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Chapter I: Ed

(Malon's POV)

"You know that doesn't help you see farther..." I told him. He was doing that thing where you cup your hands around your eyes to mimic binoculars.

"Perhaps..." he said, lowering his 'binoculars' to turn and look at me, "however, I find that it helps me concentrate on things far away." He retorted as he continued looking around.

I simply sighed. Link has always been a bit odd. In spite of being matured through violence, he was still quite childish. I liked it though, it added a bit of boyish charm to him.

"Hey, I think I see a road!"



"Where do you think it leads?"

"Don't know, don't care. Just as long as it leads somewhere!"

Cue the childishness in 3...2...1...

"Hey that rhymes." he giggled.


(Link's POV)

The road wasn't too far away. Twenty minute walk at most. It was about noon. With luck we'd walk along the road and find a town or something that would help pinpoint where we are. The area around us was hilly and lightly forested. The tree branches swayed slowly to the light breeze. It was a calm day. Very quiet... very subdued... much like my memory of last night. I wish I remembered last night. I want to know how and why me and Malon ended up here. Anyway, we finally arrived at the road. I looked left, and then right, then I turned towards Malon.

"So, you wanna go this way... or that way." I said, pointing at the two possible directions.

She looked left, then right.

"Left." She said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I have a good feeling about left."

And so it was done, we started down the road. We walked for a bit, talked about nothing in particular. Then suddenly, and odd noise arose from behind us. We turned to see what was making the noise.

"What the hell is that?"

(Malon's POV)

We turned to see a large metal... vehicle thing hurtling down the road.

"What the hell is that?" Link asked.

As it got closer, I saw that it started lo look a bit like a waggon, a waggon without horses. It pulled up beside us. It was painted a deep red with yellow lining. It had an enclosed boxy like thing on the front of it. The part that actually looked like a waggon was square framed with a grey tarp covering it. It had one set of wheels at the front and two sets at the back. The wheels were metal and had many spokes, and were covered with an odd black material. On the top of the boxy thing at the front was something that looked like a metal chimney, smoke was bellowing from it. A door on the side of the boxy thing opened and a man stepped out. He had auburn hair with grey streaks along the sides, with a small beard with the same grey streaks. He wore a brown flat cap, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, an olive waistcoat with a silver watch chain, brown trousers, and boots made of the same weird black stuff.

"You two lost?" he asked, in a scruffy, yet cheery voice.

"Uh... yeah..." Link replied.

"Right... well, do you know where you're goin?"

"Not rely..."

"Alright" he sighed, "hows about we give ya a ride to our farm where ya can have a cup of tea or something while ya sort out where your goin?"

"That would be lovely, thank you." I replied to him.

We climbed into the back of his waggon.

(Link's POV)

There were some crates in the back of the waggon that we sat on.

"Sorry you two can't sit in the cab, but it barely has enough room for two people." he laughed.

"It's okay, back here is fine." I replied.

"By the way, the names Edward, but everyone called me Ed." He said as he got back into the cab.

"Nice to meet you Ed, my name's Link."

Ed peered through the window between the back and the cab.

"I'm sorry, I didn't get your name." he said, looking at Malon.

"It's Malon, and thank you again for offering to take us to your farm."

"Think nothin of it."

He returned his gaze to the road ahead. He pulled some levers and we started moving.

"By the way, the guy sittin next to me, my co-pilot of sorts, is Walter, my right hand man."

"Hey." he said gruffly.

I soon discovered that Walter didn't talk much. He was the strong silent type, kinda like me. Malon would beg to differ about the silent thing but I only rely talk when I'm around her, mainly because well... I like talking to her. I feel like she's the only person who gets me, the only person who understands what I went through.

I looked out back of the waggon, we rode past other vehicles like this. Horseless waggons, and horseless carriages. Wherever we are, they certainly have better technology... speaking of which.

"Hey Ed. Where are we?"

"You are in Hyrule, one of, if not, the most powerful country on the planet. Damn beautiful too, just look at the fields, untouched by industrial society."

I shot a look a Malon. I believe that the question is no longer where we are, but rather when we are...

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