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Chapter I: Thoughts

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and bees were flying about the flowers collecting nectar. Things were so much nicer now that Link had trounced most of Ganondorf's minions. Now the only cloud of darkness left hung over Hyrule Castle. It floated there as a constant reminder of Link's quest.

Link just looked at it and scowled. "Stupid, Ganondorf."He thought.

Link had blamed Ganondorf for loosing seven years of his life.

"If it wasn't for him,"he thought, "I wouldn't be on this stupid quest."

Then, another thought struck his mind. "If I wasn't on this stupid quest, I might not have met Malon."

Link frowned at the thought of not knowing Malon. Frankly, he couldn't think of what his life would be like without Malon in it. He had shown up at the ranch many times, beaten, bloodied, and broken, and every time he was greeted by her beautiful auburn hair and her gorgeous deep blue eyes.

He liked Malon, but he always chickened out when he tried to tell her.

"Hey, Malon I... wonder if it will rain tomorrow."was his most recent failure.

In spite of him having the Triforce of courage, he wasn't very courageous when it came to telling Malon his feelings.

"Link, is something wrong?"

This broke Link's train on thought.

"Me, oh, I'm fine. Don't worry" he said, forcing a smile.

She knew he wasn't fine and that something was bothering him.

"Okay then." She replied.

She knew that it would be pointless to pursue her worries. Every time she tried, it would only get as far as "Oh, I'm, fine. Don't worry." and no farther. He would always go back to that. She didn't like it when he hid things from her, especially when the things he didn't hide from her were the inner most details of his adventure. Things that would normally have 'classified' written all over them. She knew all about the sacred realm, the sages, the great faeries, what Impa's favourite colour was, everything. Hell, he even told her that Sheik was actually Zelda!

But he would never tell her if anything was wrong, aside from physical injuries that is. She just wished that he would be more open with his feelings.

It wasn't long before they made it to Kakariko village. Link helped Malon make the deliveries. It was much faster with two people. They finished ahead of schedule.

"What time is it?" Malon asked.

"I don't know," replied Link, "Let's ask that guy."

They walked over to a member of the Kakariko Town Militia.

"What time is it?"

The militiaman groaned and looked at him dryly. "Ding dong, ding dong," he started in a board, monotone voice, "I'm a clock soldier of Kakariko. The current time is 10:03"

"Thank you." Link said, and he and Malon walked off, towards the waggon.

"Boy, that guy was pleasant, wasn't he?" She asked sarcastically.

"Oh yeah. Definitely a people person."

They both laughed.

"So... we have some time to kill... what do you want to do?" Malon asked, leaning against the waggon.

"I don't know about you," he replied laying down on the ground, "but I'm going to relax."

"I think I'll join you." she said laying down next to him.

It was peaceful, the air was warm and the breeze was nice. They laid there peacefully, just looking into the skies and watching the clouds. It was quiet, but not the quiet that was between them on the waggon ride, this quiet was not awkward.

Nevertheless, neither one could stop thinking about the other, and they both had no idea about the other's true feelings.

Link eventually came to the thought that maybe he should try again to tell Malon how he feels.

"Here goes failed attempt number... thirty-five? Yeah, thirty-five sounds about right..."

"Hey, Malon..." he started, she looked at him, "I..." he seized up, "I... uh... do you... uh..." he was petrified. He couldn't say a single word. Luckily he was saved by Navi waking up.

She fluttered out from under Link's hat.

"Morning," she yawned, "did I miss anything?"

"Nothing at all." Link replied.

"We're just watching the clouds." Malon added.

"Sounds fun." Navi said as she laid down on Link's chest and joined in the activity.

Once again, it was quiet. Peaceful. Then Navi started to hum a song.

"That sounds pretty," Malon said, "What is it?"

"Song of Time," Navi replied, "Link has to play it sometimes."

"Hm... does it do anything special like your other songs?"

"Well... that depends..."

"On what?"

"On the situation. It does different things depending on what's around you."

"Does that mean that it isn't safe to play?"

Link thought for a moment.

"Surely it can't do anything out here in the field... or could it?"

"I guess it can't do any harm out here..." he said after a bit more thought.

He pulled out his Ocarina.

"I have a bad feeling about this."Navi sighed.

Link played the song...

Nothing happened.

"Bravo!" Malon said while clapping.

It appeared that the song had no affect... or did it.

The song started to echo around them on the wind.

"Link, what's happening?" Malon said nervously, looking progressively more worried.

"Not sure." Link replied nervously.

He wrapped his arm around Malon's shoulder, more for himself than for her.

Their vision went white and all they could hear was the song of time. Then everything went dark, and silent...

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