbed his eyes the next morning. Supper last night was horrible. The food wasn't the bad part. The bad part was Malon, giving him tips as on his defensive stance.

"Since when was she such an expert?" he sulked to himself while getting dressed.

"I'm the one going out into the world killing dangerous monsters!"

Needless to say, his mood wasn't the best.

He walked downstairs and saw that a plate of pancakes and sausage had been set for him. It appeared that everyone else had already eaten and left.

"At least there is still breakfast." he thought as he was digging into the plate of cold food.

After he finished eating, he washed the dishes. He then got his gear and prepared for the inevitable. For the past few days of 'training', the day started off with an ambush. The first time we didn't expect it, the next time his preparations were to no avail, but this time would be different, he was taking no chances. With shield at the ready, he opened the door. Nothing happened. He looked out in both directions before stepping outside. Nothing happened. He drew his sword and readied for an attack from behind. Once again, nothing happened.

"if yer lookin' fer Malon," A gruff voice said, it was Talon, "She's packin' the waggon fer a trip up to Kakariko."

"Thanks." He replied as he darted off towards the barn.

Link hid behind the waggon. He was going to attempt an ambush on Malon. He peered around and saw that her back was turned. He snuck up behind her and...

"Gotcha!" He said with his arms around her.

He spun her around.

"Ah crap, a scarecrow."

"Gotcha!" Malon repeated, her arms wrapped around Link's waist.

"How did you notice me?" Link asked.

"You're not exactly quiet with all that gear you have on y'know." she giggled.

She then realized that her arms were still around Link's waist and she pulled them away quickly.

"Where you going?" Link asked, knowing the answer already.

"Kakariko, do you wanna come?"

"Sure." Link smiled.

They finished packing the waggon and headed out for Kakariko.

Link still had a few questions, but he felt that it would be better to ask them later.

Authors note:

As stated before, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. The first chapter is in the works and should be up soon. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.